Mike and Molly season 7 - canceled

Original name: Mike and Molly season 7
Duration: 22 min.
Cast: Billy Gardell, Melissa McCarthy, Reno Wilson, Swoosie Kurtz
Genre: Sitcom
Country: USA
TV channel: CBS
Original release:

About TV show Mike and Molly season 7

About TV show Mike & Molly Season 7

We can say for sure: the series was closed after six seasons, but it is worth saying that the 120 series - this is too much. What are the reasons for the closure? Maybe show a little fed up with the audience, and perhaps playing the main roles have decided to focus on other projects. In particular, Mellis McCarthy in recent years has made a good career and gets more and more interesting proposals.

The series revolves around two people who are overweight: This is Mike Biggs - Police and Molly Flynn, who works as a teacher. They meet at Overeaters Anonymous meeting and continue to communicate. They are overweight, a love of food and a desire to end this addiction makes them an interesting couple.

Watch the whole story, its development was interesting and exciting, but everything comes to an end. Do not wait for the seventh season: it will not. But you can review the previous six and recall their favorite moments.

Mike & Molly Season 7 release date


This is a great American comedy show about two people and their difficult relationship. The series Mike & Molly pleased the audience, it praised the critics praising the game for good acting, interesting concept and fun story.

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2016-03-30 22:50:04

shock.......... Love it!


2016-05-25 03:00:49

its funny and very good program love the characters hate to see good program canceled. why is it the end? is it due to rateings or lack of writers stories. all i know is there has to be a batter way for people to express how much they love or hate tv program. is there a web site where we the people can vote rateing on progams


2016-07-07 20:39:24

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MIKE n MOLLY CANT BE CANCELLED!!!!!! And they just adopted a baby then she finds out she's pregnant . It would be he horrible thing you just have to let them stay on!!!!!!!!!


2016-10-01 20:56:38

That sux how are you going to be able to walk away from the show just when they finally got a baby. Also shes gets pregnant too, and you end the show on a cliffhanger thats just wrong. Got everyone's hopes up, and waiting for the next season


2016-11-25 17:27:35

Mike and Molly was awsome. And now that they have a baby and they are orwgnant, you end she show. Not cool man. *NOT COOL* Please release season 7


2017-04-23 03:30:19

I love Mike and Molly. You guys are hilarious.I have watched every episode every time its on on CW on CBS on FX daytime, evening and night and even late night. The Whole cast is STUPID FUNNY. I LOVE TO LAUGH AND YOU GUYS DO IT FOR ME. PLEASE COME BACK. IM WAITING FOR WILLIAM MICHAEL BIGGS TO GROW UP. AND SHE WHAT HAPPENS BETWEEN HIS GODMOTHER (Victoria ) and GODFATHER (Carl). Also the Grandmother's fight over the baby. Plus what funny stuff Vince going to say, I love it no cut cards. Real FAMILY they do love one another. Please BRING BACK MIKE AND MOLLY. I WILL WATCH LIKE IM 11MILLION PEOPLE BY MYSELF. I LOVE ALL OF YALL.


2017-04-23 06:27:48

So upsetting. Season six was awesome. They should at least to a final season with closure. This was the best sitcom on air. I WANT ONE MORE SEASON


2017-09-20 12:32:29

I love this show; besides being funny, this sitcome encourged us who are trying to loose weight and struggle with that first pregnancy. Not only would we be able to identify with the real concern of one person loosing weight faster than the other it allows us to be encouraged and keeping fighting as a family. Aa far as the baby/babies it shed light on the lack shed light on the lack of patience new parents h
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