Father Brown Season 4 release date - January 4, 2016

Original name: Father Brown Season 4
Duration: 48 min.
Cast: Mark Williams, Sorcha Cusack, Nancy Carroll, Alex Price
Genre: Detective
Country: United Kingdom
TV channel: BBC One
Original release:

About TV show Father Brown Season 4

About TV show Father Brown Season 4

The series is featuring a Roman Catholic priest who is keen in solving the crimes. His background and experience enable him to better understand human’s nature and see where the evil takes its origin. Peoples’ confessions help him to learn how a criminal mind is working. Equipped with his knowledge he is taking an active part in investigation of different cases (including capital crimes) but his intentions are rather to save lost souls than to bring guilty to justice especially with the death penalties being in effect.

There is practically no information about Season 4 apart that it has been filming in Gloucester Cathedral since this June. You can stay with us by signing up and keep an eye on the coming news such as the premier date of the 4th season and air date of the 1st episode.

Any fan of the crime series knows that any murder is best solved by British people. British drama and crime series Father Brown has a huge success not only in UK, but allover the globe. For British people Father Brown had been well known long before BBC started airing the series. The English writer G.K. Chesterton wrote a titled detective book which became a basis for the series. Most episodes are inspired or based on the book, while some are originally scripted. There have been already 3 seasons of the series and we are looking forward to the 4th one, although there is not even a hint on when the release date will happen.

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2016-01-22 23:04:35

I love the show, the characters and the fifties village setting. I want to move back and move in. Even the doors and windows grab my attention. I meant to hit 5 stars and hit the 4 by mistake. Can that be fixed for me. Great show! Great actors, great mood.


2016-01-23 03:04:37

I absolutely love Father Brown! Will there be a fifth season as well?


2016-01-30 20:30:54

I love Father Brown watch whenever I find it on TV.


2016-02-28 19:03:42

I love this show hurry up season 4

We miss viewing this wondererful show.

2016-03-11 02:38:46

We want Father Brown back.


2016-03-25 02:31:38

Love the Father Brown series. Please come back.


2016-04-02 03:49:58

I bought father Brown from uk pbs and it doesn't work in usa. Disc's read error. I have no slip or record. Can you help . Thanks


2016-05-14 02:49:18

You'll need to get a region free DVD player.

Leslie Gilyard

2016-04-09 04:46:40

I really enjoy watching Father Brown !!


2016-05-08 01:28:29

we love the show and look forward to watching it on several PBS channels both in Massachusetts and Vermont. It would be a shame to miss it, as it is well written, and clever, and is something you could watch as a family.

Sydney ann

2016-05-14 04:00:44

I enjoy this series very much. It is well written and the characters are full and endearing. Scetv is our one and only way to watch this wonderful series. Please get season 4 and any others for us!


2016-07-04 03:58:05

I really look forward to watching Father Brown. Missed it for a few episodes when it changed from Wednesday to Sunday evening in my viewing area. Excellent cast and storylines. Keep up the good work!


2016-09-09 06:21:24

I have set my DVR to record the series, so I don't miss any episodes. Love the show, the characters, and the tricky endings. BBC has produced so many shows that , in my opinion, are far superior to most US shows ( except Blacklist) All around good writing on this show. Please keep this series going.

2016-09-10 19:25:38

I really enjoy the Father Brown series. I have watched them all and sometimes twice. Hope there will be more seasons. It it certainly family orientated. See you soon I hope.


2017-08-30 00:39:22

This is a wonderful show! I hope that more episodes will be filmed for 2017-18 season. In any case, we love the reruns as well - always look forward to the 5.00 p.m. show with a nice cuppa. PLEASE bring it back!
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Father Brown Season 4 release date on BBC One


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