Grey's Anatomy season 13 release date - September 22, 2016

Original name: Grey's Anatomy season 13
Duration: 43 min.
Cast: Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr
Genre: Comedy, Melodrama
Country: USA
TV channel: ABC
Original release:

About TV show Grey's Anatomy season 13

About Grey's Anatomy season 13

The recently launched 12 season, and number of episodes has already exceeded 250. This suggests that the creators were able to for a long time to keep the interest of spectators. Judging by the ratings of the first 12 episodes of the season, consistently large number of viewers continue to watch "Grey's Anatomy." History of Meredith Grey, who remained to work in the clinic, "Seattle Grace" after all that has happened to her, still interested spectators.

So far there have been no official statements so hard to say whether the series extended, or decide to close it. No one wants to show rolled into a tiny spectacle, so it is possible that the creators of the project to prevent this will close the show at its peak, so to speak.

Though, apparently, the writers there are many untold stories and details, which will only tell. It is necessary to follow the latest news and wait for the time closer to the finale of the season. In the meantime, you can expect a series of 9, which will be released February 12, 2016.

Grey's Anatomy season 13 release date

September 22, 2016

The series "Grey's Anatomy" has all the chances to get a new thirteenth season. The series has long been listed among the veterans on American television, but still enjoys a stable project with love from the audience.

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2016-01-18 03:29:33

The series plots got darker and angry in season 12... lets go back to the origional idea .... not delve in real unpleasantness.......... we get enough angry people in real l;ife.........,


2016-04-27 20:27:44

I love grey antomy you should do it all the way to season 20,.


2016-05-20 05:20:44

I love Grey's! I never want it to end


2016-05-26 19:19:36

love it!!!! never cancel, but would like to see a reunion show with all the old characters that didnt die during series,

Ashley Madison

2016-05-28 18:40:10

I love Greys Anatomy! Please continue into season 13 because if you were to stop it at season 12's finale and not continue you would leave the nation very upset due to all the dramatic events that we'll never get answers to.

Mary wilcox

2016-06-25 12:53:47

I have every season I love grey anatomy you should do it all the way to season 100 my daughter is 16 and just started it so you can't give up now...

John and Crystal

2016-06-27 12:59:38

Greys anatomy is by far... The best show on television... The only reason I love tv.. This show better never end. Because for the lack of anything better... It's just perfect. Even with the new cast and Riggs played by that doctor from off the map.. Keep going and I promise you will have the two of us as loyal viewers... Forever!


2016-07-25 11:48:21

Greys Anatomy is the best show ever I hope and pray that there will be many more seasons to come I am so addicted to this show


2016-08-09 08:20:19

I love grey's anatomy i went to school to be in the medical field and i am now a medical assistant because this show inspired me i want to go back to be a surgeon!! Please keep this show going!!!


2016-09-06 21:34:18

Love watching greys. Look forward to Thursday nights.
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Grey's Anatomy season 13 release date on ABC


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