Limitless season 2

Original name: Limitless season 2
Duration: 43 min.
Seasons: 1
Cast: Aurelien Gaya, Aaron Ayhan, Wellington Barrientos
Genre: Drama, Crime
Country: USA
TV channel: CBS
Original release: September 22, 2015 – April 26, 2016

About TV show Limitless season 2

Limitless is an American drama television series starring Jake McDorman as Brian Finch, who discovers the power of a mysterious drug called NZT-48 which increases his IQ to four digits and gives him perfect recall of everything he has ever read, heard, or seen. It is based on the film of the same name, which in turn was based on the novel The Dark Fields, and takes place after the events of the movie. The series was ordered by CBS on May 8, 2015,[1] and debuted on September 22, 2015.

Watch new episodes of Limitless 2015 on CBS. What do you think? Do you like Limitless? Do you think it should have been renewed for a third season or cancelled instead?

Get excited Limitless fans! Do you like Limitless? Do you think it should have been renewed for a third season or cancelled instead?

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2015-10-20 15:32:29

I think there should be a season 2 of limitless it was exerlent please could you make it please

2016-09-27 23:49:24

Yes plz


2015-12-16 07:07:35

My husband and I really enjoy the show limited. We really want this to continuous


2015-12-28 04:35:27

Well, i wish us a good luck :)


2016-06-01 17:28:19

limited ur face


2015-12-23 07:32:48

The show is well worth continuation! Do it!


2015-12-28 05:42:19

Continue Limitless. Awesome show.


2015-12-29 06:28:29

Can't wait to see what the senator has in store for Brian


2016-09-12 07:43:26

Time will tell very shortly my friend.


2016-09-21 17:55:30

Jean Marie Dijdjoho


2016-01-01 21:22:57

Awesome show! Pleeeeeaaase continue it!!!

dora K

2016-01-04 07:33:18

I want the show limitless to come back on. I love that show. please bring in season 2. I love that cutie young guy.he does a a good job on that show.

dora K

2016-01-04 07:34:24

I want that show to come back please.


2016-01-05 03:32:20

I didn't see the movie, Limitless, but not for lack of want. I am intrigued with the plot and love the writing for the series. I want to see many more episodes to come and recommend the show to all my friends and family. Don't let it go. It may just be a.late bloomer.


2016-03-24 04:21:57

YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE the movie "Limitless" as this is the beginning of senator morra's comeabout. How he made it from zero to hero and got involved with "NZT"....If you watch the show; then you have missed out on a huge part of the story by missing the film.


2016-04-15 06:22:07

Yea... but the movie wasn't really all that great. I like the changes made in Limitless. They improved the visual aspects of it; when Brian took NZT, it felt real.


2016-04-20 06:04:32

yes I totally agree. I actually felt like I he was on nzt and in a way it made me feel smarter along with him!

Nico n Billie

2016-01-09 09:06:12

OMG please continue LIMITLESS!!! this show is awesome, i love the fact that there maybe scientifically a way that we maybe able to use our brains to the full potential and this show is so awesome in showing what that looks like. Thank you!!!


2016-01-27 00:41:51

Love Limitless. Even got my Mother-in-law addicted to it. Can't wait for more seasons!


2016-01-27 01:44:57

I love this show and it would be awesome to continue it me and my sister watch it every single week! I love the movie and was hype when I heard a spin off show was being made!! So please make season 2 sooner bro!!!

2016-02-07 14:32:22

Please do continue to season 2. The suspense is killing me.


2016-02-09 08:05:33

I'll watch "Limitless" as long as it's on. Jake McDorman is YUMMY! Bradley Cooper who?!


2016-02-19 14:22:40

There is no question in my mind. There HAS TO BE MORE LIMITLESS. i have never looked up to vote for any show. The cast, the plot, even the bee bop bee music. Guys you are doing a great job with this show. I am a huge fan and would really like to see much much more. You can do it!


2016-03-14 14:46:26

One of the best shows on telly! You must ensure Limitless does not become limited!!! Please do season 2!!!


2016-03-20 23:04:44

Please I don't want the show to be cancelled it's the only show I watch and I love it !!!! Please let season 2 happen


2016-03-22 15:39:50

amazing show i liked it , i wish if there will be more seasons , it would be awesome


2016-03-27 21:34:49

Season 2 is a must..and 3 and 4 and 5 and so on. GREAT show!!!!!


2016-03-27 21:37:15

Season 2 is a must!!! And 3 and 4 and 5 and so on. GREAT show!!!


2016-04-02 00:22:44

Fantastic series, email me when season 2 is released


2016-04-04 14:35:26

Absolutely love the show (addicted) Please!!! Season 2


2016-04-05 15:13:16

love it. it is the best show on tv.


2016-04-06 06:02:15

Continue please


2016-04-06 06:13:26

Please continue Limitless. It is well written, well acted and produced and always keeps my attention throughout the whole hour. CBS would be making an error in judgement to fail to renew this show and keep a show like Hawaii Five-0.


2016-04-06 06:38:54

Continue the show. There are to many unknowns that need to be answered. What happens to sans and his crue. What about piper and the enzime. Where does Brian end up. Does Rebecca lose everything. Plz continue and answer the questions that are on so many people minds.


2016-04-06 06:53:34

Please bring back limit less i love the showComment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-04-06 07:24:37

Please continue Limitless. Great show, great cast, love the premise. Keep it going!


2016-04-06 11:55:38

It's just getting warmed up, more please


2016-04-06 12:04:47

Best new show this year..please keep it coming


2016-04-06 16:17:22

hope this show continues, to many good shows being cancelled & reality shows continue on if you want reality get out from in front of the TV


2016-04-06 18:20:31



2016-04-06 23:32:54

Please renew Limitless!


2016-04-06 23:38:29

Keep for Season 2, 3, 4, 5.......


2016-04-06 23:42:36

Love Limitless! Please continue the series!


2016-08-18 00:19:42



2016-04-06 23:56:43

Comment (at least 5 characters)...There should definitely be a season 2! It is an excellent show with great characters, scripts, acting, etc., etc., etc.


2016-04-07 02:38:08

Renew. As the writers thought they had one season they had fun with it. It made for a smarter show than it's movie counterpart, lucky for Bradley Cooper, he hired a good show runner. The camera tricks challenge the audience. It's more cerebral Chuck, NBC. Les Moonves screwed up on the CBS finances. Do new shows like Limitless and/or Supergirl have to suffer?


2016-04-07 03:22:20

I love the show and I think the reason it wasn't as popular is its hard to find and watch if you were to extend it to some of the streaming services like Netflix or Hulu the show would skyrocket the movie was a great success and the season 1 ended so abruptly we have no idea what happens to Brian or the girl can't remember her name what happened to the senator or the FBI division or how brians families relationship ends up all we know is they caught Mr sands there's still his rogue organization out there please answer these questions for us

Snack cakes

2016-04-07 03:36:01

The show would be great if you had a little bit more and some hot girls. Also don't make it to sissy fide. Anyways I like the show the idea of having full use of your brain my 2 favorite episodes were when they went to Russia and the last. Thank you


2016-04-07 04:39:22

We hope they will continue the Limitless TV series. Love it!!


2016-04-07 05:17:53

Loved! the show...Limitless. Great story, a refreshing change from the same old we see constantly repackaged but just as boring. A second season? ABSOLUTELY!


2016-04-07 21:43:45

Limitless is a great show! Please keep it!


2016-04-08 03:34:31

Let's have another season! We enjoy it a lot!


2016-04-08 05:27:30

My wife and I don't watch much TV, but we haven't missed a single episode! Its humor and irony keeps us always excited for the next episode. We hope to see another season!


2016-04-08 22:24:04



2016-04-09 07:13:07

I really enjoy the show, great visuals and extremely creative.


2016-04-09 21:00:06

This is one of my favorite shows please don't cancel it

Daiinah Kamei

2016-04-10 00:39:29

Love the show! Eagerly waiting...!!! Definitely should continue..!!!


2016-04-10 05:32:52

My husband and I love limitless as it's fun and different from your mainstream medical and police dramas. Brian is adorable!


2016-04-10 15:53:49

the show is impressive !! I really really enjoy watching this show ... so please make a 2nd season!!

David Baker

2016-04-10 17:56:07

Limitless is an amazing show and concept that can be taken so far in so many directions the possibilities are truly limitless and with Bradley Cooper involved the show can go as far as explaining Morra's ex-brother in law Vernon Gant's depth of involvement to the depth and significance of Hank Atwood and what he used NZT to create and also can include where when and how Carl Van Loon eventually got involved and how dirty Morra hands had to get to hand that situation tracing the timeline back to the beginning of NZT or if Sands did all of that evil bidding on his own we will never know if they don't continue this increasingly show I don't have cable tv and I don't have any tv channels set up so I can't watch limitless when it's airs but I buy every episode as soon as it's released on vudu and I hope cbs takes those numbers in account when they rate this show by viewers some of us purchase the episodes to own them and have watched them all a few times because the show is that good EVERYTIME I watch an episode I notice more details about the limitless story


2016-04-12 01:30:19

Love to watch limitless tv show


2016-04-12 03:41:35

I would love to watch the continuation of Limitless it was a very interesting and funny show. I would like to see what happens in the second season. I I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the second season. Please!!! Tell us when season 2 starts.


2016-04-12 04:01:46

We want limitless back!


2016-04-12 07:12:08

Yes! please bring back Limitless It's an Awesome show!....


2016-04-13 01:24:52



2016-04-13 01:26:30

Another season, then another, really enjoy this show, keep it going. Thanks


2016-04-13 05:48:13

Please renew Limitless.. Best new show of the season... Love love love it!


2016-04-14 01:07:32

I enjoyed season 1 and look forward to a season 2. Please do not cancel this show without at least 1 more season.


2016-04-14 01:39:06

Love the show. It would be VERY dissapointing if it was cancelled! Please keep it going.

David Diano

2016-04-15 14:02:40

I cant believe its even in question, Limitless is one of the best series on prime time and to end the show would be a great loss for the cast and viewers. This spin off from the movie was very creative and its a lot of the reason I think its so good. If this show is cancelled I will lose all faith in prime time t.v. PLEASE KEEP THIS AWESOME SHOW.


2016-04-15 21:45:35

Please we all want limitless season 2


2016-04-16 05:44:21

I definitely think Limitless deserves a second season!


2016-04-17 23:32:25

My NZT projections indicate that without a secind season, you're giving the Human race a death sentence.


2016-04-18 05:33:08

My wife and I saved season 1 to or DVR and watch i episode a night after putting our kids to bed. There isn't many shows on TV we enjoy watching any more but limitless has all the elements we both enjoy all in one.

2016-04-18 08:30:03

Best show in years if they cancell it I will stop watching tv again.


2016-04-20 02:26:40

I love the show. The characters really make the show! Please continue the show!


2016-04-20 12:01:09

I love this show, i hope for season 2


2016-04-20 16:35:34

Hell yeah that shows the shit


2016-04-20 16:38:02

Definitely should its an awsome show need to learn more about senator morra


2016-04-20 16:51:32

Definitely please continue the show. With the incoming spread of NZT there can be the fulfillment of the potential shown in the movie - where Brian meets others on NZT and they aren't criminals but just people taking their skills and lifestyles to their maximum potential. You can easily get several seasons out of that alone. Then there is the option of a closed NZT community similar to the town of Eureka (was on SyFy channel) where geniuses just create all sorts of next level things for the "building of the next world" that Senator Morra hinted at before his speech. The show can be a catalyst for solving the worlds problems by highlighting those on NZT who are doing just that behind the scenes.


2016-04-21 04:37:56

Love this show. Please continue!


2016-04-21 05:01:33

I love Limitless. It is my favorite program. I hope it goes on for many, many seasons to come.


2016-04-22 01:33:24

This is really a great series and should be renewed. Please take your time and vote for a renewal.


2016-04-22 20:19:03

Hell yes the show should go to season two and you guys should already be working on season three I don't watch much TV on the one shall I make sure I watch record is limitless please guys make it happen


2016-04-23 11:08:31

I must have more Limitless. Limitless is my favorite show. Its perfect. The characters are excellent and have the best chemistry. I swear I'll stop watching tv if there is no season 2.


2016-04-23 19:29:44

I strongly think there should be a season 2, i loved season 1 and i really DO want to see where they take in season 2 please give us a season 2


2016-04-24 08:40:59

Awesome show!!!! Love it! Totally addictive! !!


2016-04-24 09:08:06

Limitless is a clever, fun and interesting adventure show and I LOVE IT!! Brian Finch, the main character, is charming and funny and so much more!! Watch It!!!


2016-04-25 06:54:41

Its an awesome tv series and interesting characters


2016-04-25 16:20:03

great show one of the best about at the moment, enjoyed every minute of it, looking forward to season 2


2016-04-26 02:48:13

Limitless is my absolute favorite TV show! Loved Season One and I am so excited for Season Two.


2016-04-27 04:31:56

of course yes it should be renewed for season 2, i love the show,

eddie lee

2016-04-27 05:47:46

This show is great,characters,story line and all. Bring it back.


2016-04-27 06:26:51

I love Limitless. The lead actor is charming and natural, and cute; Jennifer Carpenter is always so good. Very clever set up with Mike and Ike, funny, both actors also cute. So much potential for story as the adversary threat grows... Keep it keeping on!!!!


2016-04-27 06:48:18

I think there needs to be a season 2 they always end series that can carry on for so long because they don't enjoy it but i will say THIS SEASON 2 PLEASE we all love it!!!!!!


2016-04-27 08:39:17

Please continue Limitless. My bf. And I watch it and sit at the edge of our seats the whole show. It's the best!


2016-04-27 13:52:45

Limitless is one of my favorite shows by far


2016-04-27 16:19:43

I enjoy the show it makes you wonder


2016-04-27 16:45:54

I can't live without Brian Finch. There needs to be a second season


2016-04-27 17:57:28

Limitless is my favorite series in a very very long time. Please do not cancel it! Me and many others want it to continue! Don't make a Firefly - this series has excellent potential to become great on it's own, with or without Bradley Cooper. The whole concept just blows my mind and I really want to know what will happen. Please continue the show!


2016-04-27 18:15:11

Love Limitless.....better be bringing it back for more seasons!!


2016-04-28 00:39:08

Limitless season 1 was fantastic, so please from the bottom of my heart will you release season 2

Mrs. Brian

2016-04-28 03:30:50

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING LIMITLESS BACK IN THE FALL BRIAN of the show is a excellent for this part - he makes this show


2016-04-28 03:39:00

I really enjoyed the series and I would love to see more! However, my one and ONLY reservation about the show is that it often strays from its genre of a crime drama and becomes somewhat of a quirky comedy. I feel like these little quirky bits that are added take away from the suspense and general theme of the show. Other than this the show is great, please continue with it!!


2016-04-28 03:53:21

It's my favorite TV series...please don't cancel it!!!


2016-04-28 05:50:59

With the serious series Limitless they hit a homerun it's got eight to ten seasons or more in it that would be a never ending fun a great roller coaster ride the vision is there!


2016-04-28 05:55:21

Limitless is one of my favor! I definitely will buy DVD for collection. Anyway, season 2 must go!

elisha freeman

2016-04-28 12:13:43

ive never skipped an episode of limitless s01 so hell yeah i would gladly watch the second season with pleasure


2016-04-28 19:39:44

It is a really nice drama, really enjoying it. Hoping there would be season 2.


2016-04-28 22:52:46

This is one of my favorite shows. Please keep it on the air. What would I do without Brian and the CJC? Quality shows are indeed rare, and this show is one of the best shows on TV. Dare I say it? The story lines are Limitless.


2016-04-29 11:22:24

More Limitless!!!!!!#


2016-04-29 19:44:27

Love Limitless! Please continue!


2016-04-29 22:28:15

This series needs a second season immediately. Hehe


2016-04-30 03:59:40

this show is amazing...i watched whole season in 3 days xd


2016-04-30 19:40:03

Please bring back limitless. It would be a travesty to cancel it. Network television needs more Brian Finch!


2016-04-30 22:05:35

yes please! up to the next season!

Jo Mar

2016-05-01 02:14:10

Definitely should be renewed for a second season.


2016-05-01 05:39:58

The series was very exciting and it would be super awesome if it is continued. So Please, let there be a season 2,3,4......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey Cairns

2016-05-01 07:36:10

Season 2 has to happen, love the show! Look forward to it each week!


2016-05-01 20:44:39

this show must continue...

Some guy

2016-05-02 03:18:56

Please i need this show


2016-05-02 04:47:36

Love the show limitless and would really love a season 2. Definitely would recommend to everyone.


2016-05-03 01:21:46

Limitless was awesome it needs to be continued ill be waiting for season 2 until then.


2016-05-03 02:30:03

hi i'm from indonesia. i love limitless, it must continue to season 2 !!!


2016-05-03 08:20:46

The show must go on !!

Barbara Guillory

2016-05-04 02:59:37

Best show yet!! Love watching each character develop. Learn from their mistakes, etc. Don't drop it, much better than my 2nd fav, Big Bang.


2016-05-04 23:35:56

Bring series 2 out awesome programme


2016-05-05 00:13:51

This show is awesome and should not be cancelled. Every time there's a good show they seem to get cancelled way to soon and garbage replaces it.


2016-05-05 09:39:30

Limitless is my favourite tv series and I hope that it can continue with season 2

Moshe shmurak

2016-05-05 20:58:14

I think this show is great and if they stop making it someone there is sadistic


2016-05-06 23:23:01

I think its mustn't be end on 2rd season I think it must be continued until 4-5-6 rd season :D I think others will agree with me


2016-05-07 00:12:10

Pleaaaaase continue it, amazing story so excited to what could happen next, and how could Brian get back in CJC


2016-05-07 21:09:31

Having something cool to watch now days, is a good thing


2016-05-08 02:53:21

Improved as it found its way...from about episode 11 on it became much more entertaining. Would like to see it develop for season 2.


2016-05-08 08:06:43

Bring it back. It's one of the few shows my wife and I watch together. We enjoy the plot and the humor.


2016-05-09 10:06:33

I love the series, but I think they concluded the season so well and satisfying that a second season simply wont work on a creative level. If it is too satisfying and has no heavy cliffhangers, there isn't really a need to have a second season.


2016-05-10 00:42:43

I love this show, Pleeeeeaaas continue it


2016-05-10 02:08:02

My boyfriend got me hooked on limitless good show we would defenetly watch season 2


2016-05-11 18:09:12

Why is CBS not just renew Limitless season 2. It's so enoying. I'm looking at evere place on the net to find out any info.


2016-05-11 18:09:13

Why is CBS not just renew Limitless season 2. It's so enoying. I'm looking at evere place on the net to find out any info.


2016-05-12 20:04:20

i love this ahow, so sad it was over :(


2016-05-16 00:58:53

limitless is the shyt. hope you keep making good episodes. Don't let it die out.


2016-05-17 02:10:34

defo wanna watch season 2


2016-05-19 09:16:15

After hannibal it was the only show I feel addicted about.i want more.and senator Eddie morra is why I watch it.i want to see his success


2016-05-21 02:59:59

Of course we want next season of Limitless. Besides that epic end of first season deserves at least one more season!


2016-05-21 06:02:19

I love this show and it seems as though every time "they" come out with a cool show it has one season then gone. The characters and plot of the episodes are compelling and make you want to continue to watch. So if per chance some one whom is in a position to make such a decision where to read this I would say please continue through the next season and beyond as I will be watching most gladly.

Keith Breedlove

2016-05-25 00:23:09

What an engaging show, although I remember a time when people thought you could achieve the same results Brian gets by dropping acid instead of the NZT he takes.


2016-05-26 07:35:31

Make more seasons love the show


2016-05-27 13:06:11

Moshe shmurak

2016-05-29 07:52:02

I love this show! Pls make as many seasons as possible ty


2016-05-30 07:43:53

please i need you , your my nzt !


2016-05-30 15:32:00

More please its so addictive


2016-06-01 18:11:16

renew the show please


2016-06-03 01:01:04

Have absolutely loved Limitless. Quirky and novel escapist TV. Please bring it back.


2016-06-05 03:22:21

I love this show. I cant wait to see more


2016-06-06 05:59:53

Please please please do a second season of limitless it was such a great show and it has so much potential now that Brian has permanent immunity to NZT, I would love to see how he closes things off with senator Morra and how his life in the FBI continues now that he can be a permanent member of the team, there is so much just waiting to be revealed and it would almost be a sin not to renew it for a second season, it will have a much larger following in its second season, you just have to take a chance


2016-06-07 19:57:11

My husband and I found Limitless mid season and caught up on Time Warner on demand. It is our favorite show. Jake is one of our favorite actors. I am amazed CBS might cancel it! Please reconsider!


2016-06-11 01:13:11

I love this show so much. It's really funny and deserves more seasons!!!


2016-06-11 04:27:15

Yeah totally!!! We should definitely have season 2...!!! The show is a total beast! Why cancel it? The acting is excellent and it has a killer plot as well.... Please do not cancell it....!!!!!


2016-06-14 02:39:01

Limitless is the most clever show and only show I watched on CBS. Please bring it back somewhere on any channel and I will watch it. With all the lame shows that get renewed I can't comprehend why this one was cancelled!


2016-06-15 19:04:00

please please make season2 to a reality. I'm living in that series its way too good


2016-06-19 08:13:34

yeah limitless is a coolshow


2016-06-21 04:42:07

Please come out with the second season of limitless was one of my favorite movies an now is one of my favorite seasons. I was wondering why CBS hasn't posted anything recently on the CBS app. Since the 22 episode in season one . please bring it back.


2016-06-22 02:22:22

wat da fuck man!!!! im been waiting everyday for this season 2 announcement suddenly cancelled???? shit man!!!! fuck CBS!!!! fuck you!!!! fuck ALL WHO CANCELLED IT!!!


2016-06-26 16:48:25

Hi guys , I am from IRAN and I really love Limitless , I wish the show continues I even went to dubai to buy NZT lol there are just nootropics in the market not NZT and I dont have senator morra lol , but anyway I hope next season is on the table of doing for the whole cast sp director "Craig Sweeny" P.S. & LOVE


2016-06-28 18:29:04

Please Please Please! continue making limitless forever!


2016-06-30 01:49:38

Excellent show, would love to watch it three times a week, gripping, nail-biting and just plain AWESOME! please please kindly give us the pleasure of seeing a season 2.


2016-07-04 19:29:22

There must be limitless season 2, the show was really good.

2016-07-05 21:00:49

Please bring back Limitless. I loved the movie and I love the show. So many unanswered questions and I would love to watch the next seasons!


2016-07-05 22:52:27

I love this! Limitless is like fresh breeze in criminal serial. I want 2nd sezon now ! I'm soooo exited :D


2016-07-07 03:06:53

Limitless Season 1 was awesome!! It was fresh, unique and completely separate from the movie storyline less the NZT. I enjoyed it immensely and I watch everything from true crime to Law & Order SVU. I am a paralegal and sometimes it's very difficult and annoying to overlook the glaring procedural errors shown in those other series--that's what makes Limitless so much FUN to watch!!! Please don't cancel this amazing and fresh show...I love it...give it more exposure and a chance to shine!!


2016-07-07 20:42:36

Just started watching on Netflix! Have been Bing watching ever episode one! I no longer have cable and watch everything streaming! Love this show!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to season two!!


2016-07-08 01:14:44

Very good show. Keeps you addicted to watching it! Really hoping its continued!!


2016-07-08 16:34:30

I just discovered Limitless on Netflix. Please bring this back. This series Rocks!!!


2016-07-08 19:59:31

Season I: starts off as kind of Dorky; but, I still whined up watching totally the whole of season 1; in one day; everything went on whole; I got Hero's, Agents of Shield, the Librarian, Leverage, and the BlackList all in one series; How, cool is that; Thank you, Executive Producer: Craig Sweeney; and Bradley Cooper; excellent.................


2016-07-09 22:21:50

make a season 2, season 1 was too good not to have another season


2016-07-09 23:00:21

We love Limitless. Please continue it.


2016-07-10 20:36:28

Love the movie an the show an I would love to see another season they still need senator morra


2016-07-11 03:35:05

Bring the show back please it was so funny and awesome and is well worth continuing


2016-07-12 06:39:28

This show is great, awesome continue to the film. Ill love for them to keep making it. It has my vote!


2016-07-12 17:10:39

So I hear alot of comments regarding Season 2 of LIMITLESS... "NOT" airing bec it isnt good or (1) chummmy episode of the dinosaur guy wasnt good enough. Its sad that all the TV shows out there and MOST if not all suck. No plot, no humor, sensibility, or drama to it. Not like they used to be back when i was a kid and TV shows were actually good and family watched and talked about them. Now there rated on a scale of 1-10. If it doesnt reach a certain level score ..opps we have to take it off air. No matter how many people like it. And to the ones downgrading a TV show.. SHUT UP and watch it instead of judging it. be that one that watches it instead of thinking this sucks or its stupid. peopele need to get back to the point of watching a TV show instead of judgeing it, rating it, and figuring it out. ITS CALLED TV SHOW.. You are sopposed to watch it. Its not a job, and you certainly dont get paid to make a judging comment. So be normal and watch it. Hate that all the TV shows that I as many others have get cancelled bec not enough rating on it or bec of (1) chummy episode. If you want to judge then you need psychological help in your life instead of just watching and laughing at the time frame..


2016-07-12 17:11:45

YES YES make season 2 of Limitless it was my best show to watch


2016-07-13 03:19:06

Definitely continue, my son 11 and I love it. Can't wait for what the senators real plan is. Good guy ?? bad guy???


2016-07-13 07:09:24

Where is season 2 of limitless?!? I loved this show!!!

aider rodriguez

2016-07-13 10:11:06



2016-07-13 23:35:28

This show waa really good im really looking forward to more episodes..


2016-07-14 05:03:19

Most excellent show, I really enjoyed watching season number one, and would pay to see season two. Make it please.


2016-07-15 01:35:02

There has to be a season two, the FBI has suspicion Morra is on NZT, which we know to be true, but I'm curious to see what Morra has in store for Brian, for betraying him 110% furthermore, I'm curious about piper,is Brian and piper going to find a way to be together, or will Brian wind up being with rebecca, because there is no way him and piper couldn't, the possibilities are endless, and there was a lot left unanswered, that is gonna kill my curiosity


2016-07-15 03:20:39

Renew limitless.... I'm addicted to the show


2016-07-15 21:31:37

Don't cancel limitless. Everytime they come out with good TV shows they cancel the show for a TV show no one really cares to watch.

Scott Starwalt

2016-07-15 22:57:53

I enjoy the show limitless. It is exhilarating when Brian is on his NZT! He is like a supercomputer with a good conscience, except smarter. Bring back pretty please with NZT on top.


2016-07-16 03:06:57



2016-07-16 09:16:36

I literally just finished all 22 episodes in 36 hours. I barely stopped to sleep and eat! So addicting!!


2016-07-17 12:33:41

Limitless has been the best think on T.V ever giving people joy, suspense, and a reason to sit in front of the T.V I believe that Limitless deserves a second season


2016-07-18 04:46:27

Make a 2nd season, it was an amazing show!

2016-07-18 22:58:10

Yes it should


2016-07-18 23:22:49

This show was amazing it took me about a week and a half to watch and it needs to have a season 2


2016-07-19 14:04:24

CBS always trys to pull this crap. season 2... now!!!!!!


2016-07-20 03:41:40

This is one of the best series on netflix. I live it.literaly it


2016-07-20 04:26:57

I want "Limitless" seasons . If they are as good as season 1 . Love the wit and humor while tackling crazy crime of futuristic technology. And if you don't mind let him have Sinbad back kinda keeps it real


2016-07-20 05:46:54

OMG!!! PLEASE MAKE A 2nd SEASON N.O.W.!!!!! We need it like Brian needs his booster!!!!!


2016-07-21 01:32:47

Absolutely fantastic!! Love this show, Best series ever, really hoping for more seasons!!


2016-07-21 04:55:45

Great acting, suspenseful, funny, keeps you interested, what's wrong with these people, maybe if you would put it on the right time or advertise or whatever it takes, this series should be continued.


2016-07-21 06:12:00

Limitless is smart TV (that often is, but doesn't have to be an oxymoron). Playful scripting, hillarious variety (from the Ferris Bueler mock, to the comic book story, etc!). Excellent acting. Seriously, why do networks leave crap 30 min sitcoms with moronic humor run forever while good stuff like this may die young.!? Maybe with some smarter programming we'd have smarter, thinking, aware viewers. Just hope the right decision (KEEP THE SHOW INDEFINATELY) is made. Cheryl*


2016-07-21 09:08:25

It's extrodinary! I love show and truly hope for a next season


2016-07-21 23:37:34

Please keep this show going, it is so good


2016-07-23 01:56:16

Definitely need more seasons! Very addicting show!


2016-07-23 05:29:53

Pleeeeeaze renew Limitless!! It is a great change of pace from every other crime show out there, Can't wait to see what happens with Brian and Rebecca


2016-07-23 17:20:35

Limitless should continue. it's an awesome show


2016-07-23 20:58:23

Please bring show back it's my favorite show since house


2016-07-24 01:07:37

Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-07-24 01:09:00

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Would definitely watch season 2. love the show


2016-07-24 20:45:14

Please continue the show?? There are so many questions that I need to be answered asap

Peach Rock

2016-07-24 22:49:14

All I can say that I felt it was a show that did not really drag or have episodes that made you go ,uh I really don't want to watch more of this, I believe there is many possibilities of new and breathtaking & exciting episodes more than they can put only into one more season. Even possibly make a second movie that drives you to want to watch more of the TV series..Thank you


2016-07-25 05:52:38

It was the best show on .Why wouldn't you continue it?


2016-07-25 23:41:49

I watched the whole first season in just a few days. It was amazing. Please make another!


2016-07-26 00:21:39

If CBS doesn't want it, NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX, PPLLEEAASSEE pick it up!!!!!! I promise you that it will NOT be a waste of your time and money! Ppl WILL watch it!!!!


2016-08-08 06:55:02

Most definitely agree and had the same thought!!! Netflix!!!! Check your ratings... You have to know that this is a golden ticket for you!!!


2016-07-26 09:37:25

This show was dope, lol no pun intended, great story line, even better actors, and cool special effects that were believable


2016-07-27 00:50:08

Amazing show can't wait for season 2.


2016-07-27 03:32:09

I love the Limitless show, all the actors were super!! I really want season 2 to air. Please!!! and Thank you!!!


2016-07-27 14:37:13

There should most definitely be a season 2 hopefully even a season 3, 4, 5, & 6 it's a gr8 show I binge watched it and I'm so upset there isn't a second season


2016-07-27 20:40:45

Excellent show! My husband and I really look forward to it!

Michelle Wasson

2016-07-28 01:30:27

There should be a 2 season of Limitless! The show is great, plus the way the cast works together jives really well. They should write in Harris's pregnancy ad being hidden as Casey's. And she hid it the whole time and it should pick up asap after Finch comes back from the Paul Rudd movie he's making. And the contracts for it should be made NOW to secure all the actors, max, Mike and Ike and all of them Please!!!!!!


2016-07-28 11:09:33

Make another season or 5 more please!!!! This show was absolutely AMAZING!!!! Have to make another one. There is no doubt about it.

Limitless Junkie

2016-07-28 11:38:08

I am hooked. I literally have taken vacation days just to Binge watch it on Netflix. I have seen season 1 6 times and it's crazy each time I watch I notice things I missed before. I have all of my friends watching the show. There needs to be a season 2 and beyond. I could watch this like I watched NCIS before Tony character left the show (Michael Weatherly). Please don't cancel my new favorite show.


2016-07-28 15:29:21

look at this. hundreds of people from many walks of life taking time out of their day to emphasize their gratitude and appreciation towards the series: "Limitless". It is an amazing show with multiple aptitudes and prospects from, what it seems to be, from many (all of which who's mental prosperities seem to differ in a way that it gives the show much more intellect) people. I believe it was "Lisa" who stated that this show could be a "late bloomer" and this may be true. those of which that take the time to leave comments in hopes that the show will continue, is a much smaller amount than those of which that choose to carry on with their life after each episode. Let alone the individuals that obtain seasons/episodes by means that don't report back to your headquarters, thus entailing the fact that the counts on the amount of viewers are off. There are many shows that have made a promising "comeback" in order to boost their net worth. advertising is a huge part of that. considering I hadn't heard of this show until over a year after its release date (look at the date of this comment). and the saying goes, "you have to spend money to make money." this quote should be inspiring to you. after the millions of dollars for proper commercials, you could be the new walking dead.


2016-07-29 00:34:08

This show has it all...great writing, great acting, great suspense and leaves you wanting more......PLEASE, don't let it go away. There are so many shows out there that are truly awful, I just don't understand how they can pull the plug on a show this good! Please bring us season 2.....and more!


2016-07-29 04:58:44

The show was absolutely awesome, it kept our interest from start to finish!!!!


2016-07-30 04:06:36

This show is excellent and well worth the continuation! I hope this petition is successful and my family and I can continue to enjoy this show.


2016-07-30 06:43:12

Release it!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-07-30 11:02:46

Such a great show. Cant wait to see what season 2 brings. So happy piper disnt die but can't wait to see what happens with senator morra.


2016-07-30 23:31:22

love this show... waiting for second season to come out. Hope it is not cancelled!


2016-07-30 23:59:19

Limitless needs to be picked up by a network to continue. I just finished season 1 on Netflix. It was an amazing show. I have my family and friends watching it too. About half way through I went to go record it on my direct tv only to find out it was cancelled. Which was such a disappointment- please continue the show!


2016-07-31 03:44:56

I'm waiting for season 2


2016-07-31 22:33:01

I love this show. Jake's facial expressions and body language keep my eyes glued to him when he is onscreen. Very talented. The scripts are well-written. Not really liking the absurdity of the tv show character in episode 12 but that's minor. Please do not cancel this show!!!!!


2016-07-31 23:50:23

It would be foolish to end this series. It is similar to the goofy Psych series. It could have a cult following, as big as Psych. Please pick up season 2.


2016-08-01 05:04:47



2016-08-01 05:32:14

I was so upset that Limitless is not going to be coming back for another season. There's so much to explore with the story line. The character of Brian Finch is incredible and he plays of Jennifer Carpenter so well.


2016-08-02 07:59:31

Limitless is an awesomely creative show with so many routes and possibilities to explore. You can follow Brian, senator Morra, Mr. Sands, even Robert de Niro'so character (Carl van Loon). There are many aspects to follow with the idea the NZT pills and diverse characters bring to the table. You can even create a super NZT pill or some things similar where, like sen. Morra remembers his mother's womb, one can remember back through his DNA chains. There are so many possibilities here, it's as someone said, LIMITLESS. I never fill these things out. This is literally my first time, in an attempt to save the show. I really want to see new episodes. People are relieved to have such a fresh show nowadays where there are so many of the seemingly same shows. Please give us this show, it really is, was, hopefully will continue to be a great show. Thanks.

Trey davis

2016-08-02 09:58:21

This show needs to come back it's really entertaining


2016-08-02 20:27:25

I love this show, just watched it on netflix...please dont cancel it.


2016-08-02 20:42:31

Yes it should. Im so tired of realy interesting original shows with much promise just keep getting cancelled not even given much of a chance. Both abc and nbc are very good at giving us awesome shows then cancelling i suppose if ratings drop slightly which with dvrs n such i dont know how all that goes. I say listen to the viewers and give stuff a chance. Most shows have ups n downs for petes sake.


2016-08-02 20:45:24

Yes it should. Im so tired of realy interesting original shows with much promise just keep getting cancelled not even given much of a chance. Both abc and nbc are very good at giving us awesome shows then cancelling i suppose if ratings drop slightly which with dvrs n such i dont know how all that goes. I say listen to the viewers and give stuff a chance. Most shows have ups n downs for petes sake.


2016-08-03 00:08:18

Yes I want season 2 to continue awesome


2016-08-03 04:21:02

Good TV show...was looking forward to season 2...


2016-08-03 18:00:03

I loved this. Caught it on Netflix. Highly addicting, humorous, dramatic, suspenseful. All the ingredients of a great show. And Brian Finch's character rocked.

Derpyman A

2016-08-03 18:14:34

I loved the movie but in the series i still dont get why senator Morra comes across so currupted and evil. But if u haven't watched the movie then u dont understand the series as well as u could!


2016-08-03 23:08:23

Please have season 2 of Limitless! I had so much fun watching it! I felt as if I was an agent helping solve crimes. I loved that it was safe to watch with children in the house. I loved that it was a new idea to tv. Time travel over used, for example. The plot is awesome. Love love love it. Please bring it back and keep the shows coming and keep it clean safe for familys to watch. Thank you!


2016-08-04 00:09:17

its a great show. i would love to see the next season. as the name suggests LIMITLESS. plz dont limit by just releasing one season.


2016-08-04 02:58:56

cuntinue the show please because that's the only show me and my dad watch together all the other shows he stoped watching so please continue


2016-08-04 21:50:40

Limitless is the best tv show I've ever seen I was literally heart broken when it ended I would encourage anyone to watch it seriously I kinda got addicted lol


2016-08-05 21:34:27

This show is amazing and needs to be continued. I might sue CBS if it is not renewed. :) lol jk but it's a great show


2016-08-06 04:43:27

Please Please Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please continue Limitless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


2016-08-07 00:41:17

So sad I just found the show on Netflix and have finished all of season one! Great TV show!!! Please continue the show with season 2!


2016-08-07 19:58:24

First of all, I loved Jennifer Carpenter on Dexter. I was so happy to find her on the Limitless series. It's so easy to fall in love with Jake McDorman on this series. It's not often that I laugh out-loud like I do through every episode of season 1. I do not watch TV because it seems like such a waste of my time but bring back season 2 of Limitless and I'll be watching!


2016-08-07 21:37:58

LIMITLESS is a GREAT series! The actors are great and I L


2016-08-08 04:59:34

There should really be a second season of Limitless. It's such a good show and there were so many things that were left unquestioned that we would love to see in the second season. Thanks :-)


2016-08-08 06:49:46

This is one of the best series ever!!!! I can't believe they would even consider stopping it after only one season!!!!... It's like getting everyone addicted to NZT and then not supplying us with the booster shot!!!!! Not cool CBS.... Limitless is a must and so so so much better than most of the TV shows your channel produces. Just sayin'


2016-08-08 19:04:54

My boyfriend has to deal with me complain about not wanting to finish the last episode of season one, because if i do; there wont be anything else for me to watch. I'm a busy college student but still managed to make time to watch what is now my favorite show. In other words, please continue onto season 2.

Jeremy r

2016-08-09 07:45:25

Please continue the show I just watched all of season 1 in a few days and can not wait to see what happens. Please put out season 2 asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-08-09 12:55:40

Bring it back. I love this show.


2016-08-09 20:29:42

Keep limitless going


2016-08-10 19:26:56

liked the show wating for the return


2016-08-11 13:33:52

Limitless was awesome!!! I cannot wait until season 2 comes out. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can all set our DVRs or other recording devices so that we can catch every episode not missed one thing is I can't stand if I miss one thing. The plot was wonderful the cases were great I love that the actors from Dexter are on there I love the whole thing. Thank you for putting on a season 2


2016-08-11 14:03:59

its a really good show and I think they should release the season 2.


2016-08-11 22:22:44

If you search online for limitless petition I think he will come up but I signed both of them. It will help.


2016-08-13 02:39:23

Limitless is so awesome it make you open your mind more very good show keep it coming please i watch this show on netflix i started watching the first season of this show are you making a season 2 for this i hope so! Also i kinda want rebecca and biran to get together !!!


2016-08-13 03:16:41

LOVE IT!!!! Call me a NZT-48 loving Brian Finch junkie and the supporting cast is so much fun! Bring back another season PRONTO!!!

Demantre' Lewis

2016-08-14 08:42:04

It's a GREAT SHOW! It has a lot of twists that are ALWAYS unexpected and the show keeps itself interesting. It's a funny and serious show at the same time wich keeps it from getting dull! Everyone I know likes it and would really want a season 2. AT LEAST on Netflix. The actors are ALL great and also Starr In some of my other most FAV shows (Arrow, Dexter, ect)


2016-08-14 20:08:47

Awesome show, pleeeeease continues with it


2016-08-15 01:17:06

Love limitless do not cancel


2016-08-15 19:19:10

Damned! I so enjoyed the first series.


2016-08-15 22:27:55

I really believe that Limitless should be renewed for a second season. There are just so many opportunities to watch the characters grow and the structure is very unique and intriguing to watch. It has a great light heartedness with a dark edge. Cancelling this show would be a huge mistake.


2016-08-17 11:43:20

dude ur right they should really make a season 2... me and my familly enjoi the show plzz make a season 2


2016-08-16 05:45:13

Its an awesome show! How could they not bring it back?!? Please seriously reconsider CBS as I most definitely want to watch more of it!


2016-08-17 11:48:42

the show is really amazing theres a lot of potantial whit this plz continu i dint see a tv show good for a long time plz continue


2016-08-17 17:31:26

I love this show I would be pleased to hear that it continues


2016-08-18 02:39:43

Please air season 2 on netflix!!!!!


2016-08-18 03:35:53

just viewed season 1 on netflix good show after the movie glad to see the story continue and will look forward to season 2 -matthew


2016-08-18 03:42:35

I've really enjoyed this series and it would be a shame if they don't continue ! With all the crap shows that are out there in their 4/5/6 seasons (you know who you are - Kardashians) it's ironic how the very entertaining well written shows like this seem to struggle and suffer - go figure


2016-08-18 10:24:36

Ur network releases an enjoyable and original program. Please return Limitless on Ur regular weekly schedule.


2016-08-19 17:06:34

The movie was epic! The series is more addictive than NTZ from the moment i watched the pilot episode, I was hooked! My spouse became engaged in the series, as well. So long as the series continues I would even inveat in purchasing the entire series of Limitless. Word of mouth has gone a long way too. I tell everyone about the show and how exquisite the each episode could pull you in as avid watcher. I would rate Limitless along side Blindspot, Lucifer, and Orange is the New Black. The difference, however, is how well Bradly Cooper executed a movie into a series so accurately - Bravo!!! Keep the show going. The network won't regret it. Thank you.


2016-08-19 23:42:07

PLS I cant live without 2 seassion


2016-08-21 09:36:33

Loved the show, plot, characters; kept me intrigued!...watched the entirety of season 1; great show! Needs to be renewed, not cancelled...this is one of the best shows on tv. Hopeful this will get picked up by a network and soon!


2016-08-21 11:09:17

i think there should be a season 2 because it was left wide open so much more to tell just make a second season and the close it off at the end of the second season please people


2016-08-21 23:53:07

Husband and I love the show can't wait for more seasons. Bring on season 2 and many more. 1 of the best shows on television


2016-08-22 05:21:50

Limitless should be, well, LIMITLESS! Of COURSE there should be a season 2!


2016-08-22 05:57:22



2016-08-22 08:20:00

Just watched it on Netflix.. I finished the first season in a day. Please continue the series Ps. Limitless was a great movie, for anyone who haven't seen it


2016-08-22 17:57:04

Sad sad fan. I wish you the best of luck signing with Netflix for future series! Please bring the show back to breathing life!!

gg geor trt

2016-08-23 00:16:44

Limitless had a really good first season leaving others a lot to work with.


2016-08-23 02:25:40

I really enjoy limitless season one. Would like to see more season in the near future


2016-08-23 03:57:30

Please make a second, third and even more seasons of this show!!!!


2016-08-23 07:51:26

My husband and I love love love this show!!!!!! It's funny, mostly clean and intriguing. Love the plot, characterization, relationship developments between the characters and bizarre scientific information! Please continue with season 2,3,4,5,6.....!!!


2016-08-24 16:43:42

You NEED to continue limitless. It ended WITHOUT us figuring out the whole Eddie Morra story. We need to know more! You cant leave us hangin. Please continue this series. It's phenomenal!


2016-08-24 23:39:42

LIMITLESS ROCKS MY WORLD, there better be a season 2!!!


2016-08-25 00:55:26

Please please please!!!!


2016-08-28 21:37:58

hope their will be a limitless season 2 because this show is awesome


2016-08-29 08:04:18

Please please let there be a second season, the show is definitely a must watch, and more fun if you've seen the movie, and I was very happy with how the 1st season ended! I give it a 100%

2016-08-30 03:38:19

Really good show I got hooked. I liked the movie so I had to watch the show and I would really like there to be a season 2 the fact that there's people that have to comment to try to keep the show going is baffling to me it's a good Netflix and chill show lol


2016-08-30 03:38:45

Great story, NP with acting...I would certainly look forward to another season. But it seemed that the last Finale tied things up tightly. Interested in seeing how they back out while keeping what little reality they have.


2016-08-30 11:00:10

Great show. I was addicted to watching it then got sad when it was over. There needs to be a season 2.


2016-08-30 20:43:12

This was hands no with out a doubt one of the most original shows I've seen in years. From the fresh unique writing style, the character development and plot development as well, but also the way the show is filmed is so awesomely unique the filter changes truly make the viewers feel high on nzt one minute and coming down fast the next. The random shots in the middle of a serious problem and over all view of the show made me feel like I was watching a very new take cleaned up version of dead pool with a better plot. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW


2016-08-30 23:34:42

Limitless season 2!! Please!!


2016-09-01 19:24:03

Limitless is not only amazing but it's clean compared to most tv shows. There is no nudity and there is actually alot of people;parents that take that into account when they let there kids watch TV and it's a need be continuation tv show.. can't wait for the next season and season after that.


2016-09-01 21:45:23

Please continue limitless or at least get someone to make up the drug NZT and i will take the drug and get the show aired and continued for life!


2016-09-02 07:30:21

Limitless the movie came out, and I lost my mind. Limitless the tv series came out, and I lost my social life. This concept is so inspirational. Make Season 2... And 3... 4, 5, and then place me on season 6 as Brian's evil nemesis who uses NZT too ;) thanks!


2016-09-03 00:15:27

Limitless was great. A 2nd season would be fantastic. Wonderful concept and great actors.


2016-09-03 00:15:27

Limitless was great. A 2nd season would be fantastic. Wonderful concept and great actors.


2016-09-03 04:46:55

This just goes to show you that CBS is run by IDIOTS!!!!!!!!


2016-09-03 04:48:08

CBS is run by IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-09-04 03:53:32

Please please please release season 2! Limitless is my favorite show of all time. Best show ever made!!!


2016-09-04 03:56:03

You guys can't stop at number 1. You guys just started...keep them coming!


2016-09-04 14:53:06

What happens to Piper? What is going to happen with the antedote that lasts forever that only Piper has? What about Senator Morra? What about Sands crew? And Rebecca, who at times needs to loosen up, does she get on nzt? Will the bureau keep Brian? What happens to Brians family? I want to know. I watched season one in 2 days!! Crazy right! I was so disappointed when I tried looking for season 2 & it wasnt there!wPlease release 2,3,4,5 etc. I NEVER watch t.v. only news. This show is addicting. Like another post said, "I feel like im on nzt and smarter when watching". Thats how I felt as well. Its an amazing insight into what potentials the human mind scientifically has. Please, keep this show going. Make a billboard, market the S**T out of it, Limitless will flourish! Cant wait!


2016-09-05 18:08:48

Build it and they will come. Air it, and we will watch years to come! Come on CBS. You have a gem. Don't let it be destroyed because of short minded thinking!


2016-09-05 08:05:58

My favorite show of the year.


2016-09-05 11:21:22

i love this show, brian,rabecca,nazi,boyle, piper, not forgetting mike and ike damm they too good. cant wait for season two


2016-09-06 06:27:58

The TV show was awesome keep up the good work . Please don't cancel it.


2016-09-06 11:31:53

Best new series in along time!!!!!


2016-09-07 00:24:20

Limitless have a limit by only 1 season?????? We want more... I am addicted to that show. ;] Waiting for season 2..


2016-09-07 07:30:04

The first season of limitless was absolutely amazing, I really think me an the millions of other people that watched it really want it back up and running on Netflix etc... and it was a great show too. There's other shows that are horrible that are still being broadcasted. So please on behave of me and the million other people bring it back up. Thank you.


2016-09-07 09:55:59

Please bring back limitless, my fiance and I love watching this show and want to know what happens. I'm tired of all these reality shows continuing and shows like limitless get cancelled. So please make more seasons!


2016-09-07 12:51:42

Please please please do season 2. I don't watch much TV and I really enjoyed limitless season 1 as well as the film. I was really looking forward to watching season 2 xxx


2016-09-09 03:56:17

Please do season 2 my fav. on tv...Brian is awesome !!!

Polly U

2016-09-09 06:02:15

Really loved Season 1 of LIMITLESS! Our family is completely hooked on Brian Finch and the Bruntouchables:-). Great plot, complex characters, lots of action. Looking forward to Season 2!


2016-09-09 10:23:23

Please make a season 2 of limitless it is a great show love it


2016-09-09 23:01:35

I was just introduced to Limitless on Netflix. Have watched all the episodes already and want more. Thanks


2016-09-10 01:34:53

There has to be season 2!! Please! There's no way suck a good show like that can be cancelled, it's way to good and entertaining!!!!

The new kid

2016-09-10 03:13:19

One of the best shows I've been in a while.


2016-09-10 04:23:47

i'm from Poland and I really like this show. I don't understand why cancel most of best series. You are produce a lot of bullshit and stupid show. When You have something awesome You are ended this. I really want next season.


2016-09-10 04:23:48

i'm from Poland and I really like this show. I don't understand why cancel most of best series. You are produce a lot of bullshit and stupid show. When You have something awesome You are ended this. I really want next season.


2016-09-10 07:44:47

I'm sure someone had said this already in some form but I totally watched the first episode when it came out and loved it but loved it so much I knew I had to wait until all the episodes were out and just put in a marathon session. I can't do commercials and I have a crazy schedule as do heaps of other people I'm sure. CBS, don't be stupid...see the bigger picture.


2016-09-10 15:50:58

This show captivated me with its story line along with humor. Please don't cancel this show!!!!


2016-09-11 08:44:13

In all honesty in homeless at 28 years old and this show as I have been watching it for the past two weeks as I've been on the street has gotten me thru some hard times and I love the cast and everything about the show it would be a shame to not have a season two or even three thank you guys for season 1 hope too see another


2016-09-12 06:32:09

Love the show, Brian is awesome! Couldn't stop watching it.

Manda g

2016-09-12 18:51:59

This show should definitely be continued!! It's rediculous that it even got cancelled in the first place. Season 2!! Season 2!!


2016-09-13 01:18:53


Su Su

2016-09-14 03:01:59

I love love love Limitless....please do season 2....please


2016-09-15 07:15:25

This is a smart, funny, interesting show. Please come back!


2016-09-15 22:45:23

Love the Series Limitless and the whole family is looking forward to a New Season.


2016-09-18 03:00:14

Limitless was awesome!


2016-09-18 04:27:03

My husband and great enjoy limitless. Love the character of Finch and how he works with the rest if the cast. One of the few good shows on tv .


2016-09-18 09:44:51

PLEASE OH PLEASE MAKE MORE SEASONS!!! I just started watching this today and have already watched 7 episodes! It is by far the best show I have seen in forever!!


2016-09-19 02:05:23

so addicted to this show. Please bring it back~


2016-09-19 18:42:07

Please renew Limitless for Season 2 and 3 as it is an AWESOME show. I was bummed when I only got to watch one season on Netflix.


2016-09-19 23:57:57

It is my favorite TV show. I have watched every episode and love it. Please don't let it get cancelled.

dad tweed

2016-09-21 06:50:34

What I like about the series is that Brian is true to who he is, in spite of the situations he gets in & the offers that most people would fall for, & later regret when they realize that they compromised their values .. That is a character quality of many "heroes"


2016-09-21 19:39:07

I can't believe there is even a question that Limitless is not being renewed. It was one of the best shows on TV. CBS missed the boat. I will follow the show where ever it goes.

Victoria Melson

2016-09-22 03:07:18



2016-09-22 09:04:57

It is cancelled.


2016-09-23 01:12:02

Good show make more


2016-09-23 04:29:00

this show was amazing!! how could they cancel it?!


2016-09-23 23:49:59

Please make a season 2!!!


2016-09-24 04:10:23

Would like to see season 2 of Limitless come back


2016-09-24 13:57:01

This is an amazing thriller action TV show. If I would have been give an option between choosing the flash and LIMITLESS I would choose LIMITLESS.


2016-09-24 15:51:28

Please continue limitless season 2 is a great show and I know alot of people arounf the world love the show and in south africa bring it back please.


2016-09-24 20:55:15

Enjoy the show, loving it need to continue and also funny


2016-09-24 22:09:55

Please some channel bring back Limitless at last for a second season to end the story of Brian and Becca. This is like the proverbial "roll off the end of the table"!!!!! I totally hate that. And WHY didn't cbs pick it back up? Never mind, They are jerks that just didn't like the show so they decided no one else did either......DUH


2016-09-26 07:56:14

I'm currently in the middle of the first season, and already can not stand the idea that there won't be a second. Please don't let this one end yet, intelligent stories are not easy to find in today's television offerings. Make the right call and let intelligence win over mindless drivel of reality tv.


2016-09-26 11:19:57

This was a great show with great writing. Why cancel a show that good and leave so many of the same mindless shows and reality shows any brain dead soul would watch. Bring up the bar a bit. You probably haven't heard much because we are just now expecting to start seeing this show.


2016-09-28 00:58:39

Dang it please don't cancel. I've been waiting for this to come back - never missed on episode


2016-09-28 04:37:44


f u

2016-09-28 05:35:17

what the hell stop cancelling the good shows this is really pissing me off first u cancel tommorow people now this its to much i cant deal with this quit making my and a lot of other peoples lives miserable


2016-09-28 16:37:37

Thats about right yall always cancel the good ones. They have nothing but good responses and cancel it anyway.

Mickey Riley

2016-09-28 19:29:11

Why does CBS bring on good shows only to remove them????... You got rid of P.O.I. and now Limitless. If it wasn't for a few other shows I'd just stay on the cable channels.


2016-09-29 00:18:43

Why would you cancel limitless when it was a great show? Don't reason why doing at the ratings that you wanted could you didn't promote it. Give it another chance please and thank you


2016-09-29 06:26:40

Please bring back Limitless. It's one of the few shows I actually like on tv.

Tracy Butler

2016-09-29 08:13:55

PLZ Realease season 2! I loved season 1 and I am def addicted! I need a season 2 or i'll go crazay!


2016-09-30 12:10:03

I hope another network picks it up. That is a very good show.


2016-10-01 22:57:16

Love this show. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL!!!


2016-10-01 23:59:22

Bring it back one of the best shows ever in my opinion


2016-10-02 07:52:56

Me and my mother would love to see more episodes of this show!


2016-10-02 07:58:24

Comment (at least 5 characters)... one of the best don't cancel.


2016-10-03 06:32:17

Please bring back Limitless, it was one of THE BEST shows on. I looked forward to every episode. Ithe infuriates me that shows like this get canceled but the stupid reality shows continue season after season. An also stupid shows like Bob's Burgers is still on the air, WHY??????????????????????????? BRING BACK LIMITLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-10-03 21:50:50

Awesome show!!! Must have sesson 2


2016-10-03 18:42:35

You guys cancel all the good show especially the ones that dont have zombies. What you need to do is get rid of all that zombie crap... It sucks... walking dead people more like people on drugs big time...

Jim H

2016-10-04 03:41:02

Great show. One of my favorites. It showed a great adherence to the initial premiss with delightful and surprising developments. I never got bored for a second. Please, more seasons.


2016-10-04 07:52:04

I love the show and want it back!!

limitless fan #4756

2016-10-07 02:57:28



2016-10-07 19:14:07

I just completed watching the entire Season 1 of Limitless and I loved it. Please continue this show....


2016-10-07 20:47:52

PLEASEEEEEEEE continue with season 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 and on and cannot run out of episode material , the humor injected is GREAT !! no gore ..5 big stars


2016-10-07 23:56:07

I want more seasons on limitless


2016-10-08 09:16:36

Limitless should be continued, definitely! The endless entertainment that writers and artistic creators could mine from the premise of a drug that gives one unlimited access to all of their brain power, senses, and creativity is, well, limitless.


2016-10-10 01:34:28

I need season 2!!!


2016-10-10 08:34:28



2016-10-12 21:35:43

don't Cancel.!!Great show


2016-10-15 08:36:22

Limitless was very entertaining. Enjoyed the character development. Hope you will bring in season 2 soon.


2016-10-18 04:06:14

I honestly think there should be a second season the way they ended the first was not right to just leave it there


2016-10-18 07:28:28

Definitely deserves a season 2


2016-10-18 15:57:15

Of course I'm in love with the show

2016-10-18 19:45:54

Wating for limitless season 2 badly


2016-10-19 04:10:16

Bring on season 2! Limitless is such a great show. What is the hold up!


2016-10-20 02:41:59

The hubs and I always watch together...we enjoy it immensely. You must continue it.


2016-10-21 02:09:45

My family and I really enjoyed watching this show . It was always a show that my kids could watch and we could get a few good from.

Colton z

2016-10-22 13:28:11

Absolutely can't cancel this show. Limitless is by far the best series I've watched right next to breaking bad. Please continue the series!


2016-10-23 09:21:02

Yes definitely continue with season 2. This is an AWESOME show.


2016-10-24 01:09:58

I enjoyed the show- watched every episode. It is not War and Peace, but it's a fun time. Jerry


2016-10-26 02:00:54

Good show don't cancel


2016-10-28 06:31:41

YES, there should be a Season 2. This is/was one of the most intriguing shows on TV!


2016-10-29 13:31:41

Please release season 2 :( I love this drama

2016-10-31 06:02:48

Yes please release season 2!!!


2016-11-09 22:43:47

loved it bring limitless back i rate it a 10.


2016-11-10 21:57:08

Please make the show


2016-11-19 18:33:43

i think limitless should continue,,,they should jus release the episodes of season 2 limitless like its name lol


2016-12-01 04:08:09

It is a very good show 4.8 stars out of 5 please make another season


2016-12-12 23:34:34

Yes yes yes there must be a second series


2016-12-28 00:21:22

Why don't the producers just continue with another network many will jump at the chance and as long as they have the rights to their property they can continue where they left off with Fox,Netflix or any multinational network.


2016-12-31 19:14:20

I really enjoyed the show... I hope that it will continue , I hate when they bring out an excellent tv series and then cancel it with out a proper ending !!!!! this really hurts my feeling :(


2017-01-12 21:08:35

This show is great, I can't believe they cancelled this, it's unique, original, and not some dumb reality show that nobody even cares about. Please bring this show back, I want to see more!!!

awesome bro

2017-01-16 09:04:22

I want more limitless please


2017-01-20 20:01:07



2017-01-20 20:02:17

YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE WITH THE SHOW!!!!!!! I already lost the next season of The Following and Alcatraz! Stop canceling the good shows!!!


2017-01-22 07:02:50

I am very disappointed that there will now be any more seasons of Limitless! I just watched season 1 on Netflix and loved it. This always happens to me. I find something that I love and they stop making it!!! There are so many directions that show could have gone in if it had stayed on. Very, very disappointed!


2017-01-23 09:06:49

I cannot believe there's no season 2. I don't have cable. If I did I'd watch it. I only have Netflix and if it's not there I never get to see it.


2017-01-23 09:11:40

I guess CBS just wants to make shows for stupid people because Limitless is amazing and if they aren't getting the ratings it is for sure that there's simply more dumb people in the world than intelligent people. I saw a lady at the pool today with two kids under five while there was lightning, I bet they didn't cancel her favorite show.

Nic A.

2017-01-27 08:05:09

There is a petition on a web site to bring this show back! Everyone should go and sign it! Google it and you should be able to find it easily! I absolutely loved this show! 10 stars!!


2017-03-04 22:02:10

What's the website to sign to bring limitless back?


2017-10-12 23:02:05


2017-02-09 14:15:58

Is the season came down or not, I think it was the best series I've ever seen before


2017-02-13 01:14:57

Please bring this back! It's a great show on many levels. Even all the in your face and every scene blue colors. ;-) Seriously, I hope this returns! Proveit!


2017-02-18 08:05:40

Please I love this show, I was hooked by the third episode


2017-02-18 09:38:16

My husband and I really enjoy limitless its an Awesome show. Please bring it back tired of NCIS, CSI, LAW ORDER, ETC times........?


2017-03-01 00:34:01

Wonderful show. Would really love to watch another season


2017-03-02 01:24:41

Comment (at least 5 characters)... I love this show...its took about 10 minutes but I started to like the show ....that sucks!


2017-03-04 21:54:07

We need limitless season 2, my friends and family are very desperate to find out what happen next...please bring back limitless the series...for me it's been of the best series ever...

Joshua Blizard

2017-03-11 03:24:29

Man still wish they were making limitless season 2!

Joshua Blizard

2017-03-11 03:24:33

Man still wish they were making limitless season 2!


2017-03-18 14:21:24



2017-04-05 12:06:42

i want to get in touch with who ever made this TV show its truly amazing an i am interested in as why it was cancelled i would really like to see this TV show progress my opinion of course but shit who knows maybe theirs other people out their that enjoys limitless to...


2017-05-14 09:05:38

An original show like this must be continued. If CBS does not want to benefit from this show, sell it to SyFy.


2017-05-23 10:41:40

There definitely should be a season 2 like come on the ending cannot be with Brian coming back to the CJC & that just be it on the seasons...Bring Limitless Back!!!


2017-07-23 23:55:16

Eu quero uma segunda temporada dessa série incrível. Me sinto órfão sem ela.


2017-08-23 08:37:50

Please make and release more seasons of limitless didn't know of the show until I found it on Netflix great show. Give us fans some more please.


2017-08-23 08:51:01

I really think they should keep jake mcdorman keep Brian he is great. Love him would love to see him in the other seasons


2017-09-20 21:18:06

hey guys.....start making next season PLEASE


2017-09-28 02:26:36

please make the s2 of the show maybe even s3 it was a great show and so was the movie #continue


2017-10-12 23:04:52

I really hope that they change their minds about cancelling this show. One of the bests series I've ever seen. Sign the petition if you want it to come back!! Here is the link:


2017-10-25 14:11:48

Dude THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEASON 2 to bloody 4, at least. I cant handle it how there is always awesome tv show that aren't making the cut and putting in crap other tv shows that either is too dramatic which is really changing a lot of people by the way, into bitchey things which I won't name or call (Rebecca, you know who you are). Anyway had enough of the drama need more Syfy for fun entertainment. I do miss Grimm, Agent Carter, Stargate, Eureka, there's a list how about we just say that. Anyway yes need to keep a second season and then some please

Big head willy

2017-11-29 05:35:20

Bring a season 2


2017-12-12 14:46:25

Pls continue limitless


2018-01-17 14:24:40

I just want to understand where Edward Morra was gone


2018-02-25 20:13:01

Please make a season 2 of limitless


2018-02-28 08:39:29

I need another season !!!!! Pleaseeeee


2018-04-22 04:16:27

Good show, why do they always cancel the good shows... I hope this gets picked up.


2018-04-28 10:21:36

just discovered Limitless. Great show. Crazy CBS cancelled it!!! Bring it back.


2018-05-05 04:20:09

continue the show maby netflix could pick it up


2018-05-13 17:44:34

Your reasoning for not renewing this show was defective! That is okay, its not to late you can still come to your senses. Now bring it back! please...


2018-05-31 17:06:51

Awaitng in anticipation for Limitless Series 2 to return onto Netflix


2018-09-27 22:40:29

The last episode of season 1 require a season 2. Dont leave us with a big question mark!


2018-11-01 06:57:16



2018-12-05 00:38:11

This is one of those slow-burning shows that gets better with age. Netflix or someone should DEFINITELY pick it up for another season. Why? B/c here I am watching Season 1 three years later and I just couldn't believe it when I just looked and saw there wasn't another season. It's fantastic. It needs to be continued!


2019-01-09 21:19:13

please bring back season 2 brilliant show absolutely loved it.


2019-05-05 15:56:31

Please make more. We love Brian


2019-05-27 05:11:59

This is why I hate watching shows on regular tv. Especially the big three networks. This is why streaming channels are gaining so much too. CBS sucks

Duffy McWayne

2019-08-01 03:08:53

This show should have continued. Bring Piper into Brian's life as the duo world savers.


2020-02-23 06:35:32

Loved this show. Would be very put out if they don't make any more seasons. Y'all have got fans waiting for more, please get things figured out for more seasons.
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