Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell season 2

Original name: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell season 2
Duration: 60 min.
Cast: Bertie Carvel, Eddie Marsan, Marc Warren, Alice Englert, Samuel West, Charlotte Riley
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Country: United Kingdom
TV channel: BBC One HD
Original release:

About TV show Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell season 2

The new fantasy TV project of British production has premiered late this on the UK’s network BBC One. The basis for this outstanding television story has become a novel featuring the same title by Susanna Clarke. Peter Harness, the author of the series, used the best-selling book to create his television project.

The history setting is England in its early years of 19th century, when magic was practiced pretty rarely, although widely acknowledged. We observe the early times of Industrial Revolution and in the canvas of the events watch the main characters as the storyline of the series follows them.

The premiere of first seven episodes of season 1 kicked off in the UK, and in summer 2015 they were released in the USA as well.

The initial viewers’ reviews say that the project has managed to grasp the novel’s flavor.

Do you consider the series a good adaptation of the book? Have you been truly enjoying its first season? Then you must be expecting season two of it. Unfortunately, there is no information about the project’s fate so far, thus the renewal of it and premiere date is yet to be announced by BBC One. Get back later to know all recent updates on the series!

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Jerkface McGee

2015-10-30 05:03:33

Did a f*cking bot write this worthless stub? There's no information here whatsoever.


2015-11-16 03:03:07

One of my favorite show this year. Good FX for a tv show


2015-11-17 12:00:57

The most original, and remarkable to series that I've ever seen. I demand for season 2, please. Congratulations to the whole cast of JS&Mr. Norrell.


2015-11-20 00:21:15

I thoroughly enjoyed the show; have it on my DVR and watched all episodes at least twice. In the S1 finale, it was definitely set up for an S2. Would enjoy watching an S2!

Duncan McLeod

2015-12-09 01:29:50

Surely most of it. Only the series descriptions seems to be copied human written content from somewhere. Sadly more and more sites take this path... the net gets spammed by bot content.


2015-12-30 01:23:08

Please please bring us another season. I so enjoyed this show and really look forward to another round!!!


2016-02-02 06:56:41

This was a totally amazing series...actors, productions values, fantastical storyline...all top notch ...better than Sherlock and for that matter Game of figure out how to make it happen please


2016-02-09 00:46:20

I love the mini series I can hardly wait for season 2. I thought it was coming back this past January. I keep waiting.


2016-02-17 10:30:52

the serious is my favorite besides Dr Who and Sherlock.


2016-03-31 22:42:18

Johnathin Strange and Mr. Norrell must continue onward


2016-04-03 01:33:22

Most intriguing sci if show out . I demand a season 2


2016-04-25 20:34:54

At first I found it lagging,but then I started to get interested and then had to watch the series through. Now I am anticipating another season. Hopefully it will be soon.


2016-07-15 03:03:19

I want MORE Johnathan Strange and Mr Morrell. Please!


2016-07-19 18:06:04

I don't have facebook so can't vote. Maybe lots more like me! Would vote to see the series continue though!


2016-09-01 03:46:15

great series!!! want more!!! just finished the first 7 on netflx looking for season 2 and 3,4....


2016-09-04 07:34:41

I've watched three episodes so far and love it. I hope it will return soon. I will definitely watch it.


2016-09-05 07:15:15

I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1, and I am very much looking forward to Season 2. The effects, the acting, the scenery, the cinematography are all excellent. I can hardly wait for another magical season!


2016-09-11 09:48:51

Please do all to support the creation of a second season. These characters and actors have a successful creation going. Please Susanna Clarke, allow a team to help you scale the metaphorical Mount Everest and leave a terrific contribution to the arts. Thanks.


2016-09-11 20:15:39

Watch season one.....its fantastic. you'll want to see more!


2016-09-19 22:04:01

CAfter seeing Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Season one I would really hope to see a Season Two.


2016-09-23 22:09:24

I really enjoyed season 1 of Jonathan strange Mr Norrell I hope that there's a season 2 can't wait to see what happens next


2016-09-24 06:17:49

Loved season 1 & want to see more!


2016-11-01 05:49:56

Would really like to see a series two of Jonathan trange and Mr.Norrell. I hope there is going to be one. Comment (at least 5 characters)...
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