Death in Paradise season 8 release date - 2019, to be announced

Original name: Death in Paradise season 7
Duration: 60 min.
Seasons: 7
Actors: Ben Miller, Sara Martins, Danny John-Jules, Gary Carr, Elizabeth Bourgine
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Crime
Country: United Kingdom
TV channel: BBC One
Original release: 25 October 2011 – present

When does Death in Paradise season 7 return on BBC One? We have the new information on the status of Death in Paradise season 7. Release date to be confirmed at the show's BBC One channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for Death in Paradise season 7.

About TV show Death in Paradise season 7

About TV show Death in Paradise season 8

A seventh series began broadcasting on 4 January 2018, with an eighth for 2019 already commissioned, with O'Hanlon confirmed to return.

Death in Paradise Plot

The always character correct British policeman Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is sent to the (fictitious) Caribbean island of Saint-Marie to investigate the death of his predecessor. After he succeeds in completing the investigation successfully, he is used as his successor.

In this new environment, the Inspector does not give up on his impractical black suit, which was not necessarily made for an exotic tropical island. On the side of Poole works Det. Sgt. Camille Bordey (Sara Martins), who previously worked as a covert investigator. She is considered one of the best police officers in the district. Also in attendance are Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules), who arrived in the area before Poole arrived, and Fidel Best (Gary Carr), the youngest member of the team. Poole's boss is Comm. Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington), who is more interested in his potential political ambitions than in policing.


For France Televisions it is the first co-production of a Dramedy series with a foreign broadcaster. Since FTV was enthusiastic about the script, they agreed to a partnership with the British BBC. Filming began in spring 2011 on Guadeloupe. The shooting took place mainly in the municipality of Deshaies. The production lasted 100 days and cost 3.7 million euros.

Barely a month after the broadcast of the last episode of the first season, the production of a second season with eight more episodes was officially announced. On February 12, 2013, the production of a third season was announced, which again consisted of eight episodes. Shortly after the extra time, it was announced that Ben Miller will be leaving the series during season three and will be replaced by Kris Marshall, who will be the new detective Humphrey Goodman. Shortly before broadcasting the season three season finale, Death in Paradise was renewed in February 2014 for a fourth season. End of February 2015, the television series received a fifth season. In February 2016, the series was extended by a sixth and in February 2017 by a seventh season. Even before the end of the sixth season, it was announced that Kris Marshall leaves the series and will be replaced by Ardal O'Hanlon.

Death in Paradise season 8 release date

2019, to be announced

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Death in Paradise is a British-French television series produced since 2011 for the BBC and France Televisions. The series is the debut work of Robert Thorogood, who was discovered in a screenplay competition. It is a mixture of comedy, drama and thriller. It was shot almost exclusively in the village of Deshaies in the northwestern part of the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

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2018-04-01 23:28:33

best t.v. series ever ever made! for all senses of humor any age group and even presentation of racial / political / sexual differences is presented with such care one cannot get uptight. Wonderful show and the actors I feel are just themselves! great-great-great! I have the entire series and watch one show each night in bed and rest in peace from it.


2018-06-28 09:15:12

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I sure love this series I cannot wait for more ! one of the best on pbs


2018-08-06 03:55:16

Good show, just watched the first with the new guy from London. Good, but not Humphrey


2018-09-02 14:55:27

Don’t like new weather channel, how can I go back to old app


2018-12-05 02:07:14

Ben Miller was the best Chief in the series. Had to warm up to Humphrey but liked watching for the plots and island beauty. I gave up watching the last season because I don't care for the new Chief. Sorry


2019-01-09 06:11:18

We love this show. The solving of the murders is always very interesting. Hope this show continues.


2019-01-25 08:06:39

Have to agree don’t really care for the new Chief. Just not what I’ve come to expect.


2019-01-26 03:51:48

Comment (at least 5 characters)...really love this show!! love how they solve the case one of the best series to watch!! anxiously waiting for it's return!


2019-03-01 01:33:21

When is series 8 going to be shown in USA?


2019-03-02 07:01:51

Waiting eagerly for season 8! I have watched all seasons at least twice, enjoy them so much. Sorry to see Dwaynes character is leaving the show.
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Death in Paradise season 7 release date on BBC One

  2019, to be announced

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