Deutschland 83 season 2

Original name: Deutschland 83 season 2
Duration: min.
Seasons: 1
Cast: Jonas Nay, Maria Schrader, Sonja Gerhardt, Ulrich Noethen, Ludwig Trepte
Genre: Military
Country: Germany
TV channel: RTL
Original release:

About TV show Deutschland 83 season 2

The series was officially renewed on 14 October 2016. The second series is named Deutschland 86.

The series is historical drama of German production. It’s the first TV program broadcast in German language on American television. The series has been created by American author and journalist Anna Winger, residing in Berlin.

The genre of Deutschland 83 belongs to a spy thriller unfolding in the times of the Cold War developing between West and East. It’s a story of a young German native spy sent for a foreign service to the West. His objective consists in collecting all major secrets on military strategy of NATO.

The series has all chances to be prolonged for one more season. Up to this moment the reviews in both countries, the USA and Germany, are extremely positive and appraising. So, we can hope the series creators and Sundance TV authorities will opt for renewing their successful project that became a favorite of so many viewers.

Deutschland 83 season 2 release date

October 19, 2018

If you truly enjoy historical dramas then you for sure haven’t missed Deutschland 83 series season one of which premiered this summer. It has become a real hit in the course of no time and numerous viewers are eager to see continuation of this tragic TV story. Are you one of them? Then you have to be patient, as the Sundance TV management hasn’t announced yet whether they plan to release the second part of their project. Keep in touch and we will inform you as soon as any news is made public.

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2015-08-07 04:11:12

This show is absolutely excellent and captures the time period almost perfectly. Please develop more seasons.


2015-08-07 06:57:31

Deutschland 83 is a spy drama of the highest quality! It is a rare TV series that I will rearrange my schedule so that I do not miss one minute of the series! Very exciting to have this come in its German language with subtitles, too. I vote for more series like Deutschland 83!


2015-08-10 20:28:12

Deutschland83 Höchst spannend! Very exciting! In a compressed nutshell a tightly written script, depicting the spy system in the former East Germany, including informants on its population and entry into the West German military. It kept my focus and I couldn't wait for the next episode. Let's hope for season 2 and the continued cold war tension!

A Marks Powers

2015-08-12 07:05:02

Best new TV series this year. Having lived in West Germany back in 1986 and travelled to Berlin, found this historical fiction to be very accurately portrayed. The music is great.


2015-10-18 03:57:28

The US DVD has a Q & A part in the Extras. The producers state that they have plans for two more seasons set in 1986 and 1989 when the Wall comes down.


2015-11-09 15:52:11

Best TV series to come along in several years, in a category of the first year of True Crime and Fargo. Great writing and acting. TV gets no better than this.Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-09-21 08:28:01

Your comment is spot on.


2015-12-24 08:12:38

There is another tv serie in german at netflix and very good too. Gereration war, is the name


2016-01-25 19:21:29

This series is absolutely amazing. Even more so for me as I had family in both West and East Germany (and visited the East on a few occasions). Didn't realise there had been so much going on behind the scenes! Looking forward to watching the end of season 1 and season 2 starting. . .


2016-01-25 21:47:02

Absolute bloody rubbish!'


2016-01-27 05:28:44

My husband and I have been waiting patiently for the release of Deutschland 83 season 2. We came across it by accident last year, and after one episode, we were hooked. We love it! Please let us know when season 2 is out.

Erik Depner

2016-02-01 21:58:45

Amazing! Historically accurate, which is the most important thing. Also, emotions conveyed by most of the actors/actresses in their situations are done excellently. if in need of an American who can read and speak if not completely understand German please please please contact me. I guarantee I would be more than just an acting asset, but a historical one as well. Please just one chance. That's all I'm asking is one chance to show my talent and worth. I thank you for your time and if even a little consideration in this request. I sincerely hope to here from someone. Gutentag Anna und Joerg Winger. Hochachtungsvoll, Erik Depner.

2016-02-13 04:58:59

Stunning ! Loved it in German!


2016-02-15 16:14:39

Loved it! Bring on series 2 want to know what happens to Martin? Did Edel shoot himself or his father?... More more more please


2016-02-15 16:10:57

Series one was absolutely brilliant, sort of a cliffhanger at the end. I want to know more... What happens to Martin? Did Edel shoot himself of his father. Please have a series 2


2016-02-16 02:25:16

Please let us have more Deuchland 83.. It was well written and brilliantly acted. . I was young in 83 so remember this well... We really were worried about the cold war and whether there was going to be a nuclear war. .. loved it..


2016-02-21 03:37:53

This show was fabulous. However, the English subtitles were not accurate at times. Who did the translation? Please bring back Season 2. Don't leave the audience hanging.


2016-03-10 23:50:34

Having lived and served in Berlin during the late 60s, this series was of great interest to me. The show was very good. Acting was great! Overall AUSGEZEICHNET!!!!!


2016-03-14 04:20:52

This is one of the best new shows to come along in years. A second series is long overdue!


2016-03-21 05:23:32

More please! Riveting. Authentic.


2016-06-13 07:51:09

Deutschland 83 was such an awesome series we need more seasons of it. My father and I watched this . He was as hooked as I was . Being born in Germany and my parents living there when it was still separated into east & west . I pray for more seasons and A.S.A.P!!!!!


2016-07-07 06:11:42

Deutschland81 is an excellent show. It would be a shame and a huge disappointment to fans of the show not to continue production.


2016-08-04 22:03:15

Is there going to be a Season 2???? If so, Dear God, When?!?!?


2016-08-04 22:06:34

Having lived in and through Germany during this period as a US Soldier I am in love with this show. Quite accurate and very well written to keep others interest. Being on the business end of Nuclear Weapons much of what this show is about is what we worked so hard for during the CW and the ensuing Destruction of the Mauer!!!!! I was there through it all.....

David M

2016-08-11 23:25:46

An excellent thought provoking series reflecting and blending several points of view both east and west concerning the actual potential of nuclear war during the latter cold war, and the importance of intelligent, informed and open minded communication in a complicated and dangerous world.


2016-08-20 21:39:22

Very realistic and based on partial facts. If you are familiar with the history of East and West Germany it really hits home!


2016-10-04 23:20:53

It's amazing everyone watch it, the storyline and the characters are so interesting


2018-08-20 11:09:24

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