Mike and Molly season 6

Original name: Mike and Molly season 6
Duration: 22 min.
Cast: Billy Gardell, Melissa McCarthy, Reno Wilson, Swoosie Kurtz
Genre: Sitcom
Country: USA
TV channel: CBS
Original release:

About TV show Mike and Molly season 6

Mike & Molly is an American sitcom created by Mark Roberts which premiered on CBS on September 20, 2010. The series stars Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy as the eponymous Mike and Molly, a couple who meet in a Chicago Overeaters Anonymous group and fall in love.

The fifth season ended in May 18, 2015. It consists of 22 episodes. Now there is no official information about the new season. We will follow the news on Twitter, Fasebook, Google +, and the official website of the series. When the news about the Mike & Molly Season 6 release date, we will update this article.

UPDATE 03.11.2015. The first episode of new season is to be expected not earlier than December 2015, and not later than February 2016. The TV project Mike & Molly storyline revolves around a couple from Chicago who met at unusual circumstances, that is in the course of Overeaters Anonymous meeting. An overweight policeman trying to solve his problem and a cute teacher with sparkling sense of humor: they are a real match! The fight again obesity has brought them together and they try to overcome the food temptations with all their willpower.

The series provides plenty of hilarious scenes, so it’s a small wonder that it ratings are top high for many seasons already.

Mike and Molly Season 6 release date

January 6, 2016

For all those who are greatly concerned if their favorite TV series Mike & Molly that has been running on the CBS channel since 2010 will be prolonged for one more season: don’t worry, it isn’t going anywhere and new episodes have been confirmed already! The channel executives have revealed so far, that we can expect new season to premiere this time at midseason. The more precise data is still awaited to come out.

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Christine Koontz

2015-09-05 05:12:50

Best show on tv since friends and Gilmore girls.


2015-09-06 00:07:38

Comment (at least 5 characters)... I love Mike and Molly. Billy Gardell is a comedy genius. His comedy reminds me of some of the greats who let others shine in order to bring his own comedy in line with the heartbeat of the show. Who did that you ask? Andy Griffith, Jackie Gleason, Ed Wynn, Red Skelton. Shall I go on? I hope the show runs for a gazillion years.

Ellen T.

2015-09-09 21:01:36

Best comedy in a long time. I thought it would start airing in September. Very disappointed. This show is my favorite, please bring it back sooner!


2015-09-12 03:14:33

i love the show. 5 stars. Hilarious!!!!


2015-09-15 17:04:48

Great show!!! Really looking forward to the new season.


2015-09-18 04:12:06

I love Mike and Molly Have watched it from day 1 love Carl Victoria, Mom Vince and Grandma too best show on tv

Dusty heaven

2015-09-19 01:29:34

Mike and Molly is one of the best shows on TV. My husband and I watch it every day. My only complaint is the theme song...put the original back on it.


2015-09-20 19:06:43

you have a lot of viewers waiting for the season premiers of mike and molly, and two broke girls. please give us a date and time as soon as you can! the longer you wait, the more they are put in danger of not being watched!

Sitting Doll

2015-09-22 06:32:39

Please give us Mike and Molly! It is the BEST comedy on television! Give us the date...time...and channel so we won't miss any episodes! Please!!


2015-10-21 20:02:14

Mike and Molly is the best show ever. Faithful watcher from day 1. Life is not complete without this show. I have loved Melissa McCarthy since I watched Gilmore girls. Billy Gardell is amazing, as too is the rest of the actors. Best comedy and family show EVER!! Please keep it on

Scrappy Doo

2015-09-23 17:47:39

I LOVE, LOVE LOVE Mike & Molly. I like all of the secondary characters too. Love, Victoria and her voice. The ONLY thing that I, personally, don't care for is Victoria's and Carl's relationship. But the show as a whole is GREAT!!!


2015-09-26 22:16:18

Mike and Molly is one of the best sit-coms on the air. Please bring it back. I miss them. (at least 5 characters)...


2015-10-01 02:02:16

Love love Love Mike & Molly!! So much that we have most of the episodes dvr'd so we can watch it any time!! The characters are so true to life, part of everyone's family!! And the storylines are hold your gut laughable but oh you can see them happening in most families!! Please KEEP this show on!!! Too many shows fall thru the cracks and get cancelled due to people not taking a few minutes to let the networks know how much they are loved!!!


2015-10-02 04:12:18

TV is so stupid now use to be everything started at the beginning of September now who now's when they start. Some real idiots are doing scheduling. They have ruined the weekly sitcom line ups with the stupid reality shows and splitting the season of mad men another dumb idea.. Yup I am a hater..


2015-10-02 13:48:50

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I give up on TV programs that run the new season late, odds are McCarthy is too busy making movies to do the series, if it does run this season it will more then likely be the final season anyway. Try a new comedy show, I discovered Last Man Standing with Tim Allen on ABC Friday nights, very funny, great cast and fantastic writers. Love it!


2015-10-04 18:27:25

Got hooked on Mike and Molly during reruns..what a funny show..the writers hit it every time..it is like watching a modern day I Love Lucy..don't have to think just laugh with tears in your eyes


2015-10-06 06:44:40

Please continue Mike and Molly!


2015-10-07 03:01:17

I love Mike & Molly but it's Peggy and Jake that keep me laughing. Looking forward to the new season!


2015-10-07 20:38:33

Comment (at least 5 characters)... So in other words we have no clue as to when it will be back. At least it WILL be back though. I love this show. Disappointing.


2015-10-09 07:13:48

Are the Mike and Molly cast members pissed off at Melissa McCarthy for the late season 6 start? She may have been involved with other film commitments that conflicted with the M and M schedule... Don't know.


2015-10-12 02:07:35

Love this show. New shows soon. Please! Look at all the reruns.

Momma Cokes

2015-10-15 05:25:46

Marco..........! I love the one where Vince throws his back out and Molly is stuck babysitting! ........."just spray some Pam in the crack of my ass", when she's dragging him from the tub, then when she lifts the blanket and says to Mike "look at it". OMG! Way too funny!!!!!! Can't wait till this show comes back!


2015-10-19 20:46:14

My favorite comedy since E.L. Raymond. What is the big secret, when does season 6 start


2015-10-29 01:15:37

please put Mike and Molly back on love all the cast. Great show. Miss it. Watch reruns and the laughter is always right on. Billy Gardell is a modern day Jackie Gleason. Writers are great.


2015-10-29 01:43:28

Hurry up w/ the new series.I miss them.

Helen B.

2015-11-05 18:30:56

Hurry up - I'm waiting. And when is Molly finally going to get pregnant? Noone should take that long! She is smart enought to figure out the best dates in the month! Does the network allow them to lose weight or do they want to keep them that way for the program?


2015-11-07 07:41:48

Has Melissa McCarthy pissed off her cast mates because of her other projects conflicting with the Mike and Molly upcoming shooting schedule?


2015-11-07 20:55:12

I love mike and molly when is the new season going to start take off that life in pieces and put mike and molly back on


2015-11-09 20:58:15

whats the hold up on this years 2015 fall show ??


2015-11-10 20:48:04

Love love mike&molly


2015-11-11 00:02:30

I love it !


2015-11-11 04:32:05

Mike and Molly is such an awesome show & they need to HURRYING up & get the new season back on ASAP!!! Mike & Molly and MOM are the BEST!! It's November already, where is Mike & Molly??????????

mario alonzo

2015-11-11 08:06:47

Please give Vince more screen time and peggy biggs a lot less time on the air. Vince is more enjoyable to watch and Nana is another fun character to watch. Nothing personal against the actress for peggy biggs. Lets have less downer and anger time and more humor from Vince and Nana.


2015-11-12 05:03:37

Mike and Molly was hilarious for the first 2 seasons.then...the shows started slowing down. A whole season of trying to get pregnant was too much. Another season of her trying to write, boring. They should have left her a teacher. A lot of untraveled possible storylines there. Not enough airtime for some of the very funny characters, like grandma! And start the season in September like most other shows! Melissa m. Should honor her first commitment FIRST. Most of her movies are not that funny, especially when she plays the dumpy, frumpy, no makeup roles. It gets old fast. Lastly, make her pregnant already on the show. There are endless hilarious scenerios possible. Twins? Grandmas fighting for the alpha role. Colicky babies, unsolicited parenting advice, dead tired families. The possibilities are endless. Fix this sitcom before it dies a slow death. Maybe some fresh blood in the writers pool. The current writers seem to get stuck on one topic and write it over and over and over and over.................


2015-11-13 08:24:29

I was so disappointed this show did not start again in September. It's my #1 show of each week for me. I love Mike and Molly. It's the best comedy on TV.


2015-11-14 23:31:13

Been waiting.. So lets hurry this up a bit.. Love this show...


2015-11-16 18:46:56

I can't wait until Mike and Molly come back. I kept watching rerun and I love seeing them. Is Molly ever going to have a baby? Is Carl ever going to met the right, Girl? What about Samuel? Also, Victoria and her Mom and her boyfriend. Mike 's Mom and Carl's Grandma? I need to know what's need.


2015-11-17 03:45:40

Please bring back mike and molly this is the best show I've seen in a long time im a big fan

Nancy phillips

2015-11-18 02:17:55

I love mike and molly and deffinately want it to continue.


2015-11-19 01:46:45

we enjoy mike and molly and hopes that they are pregnant this season


2015-11-19 04:55:19

I love Mike and Molly!


2015-11-19 21:08:28

Best show in a long time Melissa and Katy Mixon r both great! I love the whole cast


2015-11-20 03:18:56

I just live Mike and Molly I have purchased all the he seasons so far and watch over and over. My favorites are Peggy and Nana......what happened to Peggy and Capt. relationship they were great together. I didn't care for Vince at 1st but with each episode I grew to just adore him. Carl is one of the funniest and talented actors I ever seen. Love his elf dance in Christmas episode. Please keep seasons going.......


2015-11-21 16:10:17

I absolutely love this show!!! Can't wait for the new season. The writer's for this show are amazingly funny


2015-11-23 23:11:08

Way to many cop shows,Murder! I think Mike and Molly are a GREAT pair! After watching them it always puts me in a better frame of mind. Should be more like them on t.v.


2015-11-24 06:07:40

Love this show been watching since I first premiered, my favorite one is when Molly gets drunk at her mother-in-laws while planning a birthday party for Mike I laughed so hard I cried she is hilarious. Love it even the reruns

2015-11-27 00:13:33

It's 'fifth season' not the way it is spelled here.


2015-11-27 06:32:05

Great show... Anticipatating the new season.


2015-11-29 02:53:45

absolutely love the show want to see many more episodes

Shari minton

2015-11-29 18:56:35

I love Mike and Molly. The storyline is great. Very fluid and believable. Keep it up. Oh, Molly needs to have a baby, too.


2015-11-30 02:32:55

I want Mike & Molly back on TV ASAP CANT WAIT LOVE THE SHOW


2015-12-01 06:13:43

Come on; we are not stupid. Either make the show or cancel it. It is a great show but When you delay the season people move on.

margo sparkle

2015-12-01 07:45:59



2015-12-01 08:10:10

Taking so very long to come back on is not fair or considerate to the loyal fans who are responsible for the success of the show.


2015-12-01 20:34:39

Love the show!!!!! I personally think it gets better the longer it's on. Love the characters Vince and Victoria.


2015-12-02 04:25:29

My wife and I love to watch Mike and Molly please bring it back.


2015-12-04 23:49:24

Have watched every episode - I continue to watch the reruns daily. I can recite the dialog verbatim, as I have seen each episode so many times. Please continue this series - it is so entertaining and wonderfully "clean" while still having adult situations. Kudos Mark Roberts!


2015-12-07 03:48:28

My husband and I absolutely love this show. Please bring it back and continue the show it's the best.


2015-12-09 04:07:21

Mike and Molly is the best sitcom I've seen in a long time! It's the only series I would consider buying all five seasons to watch over and over. Please start season 6 ASAP! Thank you!


2015-12-10 18:22:55

LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Its the only show on tv where I love the entire cast and I laugh my butt off every episode. The writers are doing a great job - they are so in tune with every character. I can't say enough about it!!!! Keep the laughs coming.


2015-12-10 19:53:54

love the show always made me laugh until tears!cant wait till it comes back on!


2015-12-11 04:26:50

Love Mike and Molly. Please don't cancel. Best show on TV in a long time.


2015-12-14 01:44:36

I love mike and molly. they are great together and the suppporting cast are also awsome.


2015-12-14 03:46:51

I really enjoy Mike & Molly. I love Melissa Mcarthy she really makes me laugh. The shows is very funny and there is a great cast. I would rather see 2. Broke girls cancelled instead of Mike and Molly. Thank you.


2015-12-14 05:23:49

Mike and Molly is the best show on tv.so very tired of reality tv.this show has the best cast of characters I probably have ever seen on any show on tv. they are all hilarious !!!! I am so looking forward this next season.

grandma u

2015-12-14 18:59:12

love mike and molly,watch it every week and even the reruns on CW15. best comedy on right now

Becky Tanner

2015-12-15 03:29:37

We *LOVE* Mike & Molly! PLEASE do not cancel this show! Funniest comedy going on TV right now! Travesty if it's cancelled. If you want to cancel something, cancel "Two Broke Girls". It was funny about 1/2 the 1st season. Dud since then.


2015-12-16 01:06:48

great show love Mike and Molly. I do want to say I agree with one of the other comments made whoever idea it was to split the seasonsmakes no sense very very stupid try going back to the way it used to be if it's not broke don't fix it

Marianna roxbury

2015-12-17 04:07:53

Please bring back Mike & Molly having a baby and Mike's mom dating the police captain. I loved those 2 story lines. Mike and Molly is my favorite tv program. I cannot wait till it starts again. It is the best program on tv. I really enjoy all the actors.


2015-12-18 00:29:31

Oh! Come on, dont cancel mike and molly, its a great show. They were real characters, with flaws. Not superficial made up supermodels of what hollywood perceives as america. Why do you guys always cancel good shows, why not cancel last man in america? Its very stupid. Put mike and molly back on air til they no longer want to play those characters.


2015-12-18 01:40:04

I totally love the show 1 of the best comedy shows i have EVER seen always makes me last.


2015-12-18 01:43:07

This shows needs to come back great comedy...Let's make it happen. Mike & Molly is must see TV!!!

Dawn davis

2015-12-18 02:12:06

Mike and Molly is the best modern day sitcom of all. Every cast member is first-rate - perfection! If one sitcom needs to leave to make room for M&M, please remove 2 Broke Girls. Just the sound of these two's voices makes me RUN to the TV to turn it off. Mike and Molly is so well written and superbly acted, I can't think of any superlatives to do it justice. I LOVE IT!!!!!


2015-12-19 22:42:30

Hi: When my husband and I heard that "Mike and Molly", will not come back after season 6, we felt so heartbroken.We're laughing all the time watching this show. Please consider bringing it back. We know there are a lot of people that likes it.

Kerry zorn

2015-12-20 04:12:39

I'm a diehard Mike n Molly fan, I watch the reruns 7 days a week on TV 55, but I'm getting conflicting stories whether there will be a new season come January/2016... I'm praying there will be one....if there isn't I will be devastated....

Kerry zorn

2015-12-20 04:12:39

I'm a diehard Mike n Molly fan, I watch the reruns 7 days a week on TV 55, but I'm getting conflicting stories whether there will be a new season come January/2016... I'm praying there will be one....if there isn't I will be devastated....


2015-12-22 04:13:20

My husband and I are thrilled to see a 6th season of Mike & Molly. We have been watching reruns forever!!!!


2015-12-22 23:47:46

Love mike & molly. Waiting for the next season to begin (hopefully)


2015-12-24 08:35:13

I love Mike and Molly and watch every night on fox channel. It is absolutely my favorite show!! Please keep it on for a long long time!! I love it so much!!


2015-12-25 04:36:41

Lov mike and molly dont cancel.


2015-12-26 07:18:22

Look forward to watching new episodes. The comardery between characters. It is always good uplifting after bad day. We even watch reruns I stead of the news at eleven. Was hoping to see each of the other characters build relationships.


2015-12-27 21:49:07

I was annoyed that it didn't return in September. I'm happy that it's returning Jan. 6th but pissed that it has also been cancelled.


2015-12-29 04:37:11

love this show have been waiting for it to start


2015-12-29 08:47:57

I love the show its funny family oriented And the cast is Amazing.! !!! Melissa. McCarthy. Is Awesome!!!


2015-12-30 07:14:31

Best show ever .Both my husband and I watch it every night .. I hope they never go off the air .. Every single person on that show we love .. A reason to sit and watch this wonderful funny show .. Please please don't go off the air ..Thanks for listening ..


2015-12-30 10:16:30

Please Mime and Molly is my favorite TV

connie ide

2016-01-01 23:56:40

We love Mike and Molly.....we bought all 5 seasons and watched them all within a month....we would just watch episode after episode when we weren't working of course :) .....best sitcom on TV ....we are waiting for season 6 to come out.....I hope they make more.......many many more.


2016-01-02 00:21:01

Missing Mike and Molly, BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

sonja Durand

2016-01-02 04:15:05

one of the best shows that cbs has ever had enjoyed by my whole family that are all ages.


2016-01-04 00:18:02

best comedy since friends. i hope it goes on forever.


2016-01-04 03:03:02

Thank you for keeping Mike and Molly on.its the finest show. Ive,watched the reruns so many times that I can almost tell you everyone's lines. Awesome show.


2016-01-04 04:54:55

Mike and Molly is my absolute favorite tv show!! It has a full cast of great actors that are just hilarious!! Please continue to keep the show going!!! Please!!!!!


2016-01-04 06:08:12

I love this show. Why is it that every single time I find something that I love on television it ends up being cancelled. I went to Target and bought Seasons 1-5, but I still can't wait to see Season 6.


2016-01-04 11:29:05

I absolutely Love this show. I watch it everyday. Can't wait for season 6. I also hate to hear that this will be the last season. I think this is a big mistake. This show is loved by many fans. Hope they change there minds about this being the last season.


2016-01-04 18:02:34

Love love this show. Can't wait till new series start. Actors are so amazing watch before bed to end my day with a good laugh

gale Horsey

2016-01-04 21:08:47

Mike and Molly is far far the best tv show please please keep it on..it is like they are family.. we love them


2016-01-05 02:55:19

Please don't cancel Mike & Molly !!!!! It is such an awesome show. I have so many Family and Friends watch this show. We all need something to make us Laugh in the World in which We Live. Thank You, Joy

sue skowronski

2016-01-05 06:17:00

I love this show! It is sooo funny! Great writers, and the cast is so good. CBS has a habit of taking good shows off and replacing with junk.

Renee Taurus

2016-01-07 02:44:28

Mike & Molly is my favorite show, I love all the actors. Very funny show!! :)


2016-01-08 01:42:35

I love this show, don't take it off the air, it's hilarious .


2016-01-09 09:55:47

This is my wife and my favourite show. Writers have made a mistake by dumbing down Melissa's character. The cast, each and everyone of them is great! We would love to see the show go on even if it means without Melissa and call it something else if you have to. Mellisa is a good actress, but she is not strong enough to be a lead actress in a movie, a successful movie. She needs to remember what got her here and keep her eye on the prize 'Mike & Molly'! Adios


2016-01-11 16:15:13

This is a great sitcom. It reminds me of all in the family sitcom. The actors are so believable in the roles. Their life situations are tied to many of our own experiences with family. Comedy at its finest. Hope it's not cancelled


2016-01-12 05:35:01

please keep mike and Molly on,funny show,I love it.

Tarot Palm

2016-01-12 18:01:31

Rib hurting laughter every show..... now where's my duct tape ?, Mike & Molly is On


2016-01-14 03:49:01

My hudband and I love this show! There are no better comedies than this one. Very upset about it being cancelled.


2016-01-22 01:50:57

i just love Mike&molly i try not to ever miss it Molly is pretty and they have alot of fun i like everything about the show


2016-01-25 06:19:06

It would be a shame if this show went off it's great just kinda wish they would recast a different Mike not my favorite actor but everyone else is fantastic !! Don't take this off not many new funny comedies out there & I'm not watching The Goldberg's

karen Brooks

2016-01-26 05:04:13

Mike and Molly, love this show. Watched most episodes. Looking this week to see if it on and when. Come on guys don't let a great show go!


2016-01-29 20:07:13

I really like it funny, heartfelt and real sitcom


2016-01-30 21:41:16

we love this show. it would be nice to keep it going.


2016-02-05 03:19:05

The best female comedian since Lucy...even better than Lucy.


2016-02-09 03:45:14

I love Mike and Molly!! Please keep it going. Every character is great. Most shows have only a couple of the cast that are excellent but everyone of this show is fantastic. We look forward to watching all shows even the reruns which are getting hard to find. Don't let a good thing go.


2016-02-18 00:25:36

funniest show ever

Julie Wittman

2016-02-22 00:38:03

I LOVE MIKE AND MOLLY!!! Cancel TWO BROKE GIRLS IT US REALLY STUPID!!! Mike and Molly was funny!! Intelligent funny!!! Not boob dumb!!


2016-02-22 06:06:31

When does season 6 start

Christina Wildermuth

2016-02-22 06:32:16

I love Mike And Molly. It is the only show I take the time to sit down and watch. My dream would be to go and see them film a show and meet the cast. Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell are so good. Please don't take the show off.


2016-02-24 03:48:29

I am devastated that Mike and Molly have ended!!!!! So, so sad!


2016-02-24 13:48:37

This is one of the best shows out the they are soooooofunny , the show must go on .


2016-02-25 01:07:12

This show is amazingly hilarious, and the cast is perfect. Please don't cancel Mike & Molly!!!

Gary Clark

2016-02-27 17:15:12

Mike and Molly is ABSOLUTELY the BEST show on TV bar NONE ! My wife and I don't miss an episode, we hate for each episode to end and can't wait for the next episode.


2016-03-01 20:11:55

loved it


2016-03-02 05:15:56

Mike and Molly were one of my favorite shows, I will greatly miss it, I wish the network would reconsider :((


2016-03-03 08:14:39



2016-03-08 07:17:34

please dont cancel Mike and Molly


2016-03-11 02:31:43

I love mike@Molly I watch it every day will not do anything till it's off lol loved the bloopers


2016-03-19 19:27:15

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Did not realize the show had been cancelled. Sitting here waiting to watch Mike and Molly and I just found out it was cancelled. I hope the folks from CBS realize how many people enjoyed this show and will bring it back...please...


2016-03-24 02:29:18

In my opinion, there are very few good shows on TV any more. Mike and Molly is one of the best. They are perfect together and their relationship on the show is one I think everyone would want. They genuinely care for each, take care of each other and show a tender, loving side. The other characters on the show are just as likeable. Vince ad the mom couldn't be more perfect for each other and Veronica has a heart of gold and so funny! Love them all, love the show and would not ever miss an episode. The fact that you are even considering cancelling it has me baffled. Leave it on the air, please!


2016-03-24 17:31:12

mike and molly is a hit as far as I'm concerned. It's a lot better than some of the junk being put on tv lately. It's entertaining and I love the characters in the show. They're a perfect blend and seem more real than the phoney actors in the newer shows.


2016-03-28 23:35:46

This show is not only hilarious but finally therw is show about the reality of obesity without judgment or shame and regards the same feelings whether we are obese,anorexic or so called "normal" sized American people both men and women. The characters of Mike and Molly not only make us laugh hysterically but it shows that everyones circumstances and challenges in life and that we, as a people; as a whole, are put through everyday don't apply to a specific sector of life in this instance Overeaters and the morbidly obese. They take this task on in a comedic sense but always leave you at the end of every episode reinforcing the fact that people are just people and that it is no different whether you are heavy set black white male or female it has an uplifting hilarious take on life in general and, I always feel not only that it makes me stop and about being a less judgmental person but I become more of a sensitive person to individuals needs. But there's also a sentimentality about it that's Universal. I have loved this program since its Inception and the comedy just taken by itself is a uproarious. Please keep this show on it's fresh it's funny it sends a message without shoving it down your throat who could ask for anything more.


2016-03-30 21:59:14

I watch the shoe on more than one channel that how much I like the show.I have my man also watching the show and he is very funny about what he watch on tv.we tape so we can see them over again.I just purchased the 5 season box set for my man's birthday.mike and Molly are one of the funniest show I seen in a while the cast is CRAZY.love them all


2016-03-31 19:20:25

The new series showed one time haven't seen it since take off two broke girls which sticks


2016-03-31 21:02:26

When are they going to continue the finale episodes of Mike & Molly season 6? We're waiting to see the finale. Thank you


2016-04-19 11:26:03

Can't comprehend why you need to cancel Mike and Molly....It is a very hilarious show...I have never missed an episode. ..This is a great tragedy that the show comes to an end....


2016-05-01 23:18:20

sorry to see series over. great show

Dee scuuly

2016-05-04 01:04:28

I think its unfair to cancel the best show ever,i never though it was all about the weight.just a funny crazy family of fun


2016-05-11 03:47:47

ive watched mike and molly after we came back from our vacation, on may 9th, i wish it will continue on and not be cancelled


2016-06-02 03:40:47

I'm soo happy Ike and Molly are coming back.

Penny. MCcracken

2016-06-12 07:55:26

I really think its sucks taking a good show off air for stupid reason. Been watching this show since it started. You cant drop it the show right when she adopts and pregnant. Right when its getting good. Please have a heart.


2016-08-30 01:56:34

We're can I buy episode 6 of Mike and Molly
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