Continuum season 5

Original name: Continuum season 5
Duration: 44 min.
Cast: Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, Stephen Lobo, Roger Cross, Lexa Doig
Genre: Drama, Action, Science Fiction
Country: Canada
TV channel: Showcase
Original release:

About TV show Continuum season 5

The Continuum creator mentioned that his creative team has some rules established regarding the time travel and they are going to uncover them in the series run. The critics admit the Continuum (both the storyline and effects) has potential to really extend up to 10 seasons so we will probably be updated soon with the decision to shoot the following seasons. Besides, we know such an intelligent, cliffhanging series can’t just abrupt like that with killer robots crashing the present. There definitely will be the continuation despite Showcase trying to end it.

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Continuum Season 5 release date


The first episode of science fiction thriller series had a release date in May 2012. Last May the executive producer announced that he was planning up to 10 seasons for Continuum. But to date it was confirmed by Showcase channel that the current Season 4 with the air date due this September is going to be the last one. It has only 6 episodes compared to 10 in previous seasons.

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2016-02-06 17:58:30

This show has really clicked for me, smart, original, fast-paced, great cast, what more do you want in a TV show. I'm a guy that if you give me characters that I care about everything else is secondary. Of course I'm in love with Kiera but then again what guy wouldn't be.


2016-02-17 22:10:47

This is an outstanding SyFy tv series that is so well done by the actors and writers/producers that it would be upsetting and nonsensical not to continue, "CONTINUUM!"

Roger Mukai

2016-03-18 17:28:21

I really hope this show continues. It is one of the few NEW SciFi (not SyFy) shows around.


2016-08-04 06:04:28

This was the best sci-fi TV series in years. Bring it back

Diamond Icess

2016-08-15 23:01:54

Love it


2016-08-21 05:17:53

The best serie. I saw in neflix.


2016-08-22 20:40:35

This show is a keeper, I would love to see it play the whole 10 season.


2016-10-02 15:18:37

I love this serie, Continuum, so i can`t wait for more and more and more.Ilive in the Netherlands. I have seen al the episodes, and if can en there are more seasons to come, i watch them ,instantly, hour after hour..


2016-10-10 21:40:41

Love this show! Hope it continues. My husband has me hooked on it.


2016-10-20 02:22:35

It's amazing how these boring show go on and on. But a good sci-fi get trashed. Love Continuum bring on season 5.


2016-10-23 06:59:02

This series, different from so many others in the same genre, has a strong theme of 'moral ambiguity' as the main protagonists eyes open to the realities of corporate greed and dominance; a system she was enveloped in and therefore could not see (or simply lived in denial about because it suited her needs ... sound familiar to anyone!?). I think it would be a crime to cancel this incredibly social consciousness raising show.


2016-10-27 20:17:40

I would love to continue with the series. I found interesting and was sad when I finished all 4 seasons. Please continue.


2016-11-01 05:12:02

Vote for season 5 Continuum. My favorite show!!

Brandon Willis

2016-11-26 00:58:56

I love every character and I am pissed that I got caught off guard with season 4 episode 6 wth lol bring back travis and lucas asap!


2016-11-30 06:42:38

Great serie, please continue


2016-12-25 01:54:34

I can't wait for season 5, since my favorite character is Matthew Kellog. Love that guy's acting to the core, he makes the whole show extremely enjoyable.


2017-01-20 18:54:46

Please bring back the show!!!


2017-01-30 12:38:52

Loved season 1-4! Please Continuum to make Season 5-10.If you don't you'll have a bunch of disappointed fans! Continuum on!


2017-02-05 20:38:53

Just discovered this show and it's AWESOME!!!!! Hooked on it and am watching three episodes at one sitting of Season 1 right now. Smart writing with a great cast.


2017-02-06 10:08:06

My husband and I love this series. It's hard for my husband to stay interested in series but we have just finished all 4 seasons on Netflix


2017-02-17 16:57:16

Voto per il sì, mi piacerebbe la 5° stagione di Continuum, e perchè no, anche il 6° e così via e chiudere definitivamente alla 10° stagione.


2017-02-28 06:07:07

Love the show, keep it going for other seasons! Please...


2017-03-13 22:06:04

Just found Continuum on netflix. It is one of the best shows i have watched. Please please PLEASE give us more seasons!!!

is it cancelled or not ??

2017-03-16 15:08:35

Class show be is it cancelled or not I here it might be back anyone know???


2017-04-07 01:58:46

Awsome show storyline great cast fantastic.totally addictive can't stop want more please bring season five and more .


2017-07-26 23:05:20

Just watch seasons 1 through 4 (so 6) as a 're- run on Pick. Really enjoyed them all and would love to see more seasons made.


2019-01-22 16:39:59

WTF Noooooooooooooooooo! You have to finish this series, it is fantastic entertainment.


2019-09-26 22:00:25

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Oh my, Season 5 this would just be fabulous. The story line is amazing hats off people. I always do think about having the opportunity, what would've happened to my life if my dad wasn't killed by a drunk driver at the age of 13, another story. The people in this show are so talented and I feel like I know them well. It had been great seeing them all the time Kiera, Alec, OMG Carlos & Travis. Always waiting to see what would happen next. Please yay Season 5 I did hear that there could be so much story line it could run 10 yrs AWESOME!! Please


2019-09-26 22:03:25

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Please say this is wrong, Season 5 cancelled
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