Motive season 4 release date – March 22, 2016

Original name: Motive season 4
Duration: 43 min.
Cast: Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny, Lauren Holly, Cameron Bright
Genre: Drama
Country: Canada
TV channel: CTV
Original release:

About TV show Motive season 4

About TV show Motive season 4

The police procedural drama of Canadian production is being aired in this country on the CTV network. In the United States the series is being aired by the ABC channel. We have pretty disappointing news for American fans of the project however: the ABC runners have already declared that they are not going to pick up the drama series after the third season. Thus, season 4 of Motive will be available only on CTV.

It’s already known that the fourth season will comprise thirteen new breathtaking episodes, and production of them will set off already this autumn in Vancouver.

Motive presents a police procedural series featuring the elements of drama. The show can boast outstandingly gifted Daniel Cerone as its creator. The man is in charge of many other popular TV projects and his input in the series success is undoubtedly immense.

The first episode of Motive kicked off on CTV yet in winter 2013, the USA debut was late in spring 2013 on the ABC network.

The storyline of Motive develops around Angie Flynn, a detective and a single mom, who conducts various investigations. It’s worth mentioning, that the show is unconventional, as each episode of it starts from revealing who is the killer and who is the victim, which is not typical to this particular genre at all. In the course of the episode viewers can see the investigation of the crime and killer’s attempts to cover it up and avoid the punishment.

The leading role of Detective Flynn is performed by Kristin Lehman. The series also casts Louis Ferreira, Lauren Holly and Brendan Penny.

The show delivered exceptionally stable ratings in the course of all three seasons in Canada, thus it was pretty expectable the channel will be willing to have it for another season. Unfortunately, things quite not the same here in the US, and ratings success is not what the series got from the local audience. So, American part of the fans army will have to watch season 4 of their favorite show on Canadian CTV.

Have you been hoping that this procedural drama will be back with another season? Did you enjoy the first three ones and just impatient like many other fans to see more of its exciting episodes on CTV? Get ready then – the channel authorities have announced that Motive is officially prolonged for the fourth season! The release date is yet to be scheduled, thus stay tuned!

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2015-12-30 18:33:43

I ADORE the relationship among the characters on the show. I LOVE 'angie' SHE IS A GREAT MOM, and a great detective, yet she manages to separate the two when necessary. I ADMIRE 'vega' and the respect he has for his partner. I ALSO like, KNOWING at the beginning who is the victim and who is the bad guy.

Bob The Beard

2016-01-18 22:13:58

I find the show very interesting. The characters do well in their roles considering this is a tv program and most real-live officers rarely encounter as many situations with similar results as these do. I have watched all episodes and am looking forward to the series continuing to season 4 and beyond.

Dianne Brault

2016-03-22 00:00:19

I loved this TV series, but it is only on CTV. I hope at some point and time it comes back on ABC .or Netflix. Let me know if you have any changes in the future.


2016-01-18 22:19:01

This has to be considered one of the best TV shows. My wife, Helen and I have watched faithfully and even check out the reruns. Love it.


2016-04-23 07:45:22

Excellent production & format. Holds your attention to the last scene. One of a select few TV programs watchable for more than 10 minutes let alone multiple seasons. Not for the slow witted.


2016-06-06 19:11:39

Right now I'm watching season 3 of Motive on USA. I'm hoping they will show season 4. Does anyone have any info? If there are more seasons I hope USA will pick those up as well.

John G.

2016-08-16 05:49:38

USA started right in with Motive Season 4 on July 3rd, 2016... a week after airing the last episode of Season 3. They have moved it to 11:00 PM, implying that they're not particularly interested in ratings... they're just playing out the string.


2016-06-20 02:15:41

One of televisions only decent show. Needs to be renewed.


2016-07-05 17:52:40

What happened to Warren Christie?


2016-08-15 08:42:37

This show is outstanding I love it. The concept is fabulous and trying to figure out the motive keeps you on the edge of your seat. Love it! Love it! Love it! Has to be one of the best on TV today.
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