Downton Abbey season 7

Original name: Downton Abbey season 7
Duration: 55 min.
Seasons: 6
Cast: Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Brown Findlay, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Raquel Cassidy, Brendan Coyle, Tom Cullen, Michelle Dockery
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: PBS
Original release:

About TV show Downton Abbey season 7

Downton Abbey is a British period drama television series created by Julian Fellowes and co-produced by Carnival Films and Masterpiece. It first aired on ITV in the United Kingdom on 26 September 2010 and on PBS in the United States on 9 January 2011 as part of the Masterpiece Classic anthology. Five series have been made so far; the fifth airing in the autumn of 2014 in the UK and Ireland, and began airing in the United States on 4 January 2015. A sixth series was commissioned, which, on 26 March 2015, was confirmed to be the final series.

Asked whether the drama closed after the upcoming fifth season and will be continued for the seventh season 7 Him could not confirm one way or another. If, however, release date Downton Abbey Season 7 will be released, he said, it is on the air no earlier than autumn 2016.

Downton Abbey season 7 release date


What do you think? Do you like Downton Abbey? Do you think it should have been renewed for a seventh season or cancelled instead?

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2015-12-13 01:07:32

Like it.


2015-12-23 17:01:49

Love to see what's coming up next!


2015-12-28 06:39:36

of course it should be renewed. to many things left to the imagination.


2016-01-04 20:23:13

I love the show. I saw it on Australia Netflix and to be honest I want more. Its by far the best TV show on the market. I really wish they made 20 episodes a year. I dont mind paying for quality.


2016-01-13 23:59:55

I started watching the show because my mom got the season 1-4 as a birthday gift and then I began to see it on my own, because to see it in Mexico must pay satellite TV. I hope they do season 7

Joan Durant

2016-02-01 06:08:43

When is the last episode of Downtown Abby for 2016?


2016-02-01 10:43:57

I think it should be renewed. they haven't ended some of the things that need endings. if they are going to have a final season. this should be the one. but put an end to the store the right way. not let it hang there off the cliff for pete sake. that is just not right to do that. not when people have been following this story since the beginning.


2016-02-14 06:04:32

This show needs to continue - Even the story of Edith and her new husband adjusting to their new roles would make an excellent story.


2016-04-17 05:30:12

Edith did not get married?


2016-06-29 21:20:38

Lady Edith marries Bertie Pelham. Bertie is a Marquess and Edith out ranks her entire family and she is now Marchioness Edith.


2016-09-27 19:02:53

Edith never got married. Upon discovering that she had not told him about the real identity of her daughter , Bertie canceled the engagement as he felt Edith didn't trust him. It was Mary who got married at the end


2016-08-05 16:45:42

Divine perfection of a show in EVERY way ...Bring it back, please....


2016-02-16 15:10:42

My Partner and I love this show. We watch it everytime it comes on. We can't wait to find out what is going to happen next. Season Seven needs to come out to finalize things that weren't finished.

Harriet Atwood

2016-02-28 02:07:34

So many ways the store could go on. Is Dasie going to succed at the farm. Is she going to marry? How about Mrs Patmore going to marry the farmer.

Karen Marie Munk Kvejborg

2018-04-12 10:14:51

At least I am able to write 3 new episods.


2016-03-06 17:03:05

I would love a season 7. Mary and Henry were cut short. We need more please. Many of my friends , myself included , took a long reprieve afte the death of Mathew and I was more than thrilled to come back and have this new character. Well done Mr fellowes!


2016-03-18 12:52:59

I missed a lot of the beginning of the serie because I went on a 7 month trip around australua. I was fortunate to watch the complete series 1-6 on dvd's. My husband is not a fan but with my headphone on I enjoyed every minute of it. For me season 7 is a must!!!

Donna Wharam

2016-03-25 20:26:52

I believe Downton Abbey should continue! It is refreshing to watch a show thats not so full of hate, violence, and sex! Yet it does keep you very interested to see what may happen next! I say Please keep it going


2016-04-10 22:39:26

Love love the show it has to continue there is so much more to write about its just the beginning the best show ever so refreshing to watch a show with such moral meaning please continue much more seasons


2016-04-12 02:25:30

Please continue with Season 7. It's a must!!


2016-04-13 23:21:36

Please bring it back for another season. There is still much to tell.


2016-04-16 19:31:49

does only Mary get a fairytale ending so sad not a good way to end seris

Mama Rhodes

2016-04-17 06:29:40

I love Downton Abbey, please let it continue! And when you can no longer continue, Do another Abbey with Daisy, or Branson or Mr and Mrs Carson or one of the other characters as they pursue their ambitions. Always with the Gramthems in the background, foreground, or somewhere in the midst of it all! The way it ended was too abrupt! Mary's marriage to an unknown, Kdith's


2016-04-25 09:03:52

Would love to see it continue. I think there are tons of possible episodes, given the current cast and their escapades..


2016-04-29 23:26:33



2016-05-06 08:11:58

Come on, there has to be one more season as a finale. Every thing is just hanging in the air. SEASON 7.

im waiting

2016-05-14 14:39:55

please have season 7


2016-05-19 01:20:32

Please let Mrs. Crawley remarry.


2016-05-23 04:39:25

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... pls. pls. make a season 7


2016-06-05 23:54:30

Love to see what's coming up next!

Christine Shores

2016-06-06 04:35:31

I do hope there is going to be a Season 7 for Downton Abbey ! There are not too many decent shows on tv now so I dearly love GPB channel 9 (especially the British shows) so please say there is going to be a Season 7 for Downton ! A big fan from Savannah Georgia USA !!!!!


2016-06-11 06:50:02

I definitely like Downton Abbey and I would like to see it go on at least for one more season and with a proper ending if you're going to cancel it.


2016-06-15 02:36:37

We definitely need a season 7 too much left unfinished . Downton Abbey is a refreshing show to watch not enough shows like this. Love this show .Please bring it back ......

Anselm Von Koroisau

2016-06-15 15:57:26

Please please please continue the TV show... I love it and season 6 endings left me hanging about Mary's future life and whether Mrs. Crawley is going to remarry... please make a season 7.


2016-06-29 21:15:48

I love Downton Abbey. This show has no foul language, no nudity, no violence, just great, creative writing. I cried when I watched the last episode. I really need you to bring back Downton Abbey and shows of this high calibur like it please. Thank you


2016-08-03 02:02:28

I loved this show. Would love to see it continue!


2016-08-05 16:42:12

THE best and most perfect show ever -- long live Downton Abbey..


2016-08-15 19:05:05

pleeeeeeeeeease air season 7.... I'm desperate to watch it


2016-08-23 20:18:24

i hope to see season 7 love love the show so much

Kelly Violette

2016-09-05 23:54:51

Please give us a 7th season. It's one of the best programs ever! I have watched pbs all my life and have supported it in every way. Please tell them we truly wish more of Downton Abbey!


2016-09-13 23:56:44

The BEST TV series ever. I sure hope a Season 7 will come out soon....then 8, 9, 10, etc.


2016-09-19 08:53:20

We love Downton Abbey and would definitely look forward to continued seasons.

Sheri snyder

2016-09-20 00:04:48

Please keep downtown Abby on tv!!!!


2016-09-25 16:35:42

Please don't cancel this series. It's truly a breath of fresh air watching a wholesome series coupled with history and charm. Love it!!!


2016-09-28 17:38:50

Oh please do continue the series. I binge watched the entire 6 seasons. I am hooked! The continuation of the series has so many possibilities!!


2016-09-28 17:44:52

Oh please do continue the series!!! I binge watched all six seasons. Loved it. The continuation of the story line and series has soooo many possibilities. Would love it to continue.


2016-10-04 05:48:02

Downton abbey is one of the best shows on TV. I'm looking forward to watching season 7


2016-10-11 10:36:50

I love this and i want to continue

2016-10-21 02:27:31

My favorite series cant wait till they do more,the best series ever,love love love it!!!!!!!!


2016-10-23 22:11:35

I am Namibian and started watching Downton Abbey on Amazon while visiting my daughter in Scotland two years ago. I just finished watching season 6 that she brought with her now on a visit to me. It is a wonderful story, and I am dissapointed that it ended when it did, it surely needs to go on to a season 7 please.


2016-10-25 00:35:14

I just finished watching I really wish they would do season 7

Mary Underwood

2016-11-12 05:15:47

Bring it back millions will be pocketed


2016-11-25 20:43:00

We need more downtown abbey

Teresa Bussell

2016-11-25 20:45:39

Please more downtown abbey.


2016-12-25 07:19:11

I wish there they would continue with season 7 on Downton Abbey! I love the show but am disappointed in how it ended!


2017-01-18 00:40:54

Yes there should be season 7. Vert good series. Love it. Thank You

Dena Bayne

2017-02-24 07:04:00

Loved seeing every bit of all season 1-6. Watched every one and over and over. Was in mourning that you stopped. Please bring it back for more seasons. Please!!! Thank you.


2017-03-06 15:13:01

I love this show. I just bought the first 3 seasons and watched them nonstop then had to get the rest asap!! Just finished!! Could watch it all day long. Actually I have been. Love it.

Colette Tremblay

2017-03-06 17:15:30

Splendid series. Bought all seasons, watching over and over. Want to see and learn more about the era and the people. Hope you make us see how the next generation copes with changing times. omment (at least 5 characters)...


2017-04-19 05:47:56

When will downtown abbey season 7 return? Please do not cancel the season. It's one of my favorites! Bkhs


2017-04-19 05:47:56

When will downtown abbey season 7 return? Please do not cancel the season. It's one of my favorites! Bkhs


2017-05-12 07:11:49

I absolutely LOVE this show , the characters and the story line PLEASE tell me there will be a 7th, 8th , etc,etc series!


2017-06-07 22:43:13

love downtown abbey need season 7


2017-06-22 23:47:40

Please continue with Downton Abbey - my husband and I have become addicted


2017-07-22 07:43:03

Please bring it back , the only good thing about tv , clean fun show


2017-08-12 22:01:07

I am abscessed with Downton Abbey! It's like a good book you don't want to end. Please carry out as many series as possible. I am an avid follower!!!


2017-09-24 12:21:22

Need to see more of downtown abbey. Been more than ready to see more. Love this show. Please, please please don't cancel this show.


2017-10-15 17:26:37

Downton Abby was a wonderful program with a sense of history that was so enlightening. Quite frankly, due to the quality of the program it is the first time my family has ever watched anything on PBS. When you find a good thing, keep it.


2017-10-20 12:32:53

Please continue this absolutely fantastic show!!!!! Everyone is enthralled by the happenings and hope that there will please be one more season!!! We are all sitting on pins and needles hoping Lady Edith will FINALLY get a break and marry her Lord!! PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!! This show is worth EVERY penny spent!! We're all keeping our fingers crossed!!! Natascha


2017-10-28 02:36:14

Loved it!!!! Please keep going, season 7!

Little Red

2018-01-14 16:14:42

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Downton Abbey is one of the best shows on TV. Please bring it back. It could go on for ever!. Love the show.

Jacqueline Zeller

2018-05-22 03:36:07

My family loves Downton Abbey( all12 of us) Please, please continue more seasons of this fascinating family. I have bought the entire 6 seasons and so did my sister-in-law and nephew and his wife. My husband and I have watched all the seasons going on two times on DVD. Please consider doing other seasons. You WILL have a great following.☺️

Barb Stieger

2018-05-27 05:55:15

I've been waiting with bated breath for more of Downton Abbey...please do more, more!


2018-06-10 07:18:44

I started watching this series because I was laid up in bed after a surgery. I loved the things I learned about that time in history in England of the habits of conduct of the different classes of people and how they began to change. I hope the series gets renewed because I would love to see so much unfinished business come to a conclusion. Otherwise I will imagine a conclusion.

Ginger Henry

2019-04-08 03:10:35

Have the inmates taken over the asylum at PBS. Downton Abby being cancelled by them shows a total disregard for the valued watchers they no longer have, me and our group included. Why continue to watch PBS when the viewer never knows when PBS will bail on them. Sorry for the donations we made, it won't happen again.


2019-09-02 23:59:14

Have been hoping for a Season 7 and MORE


2019-09-23 08:22:52

I think it should have been released by now


2019-09-25 06:08:48

Watched the first season then stayed up all night and watch all the seasons. Looking forward to going to see the movie on Friday with my card club. Box office proves you need to continue the show for many seasons.


2019-09-27 18:21:17

Love Downton Abbey.....Have watched it 3 X's through. Would love to see more episodes. One of the best shows on TV.


2019-10-19 10:58:28

The show is absolutely fantastic..they are many are desperate to watch more should keep going...(Australia)


2019-10-19 11:02:08

By far the best TV show I've watched....Downton has to keep going....we wamt more and more episodes...


2019-10-21 04:06:15


Catherine Boyle

2019-10-22 16:30:19

My husband and I loved Downton Abbey. Of course my husband purchased the wholeseries as they came out. We think the series was so interesting and enjoyable . We never want the series to end. There are so many characters and stories in the series we believe the series could continue indefinitely. I have watched the whole series at least twice and I saw the movie twice. I loved the series more than the movie because of the format and the richness of the individual lives shared as time went on. I could see it continuing on for at least ten or more years because the characters have been followed by so many people who think of them as real people they enjoyed watching. That is my opinion .

Siobhan mac

2019-12-01 00:20:17

I loved downton abbey and definitely think there should be more seasons made


2020-01-06 21:14:15

I for one would love to see another season of Downton Abbey. The existing characters have developed and can continue to do so with additional characters.
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