Cedar Cove Season 4

Original name: Cedar Cove Season 4
Duration: 76 min.
Seasons: 3
Cast: Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal, Teryl Rothery, Sarah Smyth, Corey Sevier
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: Hallmark Channel
Original release:

About TV show Cedar Cove Season 4

Realistic drama series features judge of the small, marvelous town Cedar Cove – Olivia Lockhart and the surrounding people. As the series progress she paves her way to a happy life after divorce and loss of her son. She meets Jack Griffith and they develop a romantic relationship. But with the time she discovers his secrets and some trust issues between them emerge. Fans distinguish an amazing job done by actors and actresses in portraying the characters. Everyone can feel this chemistry between them and this is what makes us feel the series will get renewal.

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You haven’t watched Cedar Cove TV series yet? Then you are missing out on a show that can melt your heart down and make you feel so warm inside. The release date of the series was way back in 2013. The air date of the 1st episode of current season was scheduled to be on 18/07/2015 and is currently airing in USA. Fans find it to be a relaxing, burden-free as well as down to earth and wholesome show.

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2016-02-17 22:06:45

I was looking forward to season 4 of Cedar Cove and just found out it may not be renewed. All of the Hallmark series that have been out in the past few years on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries have been so enjoyable to watch. Waiting for Signed, Sealed, Delivered, When Calls the Heart, Good Witch and Garage Sale, Flower Shop and Murder She Baked Mysteries. Disappointed that the premier of When Calls the Heart is on at the same time as the new Signed, Sealed Delivered movie this coming Sunday 2-21-16 and I can't seem to get them On Demand from my cable company and I don't have a DVR. Keep up the good work on the mini series and movies. You can always do away with The MIddle. I think that is one of the worse shows now on the Hallmark Channel. Didn't like it when it was on regular TV and couldn't believe the Hallmark Channel picked it up. What were you thinking??


2016-07-05 21:22:16

They take off the good shows like Cedar Cove and keep lousy ones like The Middle. Ugliest people on that show, they look like they are from Mars.

Donna Canuel

2016-02-28 03:50:57

I would really like to see a Cedar Cove Season 4. I truly enjoyed watching it every week. Please let there be one!

Erny Etheridge

2016-02-29 23:31:14

Cedar Cove is one of my all time favorites. Please bring it back in 2016 and every year for that matter!!!


2016-03-17 07:05:08

I can't believe they cancelled the Cedar Cove series, I would like to see it brought back. It seemed they focused on just the life around Olivia, instead of bringing the characters from the books to life. The books were more about people that lived in Cedar Cove, not just Olivia and Jack, I think that's where they went wrong. Maybe they will see this comment and revamp the series. There were a lot of great characters that never got explored.


2016-03-25 21:19:46

Love,love the. Show bring it back in 2016


2016-04-03 02:07:23

I really love Cedar Cove. Is it coming back for a 4th season?? Thanks


2016-04-10 19:09:45

we need to have a sason 4 to round out the series and there is enough in the books to have a season 5 & 6


2016-04-12 06:06:05

Go figure they cancel another good show, oh that's right if its not vampires, werewolves, witches, or anything supernatural than it doesn't get renewed. I have about had it with all the supernatural shows that's all that's on anymore. So please please please bring back cedar cove this show is what life, family and friends is all about.


2016-04-30 23:57:57

Comment (at least 5 characters)... This is a great show, there are not many on TV, so please don't take it off. We love everything about this show.


2016-05-10 00:10:11

I love Cedar Cove! I first thought that maybe my dvr was not working because I record the show. Crazy work schedule! I just found out that the show may not be renewed this season. Please say it isn't so!


2016-05-23 04:42:04

Very disappointed to discover that Cedar Cove has been canceled. I loved that show. Please reconsider and bring Cedar Cove back for many more seasons.


2016-05-31 12:55:09

It is a shame that there is talk of not having a series 4. We have watched Cedar Cove from Series 1. Please let's have a series 4


2016-06-01 04:20:46



2016-06-07 06:42:18

We love Cedar Cove and have been waiting for the new season and hoping for more then 12 shows and now I find out it's cancelled?? WHY?? I was a top rated program and was a program that kept you wanted more and now we don't even get closure... I feel cheated Hallmark, you are the one TV channel we can rely on for good, wholesome programming. Very disappointed

Deanna Scott

2016-06-08 08:19:47



2016-06-08 21:16:13

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Cedar Cove is one of the best Hallmark shows ever!!! Please let there be more seasons!


2016-06-12 03:30:03

I am very saddened to read this. I really enjoyed each season. Hoping for a 4th season in the near future.


2016-06-13 07:07:56

I don't understand why cedar cove was canceled it was a great show I hope the decision to not renew it for the fourth season will be reversed by hallmark Thanks sue


2016-06-16 04:40:54

where did cedar cove go pleaseeeee bring it back!!!!

Barbara Boughton

2016-06-21 08:07:49

Do not stop the series of Cedar Cove. Good wholehearted story and I would love to continue to watch the series. Thanks


2016-06-22 05:19:44

Plz re-think the cancellation of Cedar Cove. Good show!!!


2016-06-22 07:18:35

I read a while back that it was cancelled. Is there a possibility of a season 4 ? I hope so. I like a number of shows but this one is unique. I can watch it no matter what mood I'm in. Definitely a favorite of mine.

2016-06-24 05:12:24

Continue season 4. Please!


2016-06-25 08:35:43

Please bring back Cedar Cove season 4 love love love the show.

Michelle Gilbert

2016-07-01 19:06:06

Hallmark channel please bring back cedar cove season 4 or bring in a 2 hour movie? I have watched all three seasons and you left unanswered stuff in the last one and too many people including myself are curious and a lot of people watch this including myself. Its a good family show, excellent, and very educational. Its the best number one show. Please bring back cedar cove season 4?.


2016-07-02 06:49:19

Just finished season 3 on Netflix-why no season 4? Please bring it back!!!


2016-07-03 12:55:12

I really feel sad about the cancellation of Cedar Cove. I have seen many great shows go off of the air. I wish the fans could at least have a nice ending for all the characters on the show. Karla


2016-07-05 06:35:14

One of the best shows I have ever watched.

Debbie E

2016-07-06 04:54:59

Please bring it back. Not that much good programming on tv anymore. Great show and wonderful characters and actors. Thank you


2016-07-06 06:23:25

It is a good show. They can't leave on good show. It makes me so mad.


2016-07-08 05:06:23

I have watched Cedar Cove from Season 1 to the end of Season 3. It's good clean entertainment but then I guess if the main characters aren't hopping in and out of bed every two minutes or they aren't werewolves and vampires the network doesn't see its' value. Please reconsider and bring it back for Season 4 and beyond.


2016-07-08 05:54:56

There really needs to be one more season. This has so many lose ends and it has been a real pleasure watching these actors and this script play out with depth and honesty.


2016-07-10 02:02:50

Please bring Cedar Cove back!


2016-07-11 06:35:49

This is undoubtedly the best show I've seen in forever. Talk about relating! You've got to bring it back! Ran across this show on Netflix about a month ago and can't wait to get back to watching it every chance! And I'm down to only 5 more episodes! YOU HAVE TO BRING IT BACK! And make sure to raise a stink so that everyone knows to watch! It's a must see!


2016-07-12 19:44:51

Why would you cancel a show that is clean and heart warming? Not enough blood and crime. Why do you keep stupid shows with awful Story lines.


2016-07-14 08:01:28

PLEASE continue making Cedar Cove. My daughters and I have bonded by watching the series. You can't leave us wondering if Paul & Olivia will end up together. Please!!!


2016-07-18 06:26:54

Please do not cancel Cedar Cove!! I absolutely adore this series!!!!


2016-07-19 04:36:52

Cancelling Cedar Cove was clearly a bad decision. Get rid of the hurdles to continuing into season 4, and - " just do it". Hallmark - you have a LOT of disappointed viewers. Make this right.


2016-07-20 04:16:56

I love this show pls don't stop airing it.

barbara schneider

2016-07-24 18:50:09

Love this show. There is no bed scenes, lot of respect for viewers to see. Just easy to watch. Hope it returns.


2016-07-29 01:45:16

I love Debbie Macomber as a writer.I personally own over 70 of her books. I have watched every minute of very episode of all three seasons. I commend the casting as it is spot on.I am surprised to learn that season 4 is not on tap as of yet. Please reconsider at least wrapping up the few mysteries of late... I really believe with better advertising (on other channels, not just Hallmark) that the numbers will come up for viewership. I am a die hard fan and am already trying to buy the dvd's of the previous season.


2016-08-02 05:46:24

Am anxiously awaiting season 4

Xmas Carol

2016-08-06 06:52:57

Please bring Cedar Cove back! It was my "Calgon take me away time!" It made all the stress of everyday life go away while it was on.


2016-08-07 08:15:57

Please do a fourth season of Cedar Cover. I truly love this show. You do not find very many family show to watch with your kids. This show warms my heart. Please do another season.


2016-08-10 20:17:40



2016-08-12 07:09:36

Bring on Season 4. I have to know how Olivia feels about Paul. PAUL MUST STAY!! I love what he brings to the series.


2016-08-12 18:20:45

This was such a great show evolving around so many lives. I don't know who makes these decisions to cancel these series, but if so many like it, why is it cancelled?? Why aren't the consumers ever asked?


2016-09-14 01:34:56

Because Hallmark just doesn't care about the consumers !!!!


2016-08-15 01:50:47

Love this series, please do not cancel it!


2016-08-15 04:39:59

Really? What IDIOTS decided one of the top shoes on tv should be cancelled? I mean really? Where the hell do the people who "have the power" get their brains? Dumb move people...really dumb move!


2016-08-15 05:08:49

Cedar Cove is one of my favorites. I read the whole series and then I found out it was going to be a series and I was thrilled. Now there may not be a season 4. This is not right. Please bring Cedar Cove back for 4th season.


2016-08-16 01:25:32

Basically, Hallmark substituted cedar cove season 4 replace,it with Chesapeake Shores disappointed!


2016-08-16 06:38:24

I just finished Season 3 of Cedar Cove on Netflix and cannot believe there is not going to be a Season 4. This was a great show and should be brought back. I really enjoyed watching it.


2016-08-19 06:04:56

Just finished watching the last episode on Netflix. Finally a feel-good story on TV. If you're not going to extend the season at least do a 2 hour movie and round out the story in a feel good way. This way people will go back to Netflix and watch it over and over again. At this point people could start to not recommend it......


2016-08-25 05:44:23

Please continue this show! Very relaxing and heart warming!


2016-08-28 20:30:05

Missing renewal of Cedar Cove. One of my fav shows. Please bring back!!!!! One of best shows on TV & ONLY thing on Sat night worth watching!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016-08-30 04:06:20

Please bring back Cedar Cove. You have two more people who want it to continue.


2016-08-31 16:20:28

I enjoy this series emensley. Love the beauty of where it is filmed and the people who live as characters in the series. Please please reconsider to keep more seasons coming.

Geri Hartwig

2016-09-01 03:06:00

This has been a great season watching Cedar Cove and I only hope that there will be a season 4. I have read all of Debbie Macomber books and really enjoy them. Keep up the writing of more books.


2016-09-02 04:54:59

I loved all 3 seasons, and am eager for season 4 even if it will be the last. I'd hoped this show would go on for many years, it was so good! And was a great reflection of real people, with great acting.

cheryl carroll

2016-09-06 05:39:08

I don't like many series shows but Cedar Cove was a really good show. It was just getting really interesting. Wish the show would continue.


2016-09-06 06:58:54

I have just binge watched all of Cedar Cove's 3 seasons in the last month. Seriously...is it cancelled?


2016-09-12 16:22:49

Why would you leave everything so unanswered? Cedar Cove is a great show, always removing the great shows leaving the worst. Please continue with Cedar Cove with season 4.


2016-09-14 01:59:28

"We don`t have enough high-quality reviews". Clearly you have enough high-quality reviewers, you just don't want to listen to them. You put shows on that the public likes, and then remove them against popular public opinion. If your going to end a series, then complete the series with a finally so the viewers have closer. You say you don't have enough high-quality reviewers, but you don't listen to the ones you have. You make dumb decisions by pulling a series that the public likes, and then complain about the lack of decent reviews. I see that as you inability and unwillingness to listen to the public (your viewers). Your ratings and viewers are dropping do to your bad decisions. Like so many others before me...one more view just stopped watching you shows and channel.


2016-09-15 21:54:56

Love Love Cedar cove please bring it back. True happiness when watching.


2016-09-18 03:57:24

please bring back season 4 don't leave us hanging! This show was so pleasing to the eye and it's a joy to watch. J


2016-09-25 04:04:30

I didn't watch Cedar Cove when it premiered in 2013. Since I recently joined Netflix I have been binge watching it and am almost finished with season 3. I love the characters, their relationships,strengths and weakness and turns of fate. What I love about it the most is that there is no Violence and that it is family and community oriented. I was extremely disappointed when I learned the show was cancelled. It seems absurd that in present society a shows success is measured in amount of violence, gore and disrespect of humanity it portrays. BRING BACK Cedar Cove !!!!!!

Carolyn thompson

2016-09-25 23:54:12

Please bring cedar give back


2016-09-26 06:52:42

Please put season 4 of Cedar Cove series on. I liked reading all the books of Cedar Cove that Debbie Macomber wrote and would like to see the series continue. I like the characters, Olivia, Jack, Justine, Olivia's best friend and the couple that own the bed and breakfast. I watch always all the minit series from Hallmark and have been waiting for Cedar Cove.


2016-10-01 23:09:29

The Hallmark network better release season 4 of Cedar Cove......soooo many followers want this series to continue and end properly; you can leave viewers hanging.......Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-10-02 06:47:53

Love the show, the actors and the magnificent scenery. I feel like we have been left high and dry not knowing if there will be a season 4. Surely the book does not end like this. Please reconsider continuing the series.


2016-10-09 04:16:42

I love watching cedar cove it full of real life warmth and true love


2016-10-22 05:32:20

Please it back I can wait to see sessions 4 please


2016-10-23 09:17:00

Cedar Cove is a great escape!


2016-10-23 21:37:01



2016-10-25 00:57:36

we love watching cedar cove. can't wait for the next episode. it's GREAT watching(and CLEAN) not a prude, but really enjoy the show.


2016-10-27 19:06:55

Would love another season, Season 3 left us all hanging


2016-10-28 08:47:57

I have really enjoyed Cedar Cove. Really hoping for a season 4. Very disappointed when I got to the end of season 3, and found out there was no season 4. It's like reading a great book and then not finding out the ending. Really hope Hallmark reconsiders.

Sherry Harris

2016-10-28 17:46:41

I watched season 1 a couple of years ago, and was waiting for season 2 to appear on Netflix. Now I look forward to watching it everyday. I love this show. I am so happy that season 3 is also on Netflex. I hope they do have a 4th season. We need more shows like this.


2016-10-30 08:24:01

Please bring back Cedar Cove!


2016-11-02 06:15:36

I really think that there should be at least one more season of Cedar Cove. I am very frustrated that Season 3 left us all wondering what will happen to Paul, Olivia, and Jack! Please bring back the series. THERE IS ROOM FOR WHOLESOME TV!!

2016-11-11 21:03:34

PLEASE BRING BACK CEDAR COVE FOR A 4th SEASON! You left us all hanging! It was a decent show, unlike most of the other eye/mind garbage we see on TV now. Can we please have more seasons??!!


2016-11-26 04:20:45

I thought better of Hallmark. They might at least have finished the storyline before cancelling it. Guess they aren't any better than the networks.


2016-11-27 01:30:26

Bring cedar cove back


2017-01-07 21:08:49



2017-01-17 10:59:23

Please bring back Cedar Cove if not on Hallmark, Netflix should pick it up and continue it as one of their original series. Alot of people have fallen in love with the story, the people and the town. Please bring it back!

Ayn-Martha Joyce

2017-01-24 02:11:30

I finished watching season three of Cedar Cove this past weekend. It ended at a point where there has to be a season four in order to find out what happened. Please tell me it is not true that the show was cancelled and if so, why? Also, why w it so obvious that some of the men were wearing lipstick, was not attractive.


2017-01-28 17:45:51

Still waiting for Season 4 of Cedar Cove to be aired. Please advise when it will start. Thanks.


2017-02-09 16:41:25

I am so disappointed if Cedar Cove doesn't come back on for more seasons. It is a very good, wholesome show for all ages. It's hard to find quality programs to watch these days and Cedar Cove was definitely one of them. I miss watching now!!!! PLEASE bring it back Hallmark!!!


2017-03-04 09:38:35

Is their a season 4 on Netflix? I can't find a clear answer on the internet or on Netflix. I must know what happens after Grace's wedding. If there isn't another season, what book do I pick up from???


2017-03-07 18:14:55

I just caught up on Cedar Cove. Please release season 4. I hate when Hallmark leaves us hanging. Great show.


2017-03-09 00:40:28

Jack, I feel your pain. We got cut off. I want to read the books but start from where we left off. Sorry this isn't an answer for you.


2017-05-24 16:52:12

Love the show looking forward to the 4th season. This show is my kind of show warm inviting and darn good...


2017-07-29 01:49:25

I love Cedar Cove! I so badly wanted to see season 4. Makes me not want to watch anymore Hallmark series if they won't finish them! Very, very disappointed!


2017-07-30 03:48:57

I just watched all seasons on netflex. I knew there were only 3 seasons but I wished I had known that it was going to leave me hanging....I wouldn't have watched any of it if I had known.


2017-12-17 10:30:32

Is there going to be a Season 4? This is a great show.


2018-01-20 06:43:29

We all so enjoyed watching Cedar Cove, please more episodes cannot wait. All of the Hallmark movies have been great enjoyed each and everyone. So glad we got Netflix

Mary T

2018-02-15 03:46:37

This has been one of the best series I have ever watched. I vote to have another season!


2018-02-27 02:08:18

I'm CRUSHED that they discontinued the series Cedar Cove. What a beautiful, heart-warming show. I miss the characters already and am terribly disappointed that there is no season 4... How can they just leave the audience hanging after the long awaited conclusion of season 3???? SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!


2018-03-07 23:11:25

I am so disappointed there is not a Season 4 of Cedar Cove. Please, Netflix, pick it up like ypu did with Longmire!!!! I am hooked on the the develops and what badly to have closure on how it ends. Shame on Hallmark to start a project and not finish it. Never is a book published without the end...shame, shame shame!!!

Naomi arches

2018-03-14 19:36:39

Renew Cedar Cove. We love this show.


2018-03-27 04:44:51

I really enjoyed the first 3 seasons of Cedar Cove. I hope there will be more seasons to follow.


2018-05-02 19:54:36

Just recently started watching Cedar Cove. This series had superb cast, amazing actors/actresses, and beautiful shoot locations. I rarely watch this type of shows, but found Cedar Cove to be enjoyable. Truly amazed with the awesome talent of the entire cast. Please renew for season 4!


2018-05-18 07:18:57

Love Cedar Cove! Please bring us the 4th season!


2018-06-08 04:45:48

Im so disappointed!!! I enjoy the series . I want more. It cant end this way? !


2018-08-09 16:39:50

Comment (at least 5 characters)… I really liked this show, just what I want to watch on TV and of course it gets cancelled. People caring about each other, that's a lost art in the real world, sad viewer!


2019-05-21 15:17:18

I see that there are 11 episodes to season 3 of Cedar Cove. I know there will not be a season 4, shame on you for cancelling, but why do you only have season 3 thru episode 8 on Movies Now....please at least show the last few episodes.
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