Gangland Undercover season 3 releae date - 2018, to be announced on History

2018, to be announced
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Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2017-05-09

Gangland Undercover is an American-Canadian television series created in February 2015 by Stephen Kemp and co-written by Noel Baker1, aired by History Channel. Inspired by the story of Charles Falco, an ATF informant who infiltrated three of the most formidable motorcycle gangs in the United States2.

Gangland Undercover season 3 cancelled or renewed? When Gangland Undercover season 3 be released? Will Gangland Undercover season 3 be final?

The original name: Gangland Undercover season 3
Duration: 45 min.
Seasons: 2
Actors: Damon Runyan, Ari Cohen, Paulino Nunes, James Cade, Melanie Scrofano, Don Francks, Ian Matthews
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: History
Original release: February 24, 2015 – present

When does Gangland Undercover season 3 return on History? We have the new information on the status of Gangland Undercover season 3. Release date to be confirmed at the show's History channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for Gangland Undercover season 3.

About TV show Gangland Undercover season 3

Gangland Undercover season 3 releae date - 2018, to be announced.

Gangland Undercover Plot

Before us is a biographical drama that tells the real life of a man who has not been able to "retire" for three years already. He leads a double game. Charles Falco - a dealer who faces about twenty years in prison for drug trafficking. But, in order to avoid such a large punishment, the hero gets in touch with the ATF and becomes their scout. The mission is incredibly dangerous, but Falco must penetrate to reach the goal in one of America's most violent gangs. Maybe this will be his last assignment. Members of this criminal group are involved in the trade in arms and drugs, murders and money laundering. This operation was realistic and was successfully completed in March 2006.

Gangland Undercover season 3 releae date

2018, to be announced

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Gangland Undercover season 3 releae date 2018
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2017-05-10 16:43:27

I love this show !! hope you don't cancel !!!


2017-05-22 05:12:54

Please bring back Gangland Undercover for season 4, we really love it History Channel, you carry our favorite shows, Vikings, which happen to be my ancestors. Thank you History Channel.

jane hafker

2017-10-01 03:00:51

OK. This has been a viewer torture experience, renewed, not renewed, 3 shows second season then disappears! BUT! Sneaks back in with 4 shows in a row that if you didn't have a DVR, you would have MISSED COMPLETELY. they show this killer series only showing just once. Miss it and you have to dig it up somewhere else. Anyway, just MAKE SEASON 3 PLEASE with no surprises, OK? Maybe if it got a little more advertising it was coming that might help?


2018-05-14 23:16:46

This is a great show, keep waiting for Season 3 and we are now halfway through 2018 when the release date was supposed to be announced. Is it coming back?