Game of Thrones season 7 release date - July 16, 2017 on HBO

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Date: 2017-04-18

One of the main events, the expected annual series fans all over the world - is the premiere of the next season of the series Game of Thrones has already become a cult. HBO channel as always pleases a clear schedule of new series long before they occur. Game of Thrones season 7 release date - July 16, 2017.

Game of Thrones season 7 cancelled or renewed? When Game of Thrones season 7 be released? Will Game of Thrones season 7 be final?

The original name: Game of Thrones season 7
Duration: 56 min.
Seasons: 6
Actors: Julian Glover, Ian McElhinney, Ben Crompton, Daniel Portman, Finn Jones, Ian Beattie, Jacob Anderson, Owen Teale, Dominic Carter
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: HBO
Original release: April 17, 2011 – present

When does Game of Thrones season 7 return on HBO? We have the new information on the status of Game of Thrones season 7. Release date to be confirmed at the show's HBO channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for Game of Thrones season 7.

Books and series

Game of Thrones based on a series of fantasy novels by George RR Martin A Song of Ice and Fire. Itself series has no less popular than the TV series, which is not as common. One of the main features that brought the Game of Thrones popularity, became close collaboration writers and producers David Benoffa and Dan Weiss, the author of books George Martin.

Only the last one at the moment, 6 season, filmed without book basis, but as a consultant, Martin identified the main points in the narrative. It is known thatthe next book of the saga, entitled The Winds of Winter late, so starting from the 6th season of the show will be ahead of the story told in the book. Rumor has it that the history of the finals all told only writer Weiss and Benoffu that they dosnyal show correctly if the writer something to happen.

The first season of the show were taken by fans A Song of Ice and Fire to cheer, because compliance with the book-the story was accurate. But although the popularity of Game of Thrones all increases in recent seasons deviations from the plot of the book is getting bigger. Be that as it may, the popularity of the series it does not diminish Ratings Game of Thrones steadily grow.

Sam George Martin promises that presents a novel by the end of 2016, the book will not only keep pace, but also in something surpass the series. However, no matter what the fans of the army you do not belong,

Game of Thrones season 7 release date

July 16, 2017(USA)


If you are among the lucky ones who have yet to get acquainted with this fascinating show, will present you a short story. The story unfolds in the seven kingdoms united, bearing the name of Vasteras. In this world of winter and summer do not change the way in this. And the winter, and summer come suddenly and can last for many years. On the iron throne, headed the seven kingdoms seated Robert Baratheon, many years ago led the uprising and overthrew the mad king, burn unwanted noblemen alive.

Looking for a new assistant, or the right hand, Robert turns to old friend Eddard Stark, who once helped him to make a revolution, and now stands at the head of the northern lands of Westeros. However, the position of precariously King overseas, a free city-states were the heirs of the deposed Targaryen dynasty, around bloom intrigue and even his own wife of King Robert wants to get rid of it. But troubles do not end this state, in the north, for centuries-old Wall, gaining strength wild tribes and the army of monsters that seemed to exist only in fairy tales of old.

The sixth season - as it was

The sixth season of Game of Thrones. She pleased the audience with unexpected plot twists. Returning to screen Bran Stark brought new opportunity to see what was going on in Västerås long before the events shown in the books and the series. On the screen it was shown even the Mad King, Ayres II Targaryen, the audience saw a young Ned Stark and his beautiful sister Lian, kidnapping and death which played a big role in subsequent events.

Finally I got her screen time line of the Iron Islands, revealing characters Yara and Theon Greydzhoev, as well as presenting the audience a new colorful characters Eurona Greydzhoya.

In addition, in the sixth season of House Stark disintegrated again began to rise to his feet. Sansa Stark met his half-brother Jon Snow and teamed up with him to make his home Winterfell. Arya Stark rejected the ministry God has many faces and decided to return home. Winter close Starks motto at home and Wolves are combined again before the onset of winter.

What will happen in Game of Thrones season 7?

Game of Thrones famous for its incredible plot twists, gripping intrigue and fascinating narrative. Viewers can only guess what will happen in 7 favorite series season. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Whose house will win? Will the power of the Lannisters and Tyrrel or Burerozhdennaya Daenerys to regain the throne of his ancestors? Will the Seven Kingdoms to repel the White Walkers army? While we can only build theories and assumptions. Until the seventh season and we only know that the series it will be less than in previous seven instead of ten.

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Music of Game of Thrones

  • Main Title, Ramin Djawadi
  • North of the Wall, Ramin Djawadi
  • Goodbye Brother, Ramin Djawadi
  • The Kingsroad, Ramin Djawadi
  • The King`s Arrival, Ramin Djawadi
  • Love in the Eyes, Ramin Djawadi
  • A Raven from King`s Landing, Ramin Djawadi
  • The Wall, Ramin Djawadi
  • Things I Do for Love, Ramin Djawadi
  • A Golden Crown, Ramin Djawadi
  • Winter Is Coming, Ramin Djawadi
  • A Bird Without Feathers, Ramin Djawadi
  • Await the King`s Justice, Ramin Djawadi
  • You`ll Be Queen One Day, Ramin Djawadi
  • The Assassin`s Dagger, Ramin Djawadi
  • To Vaes Dothrak, Ramin Djawadi
  • Jon`s Honor, Ramin Djawadi
  • Black of Hair, Ramin Djawadi
  • You Win or You Die, Ramin Djawadi
  • Small Pack of Wolves, Ramin Djawadi
  • Game of Thrones, Ramin Djawadi
  • Kill Them All, Ramin Djawadi
  • The Pointy End, Ramin Djawadi
  • Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors, Ramin Djawadi
  • When the Sun Rises in the West, Ramin Djawadi
  • King of the North, Ramin Djawadi
  • The Night`s Watch, Ramin Djawadi
  • Fire and Blood, Ramin Djawadi
  • Finale, Ramin Djawadi

Game Of Thrones season 7 schedule



Original air date

Season 7 Episode 7 TBA 2017-08-06
Season 7 Episode 6 TBA 2017-07-30
Season 7 Episode 5 TBA 2017-07-23
Season 7 Episode 4 TBA 2017-07-16
Season 7 Episode 3 TBA 2017-07-09
Season 7 Episode 2 TBA 2017-07-02
Season 7 Episode 1 TBA 2017-06-25

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