Ghost Adventures Season 12 release date - 2016 on Travel Channel

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Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-08-19

You can’t live without having your life spiced up with some terrifying moments? So join us in watching Ghost Adventures TV series and you’ll not miss out on spooky investigations of paranormal activity. The release date of the current 11th season is due on 22/08/2015 but the fans are already looking forward to watching more and more locations to be investigated and activities to be locked down.

Ghost Adventures Season 12 cancelled or renewed? When Ghost Adventures Season 12 be released? Will Ghost Adventures Season 12 be final?

The original name: Ghost Adventures Season 12
Duration: 42 min.
Actors: Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: Travel Channel
Original release:

When does Ghost Adventures Season 12 return on Travel Channel? We have the new information on the status of Ghost Adventures Season 12. Release date to be confirmed at the show's Travel Channel channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for Ghost Adventures Season 12.

About Ghost Adventures Season 12

Travel Chanel will not let you get bored since they greenlit the next Season 12 and it means the team of fearless ghost-fighters will come back to spine-chill us. America’s ghost hot spots have not yet been explored completely. So in the next season the investigators will visit new locations and will use more advanced technologies in order to face the mystical anomalies and to document their evidences.

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Ghost Adventures Season 12 release date - 2016 (USA)
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2015-11-11 23:01:49

I love the watching Ghost Adventures I also love the excitement I just hope it doesn't end because there's more places to be investigated there's more questions and answers out there damn I just like watching the hunt. Please keep it going


2015-12-04 19:33:32

Bring on Season 12! I wish I could go on an investigation!


2015-12-04 21:25:43

I am a huge fan of both ghost adventures and dead files. Hope to see both back for new seasons on Travel Channel


2016-01-02 07:57:06

I can't wait to see watch ghost adventure season 12 . I always watch all the ghost adventures over and over . It's one of my favorite shows to watch .


2016-01-24 04:24:45

Use to watch TAPS, until i found y'all. Im totally hooked always on edge watching Ghost Adventures.


2016-02-09 21:08:54

I have been watching this show since it started in 2008 I couldn't see myself without it. Love Zac and Aaron keep it coming love your show.


2016-03-08 21:03:24

One of my most favorite shows ...of course i will watch


2016-03-27 10:37:09

I have to say that I'm disappointed on how the show is progressing. So far we have had a ton of recaps on previous episodes and only a couple of "New" episode and now back to reruns of previous seasons. Just have to say personally, if they don't start doing New things, I will stop recording these shows because as of late, it's just a waste of spa on my dvr.


2016-04-15 20:37:16


2016-05-19 07:45:12

I am super excited about new Ghost Adventures...cant wait...


2016-06-03 06:51:18

Comment gac 2016 can"wait)...

Chris saul

2016-09-03 21:09:30

Hello ghost adventures. I'm sure you get this from many of your fans , but I'm a HUGE fan and avid watcher . you will in an area next week filming for an up coming show in pa . just to say hi and me meet you all would an awesome experience!!! I'm not a groupie ,don't care about autographs .....just would love to say hello and see how and what you do up close and personnel . maybe , perhaps I'll get the chance ....even better if you say hello back . Thank you for what you do to show the otherwise of life. You never disappoint you keep it real and damn near scare us as much as you guys get ! I tell you , you guys are fearless ....but you have to be in your line of work .keep em coming . Sure do hope to get to see yas .your fan christine

Chris saul

2016-09-06 01:10:20

Hello ga crew! Hoping for new episodes! Love ya ,but have to honest .....miss nick . but will still watch .I hope I get a chance to meet you when your in honsdale pa. But heard you can be rude to fans !!!!!! I certainly hope not .....not for us youuuu dont have a show! . keep the spooks coming . and please say hello to your fans if you see us ...Zak !!!!! thanks chris saul . checkout hunterdon county nj Lots haunted places . my own old Masinon I live in is haunted . I've seen the boy . seen him ....not a mist , shadow a full apparition !