Haven season 6 release date - Cancelled

Original name: Haven season 6
Duration: 42 min.
Seasons: 5
Cast: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Nicholas Campbell
Genre: Drama, Science Fiction
Country: Canada
TV channel: Syfy, Showcase
Original release:

About TV show Haven season 6

About TV show Haven season 6

In a small town called Haven arrives agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Audrey Parker. It will have to investigate the mysterious death of a former criminal. Like all women Audrey different natural curiosity, and thanks to which was in the middle of an unusual company that combines people have abilities.

Haven season 6 release date


Haven is an American-Canadian supernatural drama television series loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid (2005).

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Eglentina lushaj

2016-05-01 01:09:38

I just finished watching all 5 sessions please bring it it back haven is a wonderful tv show


2016-07-11 16:26:57

I agree best ever♡♡♡


2016-06-04 08:49:34

Comment (at least 5 characters)...please bring haven back


2016-06-06 18:40:00

Bring back haven im addicted to it plz bring it back


2016-06-30 15:18:17

Please bring back season 6 I love it!


2016-07-11 16:22:48

I have whatched over a million series and Haven stil stayed the best and will always be the best that is whey they must make more


2016-07-11 16:24:31

The best series ever it makes my day, it takes you from your world an transports you to a world where everything is amazing and incredible!!! I love this story so much a will watch it a thousand times over;) please make more a can't live without it a have many people who say there must be more episodes made. The characters is good the storyline is also good, everyone has something new to say everyday and that is whey the auther must go on:) very good if a would give a vote nummer out of 10 it would be 10, beacaus the story is not boring it is exciting, every rol every character has it's own whey of doing something and that is great. Love the story♡ The next episode must go on to Mara's past or about William beacaus nothing happend to William. Love it a have 67 family members who say yes to another seoson


2016-07-11 16:38:33

If anyone finds something out please get your friends to also leave posts whe need alot of people to vote please help us to get our Haven back!!!!!! I beg everyone to leave a good comment abd whey you say it's the best series ever!!! I have not whatched 76 episode to know i will never see it again, nooooo!!!! Please help us get it back!!!♡♡♡ Thanks for everyone who leaves a post. ;) ;) :) :)***


2016-09-02 21:58:11

I just finished watching all seaons on Netflix. Please bring this show back as it was wonderful and a suspense each episode. I love this show.


2016-09-13 21:22:11

I absolutely love Haven. Incredible show and I am not usually into shows like this.


2016-09-14 08:49:49

Bring back Haven!!!!


2016-09-15 05:42:15

Bring haven back please. This show has impacted my life a lot and I don't want them to stop it please. It is the best series I have watched


2016-09-17 20:58:44

omg just finished all seasons and I want more so much more PLEASE bring them back........


2016-09-18 03:50:13

Please give me more Haven!


2016-09-23 00:37:32

Haven is great please continue Haven there is a lot of potential with continuing seasons of Haven every episode can deal with one or multiple troubles there are a lot of potential with the characters and I don't know how many years it's been but it seems also to be a cult classic I love the Sci-Fi to the plot now we could even go into other rooms we can continue the story line with William because he just dropped off the Earth and there are just so many directions the show could take.... Audrey Parker could now have the ability to wield magic and make troubles for good to come back troubles for evil we can go into as I said other Realms we could continue the story line with William and how William turns good again because he was bad and then that's three guys all fighting for Audrey's affections there is just so much to do in the world of Haven I really think that that would be a great series for the Syfy network or somebody else to continue making seasons of or even writing books I believe that it could go in many directions go animated go in books screenplays at least wrap it up for those of us who have been watching I hate how all the good shows like this are just dropped and left hanging like The 4400 all the shows with people with supernatural abilities just seem to in Supernatural objects just seemed to drop off and get cancelled I think that there's just not enough people that watch him on network TV but then people come back to him like a cult classic and end up watching and they're great please finish the show please


2016-10-30 11:03:03

Exactly. I totally agree. There are so many ways this can play out now. And with the mom there it can make it interesting.


2016-09-29 07:26:03

Please bring back HAVEN i would love to see more series im hooked on this show


2016-10-06 07:39:10

I so much want Haven back! I love the show and the characters were awesome! Please don't cancel it!

Diane wilson-hunt

2016-10-08 20:28:00

PLEASEEEEEE... bring back haven for season 6...Pleaseeeee...!!!!!!!


2016-10-09 02:26:40

You just can't leave us hanging like that!!!! What happens next??? We NEED to know!!!!!!


2016-10-10 17:49:23

This was a show I could sit down and watch with my whole family. That's a rare find these days! Please bring Haven back!

Tammy Sanders

2016-10-10 23:46:13

Stop talking the good shows away


2016-10-11 09:55:29


Samantha Last

2016-10-13 08:54:40

Haven is the best show I have seen, since Breaking Bad and Weeds. It always left me wanting more and not knowing, what was coming next!! YOU CANNOT LEAVE US HANGING WITH, HOW YOU ENDED SEASON 5!! YOU MUST BRING IT BACK!! I am so tired of these played out television shows. I do not even watch TV anymore, because of the lameness of it all. If you are going to end a show, end it right or carry on with a new season. Do the right thing. Release a new season!


2016-10-13 23:03:20

More Haven please. This is a really good show and I want more...I'm sick of all the reality TV shows taking over....We need Haven!!!


2016-10-14 20:00:44

You have to make another season!


2016-10-18 06:49:30

I have been binge-watching Haven on Netflix for the last 3 weeks. I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE WILL BE NO MORE EPISODES. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.


2016-10-18 16:56:05

Jist finished season 5. Pleaseeee! It needs to continue for season 6


2016-10-20 03:50:39

Please bring haven back!! Finished all 5 seasons awhile ago and have been waiting for a season 6 Best show ever!


2016-10-22 03:36:42

Bring haven back!


2016-10-23 10:17:28

Please don't stop the show. It's one of the best. It has everything some one could ask for in a TV series, like comedy, action, mystery, suspense. I love Aubrey and Nathans and dukes characters. Sincerely Tiffany bottoms Ur main fan


2016-10-26 17:47:59

Please bring haven back


2016-10-30 09:31:34

I I can't believe that haven was cancelled. I have been watching the show since the beginning and it I watch it every Saturday evening. I wish season six would come back on air. I really enjoy. As I said I watch it every Saturday night on CBS. I look forward to seeing the show and it's one of the better shows that I have seen. I'm glad Channel 2 CBS in my area Chicago picked it up it's a phenomenal show. I think it's well-written and it's great. I don't know what else to say. I don't know what I would watch if you cancel it. Please make season 6. It's a great show. Karen


2016-10-30 11:01:00

Oh my gosh best show ever. I couldn't stop watching it. I need another season. It can't just end like that. What happens now that all those people got infected with a trouble and now can't no one leave. I have to know.

kelsey and gina

2016-10-31 18:12:58

Please bring back haven my mom and I don't have much in common but this we do. So please bring it back if only for season and seven. We need to know it Duke lives. We both are madly in love with him.


2016-11-05 02:08:14

I don't usually watch TV Series but this Series caught my interest. You can't leave us hanging like this. Run Season 6


2016-11-06 04:17:52

Please please please bring back Haven!!!!


2016-11-06 04:19:34

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... bring back Haven! My family is so disappointed at it came to a close. We need more shows like this! Love it!


2016-11-06 09:43:48

An utterly fantastic series, with an amazing cast, that never fails to entertain. There are so many angles yet to be explored, allowing the story to be expanded upon exponentially. ANY network would be lucky to pick up this wonderful storyline.


2016-11-10 07:25:44

WOW... can't believe SciFi left everyone HANGING!!! How about some CLOSER!!!

Sherri bustillos

2016-11-10 07:50:40

Okay well if your not bringing it back then atleast send all characters to my house in NC, so we can pretend to make season 6 and i can make my own happy endin lol


2016-11-15 00:34:29

Please bring haven back!! Must see what happens next cause that is not something that comes easily to one's imagination!!


2016-11-20 08:13:04

Can you release season 6 of Haven, please!!!


2016-11-21 03:39:21

Please bring season 6 of "Haven" back it is an addicting series & very entertaining. Many Netflix customers like this series deserve the type of entertainment that they enjoy. Thanks.


2016-11-26 02:10:23

BRING HAVEN BACK!!!! I'm ready for Season 6!!!


2016-11-26 05:50:54

I really Love Haven!!!!!.. I am seriously bummed that the release date for season 6 is being canceled.. what happened.. I know a Lot of people that I've told about this series have loved it as well... however being new viewers they don't know it's in danger of being canceled, Please don't cancel this show... we viewers have our fave characters and it's just an all around great series... Thanks... Larai


2016-12-05 19:12:40

i cant believe it ended the way it did left us with more questions than answers

Sara G

2016-12-07 16:30:20

Just finished watching all 5 seasons. This show was totally addictive. Understandably, all good things must come to an end or else they just drag on an loose their oopmf. :) Wouldn't mind one last season though so we can see the town go trouble free!


2016-12-10 04:02:41

Just finished watching the show, this show was awesome just like supernatural. Please make more seasons.. this show is everything


2017-01-04 05:01:32

please bring haven back cant wait to see season 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori gray

2017-01-04 17:33:33

This is one of the best shows ever. I need more of this show now .


2017-01-21 04:57:55

Please bring it back I loved it SO MUCH. It is AWESOME


2017-01-21 23:08:08

So good strain 5 b just got to Netflix


2017-01-27 05:55:55

I loved every episode of every season of Haven. Would love to see it continue


2017-01-27 07:16:25

I loved that show I really think they should bring it back it's so awesome


2017-02-21 07:31:39

Yes please bring haven back love that show and always well watch it


2017-03-11 10:10:32

I'm waiting for season 6 of Haven. Hurry please.


2017-04-24 18:45:32

I love this series one of the best I have ever watched!!! Pls bring it back, channel 28 should pick this up

I love haven

2017-05-01 12:16:19

Is it possible to bring back Haven PLEASE it can't end that way


2017-05-07 16:32:18

Please bring back Haven it was an amasing series with every character being important never getting boring and always leaving you wanting the next episode asap!


2017-08-25 11:48:33

You cant leave the HAVEN fans hanging!! Please release Season 6


2018-01-11 21:23:52

Bring back Haven !!!!


2018-08-13 22:16:26

Just finished watching the last episode; Haven is incredible, original, and faithful. Need new advertisement for season 6 to continue, plus the show needs Duke.


2018-09-04 05:07:44

Please consider season 6 of Haven. It's wonderful.


2019-03-16 10:03:14

Please make more seasons of Haven, it's a great show, no cussing, or nudity.


2019-04-03 00:23:37

Please bring Haven back it's a great show, I'm on the last season and I can't wait to see season 6. Come on bring on season 6.
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