Grimm season 6 release date - January 6, 2017

Original name: Grimm season 6
Duration: 43 min.
Cast: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: NBC
Original release:

About TV show Grimm season 6

About TV show Grimm season 6

Waiting for the fifth season was prolonged. NBC announced the continuation in February 2015. We hope that Season 5 will be announced before. Ratings show well and fans love to Grimm. Each season consists of 22 episodes, which revealed another case. The main character is constantly faced with new mystic creatures.

Grimm season 6 Plot

It was once a crime. The famous fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, the parents tell their children before going to sleep are not mere stories, but factual warnings. One day, Detective Nick Burckhardt (David Giuntoli) has to learn this. Whowolves who kidnap little girls are not a legend, but the reality and he can see the mysterious creatures that camouflage themselves as normal humans, but he is a descendant of a line of monster hunters, the so-called Grimms. After Nick receives this incredible news from his dying aunt (Kate Burton) and becomes more aware of his new manifestations, he and his partner Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) and the good-natureed werewolf Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) Fight on.

Grimm season 6 release date

January 6, 2017

October 30, 2015 released the fifth season of a great police procedural fantasy series Grimm. It debuted in the U.S. on NBC (The Night Shift season 3) on October 28, 2011.

Season 6 Schedule:



Original air date

Season 6 Episode 13 TBA March 31, 2017
Season 6 Episode 12 Zerstörer Shrugged March 24, 2017
Season 6 Episode 11 Where the Wild Things Were March 17, 2017
Season 6 Episode 10 Blood Magic March 10, 2017
Season 6 Episode 9 Tree People March 3, 2017
Season 6 Episode 8 The Son Also Rises February 24, 2017
Season 6 Episode 7 Blind Love February 17, 2017
Season 6 Episode 6 Breakfast in Bed February 10, 2017
Season 6 Episode 5 The Seven Year Itch February 3, 2017
Season 6 Episode 4 El Cuegle January 27, 2017
Season 6 Episode 3 Oh Captain, My Captain January 20, 2017
Season 6 Episode 2 Trust Me Knot January 13, 2017
Season 6 Episode 1 Fugitive January 6, 2017

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2015-11-11 00:27:04

He drove me to depression..

Angela Casini

2015-12-15 20:09:41

Please renew Grimm! It's an awesome show with a serious fan base! I personally can speak for at least 4 other friends, that we will all keep watching! Bring on Season 6! You won't regret it! Thanks for your consideration!

Cindy Smith

2015-12-15 21:15:02

Love this show! I usually can't stand science fiction stuff. I never miss Grimm.


2015-12-15 22:56:32

Looking forward to season 5 of Grimm.. soon please. Love it!!!

Linda Call

2015-12-16 05:14:11

Grimm is the ONLY network series I watch. I could care less about zombies or reality shows. Please keep Grimm going.


2015-12-20 05:01:28



2015-12-23 05:41:07

Please renew Grimm. It's a great series with wonderful twists and turns. The characters are great thanks to the magnificent writers. This old lady will be totally bummed if the show is not renewed.

Wiley Woody

2016-01-10 12:33:51

I'll be pissed if Grmm doesn't air 2016!!!!!! I definitely want season 6!!!!!!!!!!


2016-01-11 06:43:22

Really if we have to support Juliette another 5 seasons would be best get a worthy ending now and cancell that thing. she´s ruining everything, just is here because she says she´s amazing and is dating with the main actor. see this character again is a kind of punishment. i am starting to hate the series. she will bring bad luck, i can feel it.


2016-03-06 18:03:56

i dont particularly like Juliette and i do ship nadalind but as long as the show continues for more seasons its all that matters but i also REALLY want adalind and nick to stay together


2016-01-12 18:14:02

please let there be season 6 of the grimm.. i would definitely watch it.. looking forward to watch this great movie.


2016-01-14 11:54:41

Love Grimm. We are 67. Keep this show in the air!


2016-08-16 19:09:14

So am I. And I love it too.


2016-01-15 05:48:13

I love this show and can hardly wait for the next one. Every time.


2016-02-13 08:56:53

Love Grimm keep the show going


2016-02-13 12:32:51

will it continueis going to happen to trouble and the grimm?


2016-02-15 06:35:11

I hope Grimm continues to entertain us with their intense, exciting , weird storylines.


2016-02-19 20:47:51

Please do not cancel Grimm.


2016-02-20 10:38:39

Grimm rules! Love Grimm! Give us more Grimm!


2016-02-22 05:24:32

Absolutely love this show, the cast is tremendous...have never missed an episode as we are sitting here watching season 1 again on Amazon Fire...this is a program that never lets you down, you always want more!


2016-02-27 01:36:18

Please renew the G DRrimm series . My wife and I love it!

Little woman

2016-02-27 03:21:10

Grimm is the only show on NBC that is worth watching


2016-02-27 05:20:24

Please!!!!!! Season 6. Look forward to Friday night just because of Grimm. Would rather stay home and watch than go out. Okay or go out after.


2016-02-28 17:51:03

Can't live without my Grimm!!! Please renew..


2016-11-26 08:52:03

I love Grimm and I am9


2016-03-06 06:08:13

I love to see the different creatures and what's happening next. Especially with Nick being a Grimm and Adeiline, and what their baby is going to be Iike as far as beige Grimm to or will he be like hat is Mother was. Love it. It's one of my favorite shows on TV


2016-03-06 18:00:26

i am in love with this show its the best thing ever i ship nadalind soooo much and the show is amazing i really hope that there will be like 100 seasons and i know a lot of people who will keep watching

carole bogart

2016-03-12 17:26:18

please renew grimm. One of the best shows on tv.


2016-03-16 01:54:28

best programme ever need season 6 there's no other like it :)


2016-03-18 08:08:04

Please renew this series, is so different an more Adalid Shade


2016-03-18 17:50:39

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2016-03-21 15:59:09

Please renew Grimm, we in Nigeria love it, the storyline is just too perfect and the stunt coordination is awesome...


2016-03-22 15:38:47

This is an excellent show. My Family & I have watched this great show & great Actor's from the beginning. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE GRIMM OFF.


2016-03-22 15:47:10

Please do not take GRIMM of the Air. Please renew it for season 6. season & more. My family & I love this show. Great Actor's & Actress's & ONE OF THE ONLY GREAT FAMILY SHOW'S. Thank You.


2016-03-23 02:58:06

I need my Grimm fix....please keep this going!


2016-03-23 18:27:56

Please notify me when Season 6 of Grimm returns. Tks.


2016-03-26 05:13:49

Give the chance for Grimm for season 6. I LOVE this show.


2016-03-27 23:47:27

please continue the of the best i have watched so far


2016-03-29 23:36:41

Please renew Grimm I've watched every single episode Can't imagine life without my weekly fix of Grimm!!


2016-03-31 04:32:42

please make another season of grimm


2016-03-31 21:03:20

PLEASE bring Grimm back for Season 6!!! My husband and I are SO hooked on it. We've never missed a single episode, and have watched several episodes many times. We just love it. It's our favorite show.


2016-04-07 04:39:31

Awsome Series Keep The Grimm Going the more series the better & more exciting it gets i love it please don't end it , I look forward each & every week to sitting back & relaxing & watching The Grimm they are all wonderful


2016-04-07 04:39:31

Awsome Series Keep The Grimm Going the more series the better & more exciting it gets i love it please don't end it , I look forward each & every week to sitting back & relaxing & watching The Grimm they are all wonderful


2016-04-24 20:06:13

I am one of grimm series fan and i hope season 6 will be aired soon.. Fan from Malaysia


2016-05-06 17:29:20

Looking forward to season 6 in October! Hopefully, less Juliette and more Adalind.


2016-05-12 22:00:43

I love this show and I hope it comes on for another season!

Michael Sutton

2016-05-18 13:28:31

Grimm is a great series, with an excellent story line. It's much better than AMC's TWD. It gives me something to watch on Friday nights besides the same old tired shows that are currently being aired. You can't build it up to the level of the storyline to just rip it out from under us. If you want to keep the ratings up for NBC I suggest you keep this series alive. This series brought me back to network tv. I had lost the desire to watch the local channels until Grimm came out. KEEP IT GOING!! Way too good a show to cancel it.


2016-05-21 07:22:05

I love this show, I even got my mother (72 years old) hooked on this show and she does not like syfy/fantasy type shows. She looks forward to Fridays, just so we can watch GRIMM. I believe this show will be popular as long as you keep renewing it! I don't like the fact that there will only be 13 episodes. That sucks, I feel cheated.


2016-05-21 10:09:41

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Love this show. I watch so much scifi drama, I wasn't going to watch Grimm, now I can't get enough. Please don't cancel. Supernatural is good, but I'm starting to get burnt out on them. Bring season 6 on for "Grimm"!


2016-05-22 05:35:54

grimm is an asome action pack tv series. :)


2016-05-22 09:01:21

I absolutely love Grimm! Cannot wait for seasn 6 to begin! So hope nick and adalind get back together and have a happy family with kelly...need to loose that pyscho child diana! Bet juliette is no longer a hexenbiest and this will cause trouble. And whT about renard? Will he come to his senses and help nick and his followers clean mm up portland.....stop all this black claw crap...too bad they could not use the stick to bring meisner back to life...him Nd juliette would have been good couple....wait and see!!


2016-05-22 13:14:41

I absolutely LOVE Grimm! It is by far my favorite show on earth!

Barbara Bannister

2016-05-23 04:50:59

Love the show have all the. Episode a can't wait to see what happens with that stick. When will it return.


2016-05-23 17:16:45

Almost depressed when fri. Comes &no Grimm, we wait anxiously for it all wk.


2016-05-24 04:33:38

Love Grimm


2016-05-25 09:13:52

Umm you best keep Grimm going, all the reality shows are poisoning tv. Please keep this show going, because there isn't much left to watch! Plus this show is AWESOME! I seriously give it 5 stars. I would give anything to meet the cast. They put on an amazing show. Double thumbs up to the cast. You guys ROCK!

muhammad amirul hakim

2016-05-28 11:24:14

like it


2016-05-29 19:09:14

looking forward to season6 in October....I really love this series ...


2016-06-02 00:33:38

The grimm series has been excellent from series one to series five really looking forward to future series and can't wait for grimm 6. Should definitely be higher in the ratings than supernatural as is far superior both in content and originality


2016-06-02 02:12:30

Please renew grimm for season 6 I just recently started watching the show and think it's fabulous and wonderful something different something new please please please renew it


2016-06-02 15:38:53

Is W the best channel for such a superb programme ?


2016-06-03 01:00:47

Comment (at least 5 characters)...awesome show please keep it going have some of the movies!!!


2016-06-06 05:26:04

I want as much of grim as you can produce


2016-06-06 07:53:51

Love Grimm this is the only Show that I ever found interesting to watch every season and every episode please bring out season 6 its at a really exciting point you can't stop now when you have so so many fans crazy about this so please please please bring out season 6..... Waiting anxiously along with I am sure thousands of more fans


2016-06-08 18:53:48

I love this show!!!!

Jay dean Fanai

2016-06-10 04:36:53

Grimm is definitely a decent series.I am looking forward for season 6 ..I can't miss..

Jay dean Fanai

2016-06-10 04:37:42

Grimm is definitely a decent series.I am looking forward for season 6 ..I can't miss..


2016-06-13 17:00:22

must be renewed. only reason I watch tv


2016-06-14 19:44:06

is the season 6 ready?


2016-06-14 13:21:02

I can't wait intill season 6 of grimm to come out. Please hurry up with season 6. I wanna see it so baddly.


2016-06-18 02:14:49

When does Grimm season 6 start


2016-06-20 05:45:45

I love the show Grimm, I look forward for season 6

Denise Howard

2016-06-20 23:15:48

I love the show Grimm. Ya'll are always canceling these shows. Like Heros reborn. That one didn't even get a chance. One season & it was over. My cchildren & grandchildren love Grimm. Please don't cancel

Steve pruet

2016-06-30 05:34:14

I look forward to each episode of Grimm every week!! I would hate to see it taken off the air!

Kit Morris

2016-07-01 17:47:21

Love,love love


2016-07-03 01:15:19

Let me say the best frickin' tv show ever! Something different and enticing every episode;something to not get tired of. I love the idea of Juliette and nick together even though she put nick through hell but it was not her fault and we all can see she never stop loving or caring for Nick.I think people need to remember Juliette and Nick together from the beginning.However, Adalind is not a favorite.I like the change in her, the passion between her and Nick but the way Nick looks at Juliette its beyond passion,its to die for....


2016-08-03 23:39:50

I do agree with you.


2016-08-04 06:54:43

I do agree with you.


2016-07-05 14:03:42

I live in south africa and we love grimm!!!!


2016-07-05 21:48:27

Love this show. I named my first born Adalind she will be one next month


2016-07-10 11:19:14

I'm amazed at how addicted I am to this show... It pulled me in from the beginning and I can't get enough. Even now, I am making my way through each season again waiting anxiously for season 6 to begin. I love cop and investigation shows and this one has a twist that keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for more. I'm really hoping that we get more than 13 episodes for season 6.


2016-07-13 13:18:43

Pls pls pls...?!! Bring me Grimm Season6...


2016-07-18 23:42:12

I really can't wait for Grimm season 6, all of my family and friends can't wait either. What going to happen to Nick and Juliette and Hank. Also is Roselee going to have a baby? Is Eve going to stay or is Juliette back for good. What's up with Renard? So many questions. ..


2016-07-20 01:05:58

Please keep Grimm going. I have never been so addicted to TV series such as this one.....I always say I need to get my Gimm in...please don't cancel.


2016-07-20 14:47:50

I love this series so much, I watch it over and over again. I don't think adalind and nick should stay together. But if Juliet remains a hexonbeast, then so be it. Wonder what's gonna happen between nick and Sean Renard. And has the black claw organization been over with since the suppose leader is dead?????? Can't wait for season 6


2016-07-24 05:53:56

I can't imagine the show ening.


2016-07-24 08:43:31

I'm looking forward to seeing season 6of Grimm when does it come on


2016-07-26 06:49:26

C'mon now y'all- Grimm has to be renewed! Its SO different, unique, well acted & just plain awesome. One of the handful of shows I watch regularly. One of the only ones worth watching regularly. Dont make us go all wessen on you!


2016-07-27 06:45:23

I love this tv show every minute of it


2016-07-27 12:45:18

dont cancel. love it. less melodrama for season 6, pls?


2016-07-28 20:52:38

do not shorten the number of episodes of grimm that would be dumb best show on tv and don't want it sortened


2016-08-07 21:20:55

I love the show.Haven´t missed a single episode.


2016-08-08 03:18:52

Please keep my "GRIMM". I can't wait for the new season.

2016-08-11 11:48:27

Please release the season 6 am so much eager to finish the movie


2016-08-12 17:55:04

please renew grimm season 6 because my family love this show.i hope nick got new power in season 6..


2016-08-14 21:37:14

Great show can't wait to see what happens next, I love the unusal


2016-08-15 02:58:07

I love watching Grimm, I hope it goes on a few more years


2016-08-17 08:30:52

love the show, can't wait for season 6 to start!

Galen Richter

2016-08-18 01:21:18

Great series with plenty of twists and turns and story lines. Don't make season 6 the last season.


2016-08-18 10:34:33

I agree with Dasha I too want him to stay with adalind after all she is just being a mother protecting her children. SOooo wating anxiously for season 6☺


2016-08-18 10:37:21

I agree with Dasha I too really hope he stays with adalind.. they make a cute pair. ☺


2016-08-19 15:58:55

I'm 63 of only a handful I watch on prime stations. Love it. Can't wait for return...

Love the show

2016-08-23 20:20:19

Great writers, awesome storyline thru different reality.


2016-09-03 03:12:34

This is the only show I WAIT FOR all week. Great show, fun to watch, I am entertained can't say that about to many shows


2016-09-06 14:19:20

its great i,m hoping it will come soon i love it


2016-09-06 21:15:51

Love Love this show, when is it starting again? Best show ever and hopefully will continue for a very long time.


2016-09-06 22:20:55

Please keep Grimm!!!!!

David douglas

2016-09-08 21:28:51

I would like to know about Grimm season 6 will it continue the old actors cause I don't want new ones

2016-09-09 10:12:04

Grimm season 6 should be release cos that is the best series in tv history so nick let the director release it iam from south african and grimm is the best u cant stop shooting seasons


2016-09-09 20:48:23

Grimm has to come back on its AWESOME !!!!!! I can hardly wait please let it be soon. I'm going thru Grimm withdrawals ... LOL... Really missing the Grimm bring it back soon


2016-09-12 14:51:26

I definitely wanna watch renew show. Grimm and juliette couldve steady together


2016-09-15 05:39:37

This has become my favorite how. Hope it's renewed.


2016-09-18 00:02:42

we love Grimm! never miss an episode. please renew the show.


2016-09-18 05:38:54

Grimm is my favorite show, I make sure my Friday night is free to watch it. Haven't missed an episode yet.

Greg Kleisley

2016-09-19 20:14:42

I'm really hooked on Grimm. It's a great series. I will be really angry with CBS if they cancel it. CBS sent Supergirl to the CW. We don't get the CW on Dish network.


2016-09-21 02:32:10

I'm jonesing for more Grim! I can watch them over and over! Best series ever!!!


2016-10-03 19:50:26

Love this show, please renew. My family and I have watched since it first aired.


2016-10-03 22:52:06

Comment (at least 5 characters)...why on earth would you cancel a great program like Grimm . Its the ONLY program that I look forward to watching every week. Can you not even show the reruns at least PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


2016-10-04 16:46:12

This is our favorite show. We even watch the reruns everyday at dinner time. Hurt's to see such a fun and entertaining show taken off the air. Hope they change their minds.


2016-10-05 03:06:24

Please don't end Grimm I really really really love this show!!! Keep tgem coming waiting on Season6 on pins and needles!!


2016-10-07 08:07:25

I want my show back now people luv the grimm


2016-10-08 04:01:38

why in heaven's name would you take Grimm off the air, this is my absolute favorite tv show. It seem's like everytime i get into a good show with everything thrill's chill's laughter some high freken big wig decides to take it off i am giving up all i see are cop shows hospital show's nothing like this has been seen on tv and i am in so mad season six and off the air hate this crap


2016-10-09 16:38:48

I am 71 years old and can't wait for Grimm to start again. It is the one show that I stay up to watch. I also watch all the reruns. Can't get enough of the series.


2016-10-12 19:32:42

Looking forward to the 6th season of Grimm, love the series.


2016-10-13 02:16:25

I love the show ... it's awesome


2016-10-15 11:27:50

I'm so eager for season 6 to start. I just love the show


2016-10-16 09:32:50

Love Grimm. I never miss an episode,can't wait for the new season.

gary lee

2016-10-18 20:55:30

Great program. Not your typical horror movie. One of my top 3!


2016-10-22 05:00:05

I love Grimm , please bring on season 6!!!


2016-10-22 05:06:05

Love Grimm, bring it back. Waiting on Season 6!!!!!


2016-10-25 17:41:08

Love this show. Bring it back


2016-10-27 05:51:49

Please Continue GRIMN !!!!!


2016-10-28 00:24:53

Love Grimm! Has been set on my dvr since day 1. Impatiently waiting for its return.


2016-10-29 18:04:51

I love Grimm. Once I got hooked (season one show three) I look for my weekly fix of great TV!


2016-11-05 02:23:12

Love the show. Its a unique show. Though I do think that having Juliette be a quote "bad guy" iswgen the series started losing ratings.


2016-11-07 07:47:21

Please do not cancel GRIMM After season 6, it is a wonderful Show that me and my Family love. If you do not want to make it anymore is there a chance you could sell the show intact to another Network do we can still watch the Show we all Love so much !!!!


2016-11-15 17:23:19

My family and I simply love this show! The possibilities for new and always interesting plots and story lines are endless! Please keep this show going!


2016-12-13 02:07:18

Comment Can't wait!!!!

crystal harmony

2016-12-25 23:19:17

I love Grimm, been waiting for the 6th season for some time now....looking forward to it


2017-01-04 22:47:04

please do not cancel grimm best show on Friday night and I would not be happy if you cancel it


2017-01-06 18:21:19

I love Grim and I look forward to the new season. It is so awesome!


2017-01-08 01:31:55

I'm 77, my wife 80, we love Grimm, please continue.


2017-02-11 20:37:36

This is the best show on TV I keep watching 1 to 5 over and over and over again thanks for keeping it going


2017-02-20 02:57:59

I love this show. I been watching from the premiere religiously. Please keep the show going.


2017-02-26 14:23:55

Love the show heard it might go off please do not take off have watched from the very beginning.


2017-03-26 17:26:52

Love Grimm!! Friday nights will never be the same.


2017-04-08 00:27:32

Comment (at least 5 characters)...WE love this show and are so sad that the series finale just played. I bought one of the three books the show was written from but the show is actually better than the book. Hope there is a season 7, nothing of use is left on TV. We do NOT watch reality shows.


2017-05-05 05:40:05

I cannot believe you ended this show after season 6. This is my favourite and also the favourite of many, many others. Shame on you! Maybe you could sell it to another network channel that could continue this series. AMB
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