Dirilis: Ertugrul season 4

Original name: Dirilis: Ertugrul season 4
Duration: 120 min.
Seasons: 3
Cast: Engin Altan Düzyatan, Serdar Gökhan, Hülya Darcan, Kaan Taşaner, Esra Bilgiç, Osman Soykut, Serdar Deniz
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Country: Turkey
TV channel: TRT
Original release:

About TV show Dirilis: Ertugrul season 4

The story takes place in Anatolia and Western Asia in the 13th century. The Kayı tribe, one of the many Oguzian tribes, is looking for a new settlement. The tribes are at war with the Mongols, who have gained power in Central Asia. Ertuğrul is the son of Sulaiman Shah, the chief of the Kayı tribe. When one day he goes hunting with his faithful followers, they meet three prisoners who have tried unsuccessfully to flee from Knights Templar.

Ertuğrul and his soldiers free the prisoners and take them to their own tribe. After a while it turns out that the three are the brother, the nephew and the niece of the Seljuk Sultan. By their liberation, the kayı tribe has also come into conflict with the Templar Order.

Dirilis: Ertugrul season 4 release date

October 25, 2017

The series Dirilis: Ertugrul is very popular, so it is not surprising that viewers around the world are interested in whether the fourth season. At the moment, the information bit, which only fuels the public interest in this historical drama.

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B. Kirby

2017-06-02 01:19:02

Comment (at least 5 characters)... Watched all 179 episodes for first 2 seasons. Very good. Learned a lot of Ottomon Empire history as well. Looking forward to next 2 seasons. Hope it continues thru at least Osman I reign. My rating is a 4.6


2017-06-17 03:56:43

It has bits of history not much are relevant to true story

Abdullah haider

2017-06-08 20:29:42

I am Abdullah


2017-06-27 23:43:02

Best series that I have ever ever seen ! Words can't explain how much I love it ❤️


2017-09-07 06:04:32

I agree with you 100%. It is more addictive than cocaine.

me to...

2017-10-09 11:38:56

Me to.......

MohammadJashim Uddin

2017-10-25 20:42:36

me ttoooooooo


2017-07-02 18:45:14

Absolutely outstanding. Watched season 3 without subtitles and still loved it.


2017-07-03 10:08:27

when dirllis ertugrul season 4 will come on TRT website episode:92


2017-07-06 08:58:31

Erturgul Dirilis is my favourite show here in Netflix Australia..I really hope that the 3rd season will show soon with subtitles and a must to have season 4! I love Erturgul and Halime and mother Hayme!


2017-12-31 04:36:08

Watch Resurrection Ertugrul Season 3 and 4 with English Subtitles here. Join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/496254750747262/


2017-07-17 19:06:12

I am Waiting Season 4 please announced all season Thanks

md. zahidur rahman palash

2017-07-24 00:26:33

the best series , best performences, bigest and very very excited ever i thought . thanks and praying for them who all are involbe with this make.


2017-07-24 09:47:46

is ertugrul deade in drama

kosar asif

2017-07-24 10:44:55

Comment (at least 5 characters)...it is best series. want to season 4 I am from Pakistan not know Turkish language but I saw it evry boloum in Turkish and love all characters those are true muslim .

Muhammad Anwar

2017-09-06 21:47:27

I also love Dirilis Ertugrul very much and see all episodes two time

kosar asif

2017-07-24 10:50:16

Waiting for season 4 pleas anonced itComment (at least 5 characters)...

Muhammad Anwar

2017-09-28 22:00:11

25 November


2017-08-02 05:06:34

I love this show. I have watched season's 1 and 2 all in subtitles and I eas so engrossed in the show that I didn't mind. I am getting ready to watch season 3 and I hope there is a season 4 and 5 and many more. It is the best show on Netflix


2017-08-06 10:37:30

waiting for season 4


2017-08-10 21:27:17

I am addicted to this TV Series!!! Fantastic stories, complex characters and plots, history, excellent acting. I never want this series to end.

dirilis is the best story.

2017-08-17 10:56:57

i like it very much.

Rap jashri

2017-08-24 00:16:53

The best stry my favored Sirius please released new season4 92 bolum


2017-08-24 10:37:53

very good series i found ever in the life. please release season 4 as soon as possible. thanks. when it will be release date confirm please


2017-08-26 13:32:36

Ertugrul is one of the best Netflix movies I have ever seen. looking forward to season 4


2017-08-29 21:46:47

Love this drama. Completed season 1 and season 2 in 2 weeks. waiting for season 3 and 4 available on Netflix.


2017-09-01 05:59:52

huh waiting for 4 season......


2017-09-05 17:51:55

Please up date on the season 4.

Muhammad Anwar

2017-09-06 21:45:04

We are waiting Ertugrul new sezon


2017-09-08 03:52:48

Love dirilis ertugrul serials so much!


2017-09-08 20:14:02

Just watched 179 episodes seasons 1 through season 2. I'm hooked love the show.

Muhammad belal

2017-09-10 05:17:30

waiting season 4

huma waheed

2017-09-14 14:43:46

Historical event best cast its revive jazab-e-jehad and lighten the struggle of muslims

Huma Waheed

2017-09-18 14:12:50

Muslim mujaheedeen true picture It is best to fight and die rather than bow and bacome slave.

Muhammad Anwar

2017-09-28 21:59:03

25 November 2017 Great one's again we see Dirilis Ertugrul new sezon

Muhammad Anwar

2017-09-30 10:30:41

Once again we see Dirilis Ertugrul new sezon great +923337837943 For Dirilis Ertugrul lovers


2017-10-10 18:41:23

Dirilis Ertugral my best favourite my whole life & I'm waiting for season 4. I recommend everyone to see Dirilis Ertugral. Thanks everyone who contributed this film

Syed Assad Mehmood

2017-10-13 00:07:52

great historical DRAMA with lots of motivations. salute to Turkish government and actors actresses for putting their best efforts in the success of the great Islamic legends and Heroes.


2017-10-21 04:48:01

Lot of love from me for Mr. Ertugrul and his companions. Dirilis Ertugrul is my favorite show and i have watched all 3 seasons. Now waiting for the next 4th season. You guys have done a tremendous work for our generation to know their rich Islamic history.

MohammadJashim Uddin

2017-10-25 20:40:31

I want someone like Dirilis Ertugrul to lead Muslims...We desperately need a leader like him. What about volume 92 ?? Will it be available today??


2017-11-01 14:10:56

Watched season 1 & 2 of the series on Netflix. Absolutely loved the legendary story and the characters Ertugrul, Turgut, Bamsi and Dogan. The best series that I have seen for a long time and can't wait for season 3 & 4 on Netflix with English subtitles. This is the first time I am watching a turkish production and am quite impressed with the high standards. Keep up the great work one and all related to the production.

Mohammad Jahangir Alam

2017-12-03 06:07:02

I am from Bangladesh and love this historic series. Wait for another when I finish one episode. For seeing Dirilis Ertugrul download and install TRT.tv app in my iPhone. If I can understand Turkey language, then can go deeper in the history. This is my opinion !

Abul M. Aalee Jibraeel

2017-12-09 03:04:11

Excellent show, Ertugrul must remove the ponytail because our beloved Nabee Muhammad Al-Mustafa (SAS) allowed his wife to braid his hair but removed them for (wudu an or Salah.) That ponytail is emulation of his enemies, the mongol dogs. He wouldn't copy them.

Luis the Mexican

2017-12-27 23:25:10

I’m Mexican and honestly this series is the best of the best I’ve watched all the two seasons twice and want to know why Netflix is taking so long to put out there I’m addicted to this show the best. Anybody know where can I see S3 w/ English subs?

Delia Arocha

2018-01-05 10:52:21

Last season and episode se en was season 3 and episode 23. Since then I have not seen another one. No matter now hard I tried I want to see the rest of season 3 and also, when it comes out season 4. The one recommender, for free episode,don' t have anything. Where can I see the rest of season 3? Thank you


2018-01-14 03:37:51

outstanding ,totally awesome show , i wish Netflix will put on all the seasons of this show .


2018-01-22 20:07:19

Comment (at least 5 characters)...My family & I really enjoy this series. We are learning a lot about the history of the Ottoman empires beginnings and Turkish history. No, we are not of Turkish ancestory, I am of Italian descent and American born. Gives one a different prospective from the Turkish point of view.


2018-01-24 16:26:02

Hi Would like to know when will Season 3 and 4 of Resurrection Ertrugul will be available on Netflix. thanks

Fattoum Nicolacopoulos

2018-02-10 16:13:48

I love the show the actors its my new drug im addict to the show i love my warrior's thank you for giving me life again love you always


2018-04-04 22:10:18

Watched season 1 & 2 on Netflix and absolutely loved it. the story and main characters are fantastic. Cannot wait for Season 3 & 4 to be available. Great show.

Dave M

2018-05-02 16:41:59

I cannot but feel that Netflix's decision "not" to franchise this series beyond season two was a mega mistake!!, this series has turned out to be huge!!!. I am eagerly awaiting season 4 e23 with anticipation...i know there is a certain amount of what could be called..."artistic licence" in this series, but it is none the less riveting viewing. P.S...Netflix, rethink ?!!. Regards....Dave M


2018-05-12 23:55:32

When in the world is Enugrul Season 3 & 4 voming to Netflix!!!!!

Fred Schwindt

2019-03-21 04:36:06

Best series I have ever seen. I am on season 3. I rate 1,2 3 a 10


2019-03-27 21:41:22

When will season 4 be on Netflix?


2019-04-15 23:28:18

Love this can’t wait for season 4 episode 1. Do you know when it will start on Netflix. Help love the characters.
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