Blood and Oil season 2 release date - Closed

Original name: Blood and Oil season 2
Duration: 24 min.
Cast: Don Johnson, Chace Crawford, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Scott Michael Foster, Amber Valletta, India de Beaufort
Genre: Crime, Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: ABC
Original release:

About TV show Blood and Oil season 2

About TV show Blood and Oil season 2

But despite all the ratings continued to drop with each series and channel management reduced the number of episodes in the first season from 13 to 10. This was a clear sign that the show closed after a disastrous first season. You can, of course, hope for the resuscitation of the project, as it has become quite common place in recent years, but the interest of the public was not big enough to think of that possibility. The focus of the audience unfolding events in North Dakota, where the oil boom. Many in the oil business, amassed a fortune, but at the same time, many have lost their lives for the sake of money, which they have not received. The Dakota comes one ambitious couple, who had heard about it and wanted to get rich quick.

To work on the project had attracted famous actors, who gave it your best, but still could not save the disastrous series.

Blood and Oil season 2 release date


When does Blood and Oil season 2 return on ABC? We have the new information on the status of Blood and Oil season 2. Release date to be confirmed at the show's ABC channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for Blood and Oil season 2.

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The series Blood and Oil was one of the innovations of the last season of the television channel ABC (Galavant season 2). It should say, critics took the show positively and interest of viewers for the pilot episode was great. This contributed to the large-scale advertising campaign of the new project.

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2016-01-04 04:14:06

Yes, please bring this show back!! It was show on TV in a very long time and certainly beats what is out there right now.


2016-08-25 03:18:16

This show is the best. I AGREE they need to continue with season 2016. Never missed an episode...watched it every Sunday.

Tami Rucando

2016-01-06 05:24:32

Loved it!


2016-06-12 02:41:09

Please bring it back!


2016-01-07 06:31:18

Loved this show!!!


2016-01-10 03:30:32

Cant wait for season 2 to begin. Loved the show and hopefully it will return. Seems as if ABC doesnt give new shows a chance.


2016-03-21 01:42:22

My family loved Blood & Oil, one of the best shows on in a long time. Too many reality shows. Please bring us a season two of Blood & Oil.


2016-01-12 00:11:45



2016-01-13 18:43:45

I want it to return. LOVED IT! I need more.


2016-01-19 00:29:58


Love this show!!!

2016-01-24 08:58:34

Please do not drop this show!! It is a great show! Something different and original!!!! I loved this show!!!


2016-01-24 21:55:54



2016-01-25 04:32:13

I love watching the show every Sunday at 9:00. Even if I am very tired I stay up until the program ends an I can't wait for the show comes back. I was wandering when is the new episode is?


2016-02-01 15:53:39



2016-02-03 08:28:01

I love this show! Make a season 2!


2016-02-05 02:23:36

YES BRING IT BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't take yet another good show off the air just because it doesn't fit the bill of one of more age groups....consider ALL age groups please...

Bobbie Jo

2016-02-07 21:47:22

My husband and I love love love this show!!! Bring it back!!!!


2016-02-09 06:40:48

We really love Blood and Oil Have been waiting for return.


2016-02-10 02:50:14

Can't wait for Blood and oil to is a modern day Dallas and loved every moment of it...this has to continue...please keep us posted


2016-02-12 17:18:30

A friend and I just got into this show and we love it!!! We may be late on the uptake but please consider us as 2 votes to continue to season 2!!!!!!! Thanks to Hulu for showing it!!!

mike McFarland

2016-02-13 21:09:04

Please keep blood and oil rolling

Betty Boop

2016-02-14 03:21:33

PLEASE bring back the show, I am heartbroken to learn it has been cancelled. I love all the characters on this series.


2016-02-14 04:33:34

Yes!, Bring the show back. It has been the best show on tv in a very long time! It was nice to see creativity verses another stupid reality show.


2016-02-15 02:54:00

Please please bring this show back I'm lost with it love this show !!!!!!


2016-02-17 03:51:28

Loved the show voting for season 2


2016-02-19 09:24:25

Yes, definitely bring this show back!!!


2016-02-20 14:09:52

I didn't catch Blood and Oil while the season was on ABC, I picked up on it on Demand TV and it took me two days and I watched all ten episodes and I truly loved the show. I couldn't get enough of it. Lookin forward to season 2 PLEASE, PLEASE release another season.

2016-02-21 06:10:36

Bring back blood & oil forsure. Took a few episodes but got into it and totally looking forward to it coming back on, although I thought it was just a winter break


2016-02-22 04:28:30

I absolutely love blood and oil and have been waiting patiently for its return. Please Please come back. I thought the show was very exciting the hour show went by very fast. I love Don Johnson and all the charachters . Waiting Patiently.


2016-02-23 06:51:59

This show was a reminder of the good old days when you were left sitting on the edge of your seat and already couldn't wait until next week. It's reminisce of the 80's when Dallas & Falcon Crest were household words. We would have parties with snacks and friends gathered around to watch tv and see what this weeks cliffhanger would be. This is a show that doesn't need to fade away or be shoved on a back burner needs to be unleashed and allowed to grow. Keep on fighting to stay alive....Best of luck and well Arkansas


2016-04-05 05:13:15



2016-02-26 03:10:16

YES!!! bring this show back, best to watch. Like the plot, actors/actresses and set.


2016-02-28 16:28:38

Love the show, one of the best shows on TV & it's great to watch . We watch it every week & record it also. We want the show to come back on !!!


2016-02-29 06:41:18

Bring back the Program Blood & Oil, with Don Johnson & the of the Crew !!!!!! Please I like the mischievous stuff that goes on Blood & Oil !!!! Bring The Program Back !!!!!! Maurine Hinrichs.


2016-03-02 14:04:33

Great show, looking forward to its return.


2016-03-03 04:04:09

Love this show!!!! It really needs to come back. Why do you cancel all the good programs?

2016-03-03 04:57:32

I love that show!! Please bring it back!!


2016-03-03 06:01:54



2016-03-05 01:06:22

i love blood and oil please bring it back


2016-03-05 21:36:36

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Absolutely loved the show. Please do not cancel.


2016-03-06 02:55:34

I really enjoyed Blood and Oil. Please bring it back.

Miranda & Eddie

2016-03-06 09:32:52

My husband and I like the show. Bring it back!

Kenneth Bacon

2016-03-06 19:23:32



2016-03-06 23:21:55

Comment (at least 5 characters)...please bring it back for another season...please?

2016-03-07 00:09:52

Bring blood and oil back it was awesome


2016-03-07 01:35:20

Bring this show back, please!!!!

2016-03-07 02:39:05

Please bring Blood and Oil back for season 2.


2016-03-07 05:55:42

Great show! Bring it back.


2016-03-07 06:24:33

Love the show, please bring it back!!!!


2016-03-08 05:06:29

Loved this show! Please continue and bring on Season 2! Been waiting patiently for the return of this show.


2016-03-10 03:38:52

Yessssssssss....Bring it back....This was my favorite show to watch....every week it had me wanting to skip to nxt week to watch it....They will be stupid not to bring it back on...


2016-03-10 21:26:38

PLEASE bring Blood and Oil back! It had such a great mix of drama! Love it!! ❤️ Kept me waiting for the next show every time!!


2016-03-11 06:53:02

Love it!!!!!

The Wilson's

2016-03-13 04:55:10

Please bring back Blood and Oil.. Very good show..


2016-03-13 22:32:09

This show was great! My husband and I love this show also. They seem to cancel shows without really giving them a chance. Please bring back the show!


2016-03-13 23:28:28

This is the only show I enjoy watching on sundays. At least finish the series without any open story lines.


2016-03-14 01:51:46

Hope they come back it's a awesome show


2016-03-14 01:51:46

Hope they come back it's a awesome show


2016-03-14 04:17:54

Please continue this show's great...I love it.....


2016-03-14 18:33:01

It's a shame that Blood & Oil got cancelled. I know that a lot of people wouldn't watch it because they felt it was a rip off from their show Dallas. I myself thought it was a great show with a lot of heart and feel that it didn't get the chance it deserved! It deserves a reboot....


2016-03-14 19:50:57

Loved the show! Please bring it back.


2016-03-15 03:44:44

Yes please bring the show back husband and I never missed an episode..GREAT show!!!


2016-03-15 04:06:15

Yes bring this show back....loved it!!!!!


2016-03-15 06:49:53

Please bring this show back. My husband and I love it. So many terrible shows on and stay, but here's a great one and you want to take it off. I'll have to look for another channel to watch if you do!


2016-03-15 15:58:47

Love it please bring it back... You can take Quantico


2016-03-16 07:07:50

Loved the show & seeing Don Johnson back in action. Loved everyone and everything about the show. WE WANT THE SHOW BACK.


2016-03-17 07:54:10

Agreed , best show on tv , I'm having withdrawals waiting for season 2 to start love the show and love the characters in it, I'm biggest fan of all...........


2016-03-19 05:24:42

Awesome show don Johnson is the best


2016-03-20 04:39:34

Every week I check to see if Blood and Oil is back on. Then I get so disappointed that it's not on. I hope they don't cancel it; I really, really enjoyed watching it.


2016-03-20 17:04:48

Loved this show! Been a Don Johnson fan for years, all the cast members in this show are great. It's a pleasant change from all the dumb reality shows out there now. Would be a crime if there wasn't a 2nd season. Please renew the series, have been waiting for the series to start up again. ☹️


2016-03-21 02:18:30

Blood and Oil has to be renewed. It is awesome. It reminds me of Dallas the old days. I looked forward to it every Sunday and Don Johnson was a modern JR Ewing. It was great. Pleaseeeeeeeee bring it back.


2016-03-21 04:19:14

PLEASE don't cancel "Blood & Oil"! Why are the good shows cancelled? There are still some of us who don't care for the reality shows!

This was a great show! Very disappointing it is going to be cancelled!

2016-03-21 12:47:33

Are you kidding me!!! This was a great show am very disappointed it is going to be cancelled! With crap remaining on TV and taking this off! Somebody is crazy as hell!!


2016-03-21 23:41:48

Good show leave it on and get rid of some of the dumb shows that are still on.


2016-03-22 03:19:30

This show is phenomenal! Gotta have another season.


2016-03-22 03:19:32

This show is phenomenal! Gotta have another season.


2016-03-24 06:09:19

Bring this show BACK Please


2016-03-26 03:55:15

please bring back Blood and Oil it was a great show and I miss seeing it.


2016-03-26 04:16:53

Please please please give me a season 2 I'm an addict of this show now please watched all first ten episodes of the first season. I need season 2 please!!!


2016-03-26 23:02:56

I am looking forward to the 2nd season of blood and oil


2016-03-29 02:55:14

yes yes yes bring it back awesome show the highlight of my week....BLOOD AND OIL IS THE BEST EVER...thank you


2016-03-29 06:53:42

Oh come on!! A great show cut short already....I am so tried of moron shows like Bob's burgers, Once apon a time, etc. Please continue this show!!!


2016-03-30 22:40:18

My husband and I love this show!!! Please renew it!1


2016-04-01 03:20:10

Please I loved this show


2016-04-01 03:20:11

Please I loved this show

Mary Jane kersey

2016-04-02 05:37:08

Please bring it back. I love this show please it's bad enough you cancelled wicked city. I love this show and have been waiting for it to come back on. Please please please bring it back.


2016-04-04 03:54:22

I loved the first episode of Blood and Oil. Great cast and plot...Please bring on season 2!!


2016-04-06 04:10:33

This show is like a modern day Dallas, but better. Has to be brought back before the out of sight, out of mind plague takes over.


2016-04-11 03:15:40

Damn good TV series plz bring it back it's better than Quantico


2016-04-11 03:46:15

Seriously?! You have to bring this show back. It's a great drama, with great actors. Please keep it going...pretty please ?!


2016-04-11 05:34:50

love this show..please bring it back..

2016-04-12 04:13:26

Love the show


2016-04-12 06:03:11

Loved this show!


2016-04-12 16:03:37

Please bring it back on....Love the show


2016-04-13 01:04:09



2016-04-14 00:39:38

Bring it back I loved it


2016-04-14 15:27:03

Love the show... bring it back!!!


2016-04-15 01:13:32

It is every thing that reality tv is not. Please bring it back.


2016-04-19 01:27:40

Love the show! First time we did not have to deal with yet another a reality show. Blood & Oil was AAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++


2016-04-21 02:14:40

my very favorite new show in quite a while


2016-04-21 05:00:30

loved it please bring it back


2016-04-22 03:16:30

Absolutely loved it. Couldn't wait for the next episode to start week after week.


2016-04-25 01:32:14

Please bring this show back I thought it was great I am looking forward to watching it again thank you


2016-04-25 05:58:53

My husband and I loved this show! When does season 2 start? We are a married couple in our 50's and want this show back on asap! Thank you... Here's to season 2,


2016-04-25 06:52:48

Love this show! Great show!


2016-04-26 03:43:20

I absolutely loved this show. Please bring in Season2. I looked forward to Sunday nights just to see this show.


2016-04-26 09:41:56

Ever since they cut it to 10 episodes. I have been checking on google to see if it is going to be a season two. I loved the show. It had a great cast. It showed how cut throat the oil business is. Don johnson is one of the reason i watched the show. I got hooked on the first episode. I never read reviews. Most are bs. And other channels hating on what you guys have. Bring it back or take it another channel. I am a true fan. I will follow to where ever you go. Mikalo


2016-04-28 02:51:36

Still hoping this show will return


2016-04-29 22:39:22

great series, keep it goingComment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-05-01 03:11:18

I wanna watch season 2!


2016-05-04 23:41:03

Bring it back we are waiting


2016-05-05 04:17:10

Love this show please bring it back


2016-05-08 06:34:35

Please don't cancel this show!!!! Almost all the shows my husband and I like end up getting canceled!!! Don't take this one too !!!


2016-05-09 02:50:08

Please bring backblood and oil its a great show


2016-05-09 19:24:26

So few glamour shows on TV anymore. There is still a whole generation of 40+ people that love series like Dallas, Dynasty, etc. Blood & Oil fills that void and people like to aspire to wealth and power. Albeit fictional it generates dreams and ideas to push forward in tough times -- provides the idea of hope and ambition -- just what society still needs.


2016-05-10 01:37:41

I love the show. i never miss an episode.please bring it back. cant wait to see what happens.


2016-05-10 18:15:05

Bring back Blood and Oil! I obsessed!


2016-05-11 01:54:05

Don't cancel blood and oil best show ever


2016-05-14 06:14:17

Love Blood and Oil! Something different! Great cast. Especially Don Johnson! Hope there will be a season 2!


2016-05-16 02:29:35

We love, love this show takes me back to watching Dallas all over again no body could ever replace JR but Don Johnson is doing a damn good job of it finally a show everyone well at least me please don't take it off check a channel 25 every Sunday at 9 love it.

Raised in the Oilfield

2016-05-16 23:25:09

This is the absolute best series EVER. You have to return. Love the scenery, story line and actors. Some of my best childhood memories are related to the oilfield. DEFINITELY A KEEPER!!


2016-05-18 04:12:43

Please give Blood and Oil one more season.Very well written and enjoyed the story


2016-05-19 03:57:51

love the show me &wife can wait come back


2016-05-20 19:35:46

Love the show

Mr Big Rangel

2016-05-21 09:06:40

Good drama, good thrill


2016-05-23 07:53:15

Love the show, remind me of Dallas.


2016-05-26 01:26:27

My husband and I love the show Blood & Oil. Please bring it back!! Thank you.


2016-05-27 15:08:05

i hope blood and oil returns i love that show and don johnson is great actor


2016-05-28 02:42:05

I hope blood and oil returns love seasons binge watched it on demand


2016-05-28 03:23:05

I look forward to the return of Blood and Oil. It's so annoying that the decent storied shows are cancelled and the idiotic reality shows remain. i.e. Nashville should still be on.


2016-05-28 06:57:44

I really hope this show comes back!! I loved the first season. I really don't get into many shows but I was ready to watch this every Sunday!!


2016-05-30 19:01:17

Bring it back. Why cancel all the good shows


2016-05-30 19:18:46

This show is awsome,now that the oilfield guys are home rating would zky keep removing the good shows

Jannie M

2016-05-31 00:23:13

Please bring blood and oil back on!

Tony Shaw

2016-05-31 05:57:30

My wife & I watched every episode as they came out. We enjoyed the storyline and acting. We would love to see the show continue.


2016-06-08 17:13:26

Please bring it back. Best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff tellier

2016-06-09 06:15:03

The writers an actors are incredible, can't wait for season two.


2016-06-10 21:05:49

Yes bring the show back what happen to jewels did she move and have the baby?


2016-06-15 06:16:10

Omgeeeeeee hurry


2016-06-17 04:12:59

Are you people nuts cancelling a great show. Season 1 was awesome bring season 2.


2016-06-17 04:23:08

Waiting for season 2 don't cancel.


2016-06-17 23:59:51

Must continue with Season has potential.....just need to keep the audience attention...I love it!!!


2016-06-20 03:09:54

amazing ABC finally has a decent show and they cancel it. You'd be better off cancelling your news.


2016-06-21 08:46:31

I love the show. Please bring it back 2016


2016-06-21 08:49:59

Please bring blood and oil back I love the show


2016-06-22 17:08:58

please don't cancel.. love it


2016-06-22 18:07:42

Yes! Yes! Yes! Bring it back! Love the show!


2016-06-23 03:37:09

I really liked the show very disappointed to here it's not coming back on


2016-06-23 04:15:49

Love Blood and Oil.. Please bring back!!!


2016-06-23 04:18:10

better than Quantico I think!!


2016-06-24 12:38:55

Yes I want it!! Keep it keep it please!!


2016-06-25 03:23:42

Please please renew the show..Love it!!


2016-06-28 22:03:31

Was addicted to this show. Was so disappointed to hear you canceled. I COULD Give YOU A LIST Of SHOWS THAT SHOULD BE cancelled. Please reinstate.

Danny Mwayi

2016-06-29 18:12:43

This show was very awesome. Bring it back fox


2016-07-05 21:51:25

I'm a big Don Johnson fan he is the main reason I watch this exciting drama.


2016-07-07 04:22:28

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I can't wait for season 2. I hope they bring it back.


2016-07-10 15:54:21

The fact that your dreams can come true, how they do anything to get what they want.


2016-07-15 18:34:21

We loved this show. Can"t wait for its return. I watched every episode and hated for it to end. Please bring it back on .


2016-07-24 17:13:36

Please bring the show back. Don Johnson is a great actor and makes this show good. It is better than some of the crap on TV.


2016-07-24 18:45:36

Love the show I want more !!


2016-07-28 03:41:51

Please bring Blood & Oil back! We loved all episodes!! Want More!!


2016-07-29 02:13:35

Yes pleade Bring this Back we all luv it


2016-07-29 04:05:58

Bring back blood and oil best show


2016-07-30 16:18:43

Everytime there's a good show they take it off... blood oil is good as hell I love it I'm bout to stop watching new shows all together sick of watching something I can never finish

Joyce Cade

2016-07-31 01:08:04

I really enjoyed the show


2016-08-01 06:01:21

I loved the show. Season2 I'm ready... I'm waiting it out!!!

jine reed

2016-08-02 04:29:12

i like the tv show.i was looking forward to watching it


2016-08-03 19:41:03

You took away Dallas please bring this one back great show


2016-08-10 06:30:13

I'm with you angel, ditto!

Cheryl todde

2016-08-10 03:27:33

Will there be a 2nd season to blood and oil or not if so when

2016-08-19 03:15:20

Season 1 was great! Hope to see a season 2 of Blood & Oil!


2016-08-19 09:07:14

this show is off the hook got so addicted to it and now talking about cancelling it. out of all the shows out there this one is having issues about continuing what is wrong with this picture there are so many shows out there are inappropriate or should have never been started and they keep going which is stupid and now one of the greatest shows is having issues someone needs a brain mri and get this show back on the air.


2016-08-20 02:43:11



2016-08-21 05:49:20

The show was great - better than anything they have currently on TV - can't wait for Season 2.


2016-08-21 21:52:48

bring this show back its one of the best one out family watch the first episode and we cant wait for the second one..please please please bring it back..


2016-08-22 15:16:08

I like the show. I am a fan of Don Johnson. I would like the show to be renewed for a second season.


2016-08-23 21:18:08

please bring blood and oil back! stop canceling good shows! hate when you get us interested and then you cancel them! sick of some of these reality show and really sick of bart simson and all cartoon shows!! that's why I don't watch them and mostly stick to ABC!

2016-08-24 04:29:14

Yes, great show. I hope it comes back!!


2016-08-29 05:57:11

LOVED BLOOD & OIL as did several of my friends....Bring it back please!! Don't leave us all hanging!


2016-08-30 09:35:46

Please bring back Blood and Oil. I agree with the input of others before me. It is a really great show. I loved the intrigue, wanted the week to rush away so I could get to the next episode. Thank you for your consideration of continueing.


2016-09-01 08:23:32

Love the show!!! Please don't cAncel. Can't wait to see whAt happens next!!!


2016-09-06 05:07:16

I love this show from the 1st night it aired. I hated for the finale to come. If there is only 8 shows I will hate for the last show to air for the season!!


2016-09-06 17:07:25

i love this dramatic movie and i pray to have season 2... released... thanks to ABC management


2016-09-07 00:48:29

Hope season 2 will continue in 2016


2016-09-07 05:13:15

Can't wait! Seriously excited


2016-09-08 17:09:05

one of my favorite tv shows in a long time. I would definitely watch! please bring back the show


2016-09-08 21:59:07

This is an awesome show! bring it back


2016-09-10 20:35:20

Please bring Blood And Oil back for season 2, it is one of the best new shows to come to ABC.


2016-09-10 22:28:42

Awesome show! Love the story lines keeps you quessing. The cast is great! Please give the show another season, the show keeps you waiting to watch the next one!


2016-09-11 13:53:36

Why would you guys return blood and oil that was one of the best show please return we lovvvvvvvved that it was thrilling kept views on the edges of there seats heart filled and heart breaking all in one I can't wait I need a date please!!!!!


2016-09-12 00:40:20

Watched all of season 1 hoping and waiting for season 2

Miss Nancy

2016-09-12 04:19:21

So glad the series is coming back. Yahoooo!!!! Loved the cast and story lines. Watching Don Johnson on Johnny Carson as I write this and Miami Vice is in my series manager on Cox. Thank you Don for sharing your gift of screen presence and superb acting. You do have an audience Miss Nancy Las Vegas

Jim J

2016-09-12 04:45:43

Great Show...Bring it back!


2016-09-13 03:20:19

Comment (at least 5 characters)..I see it is going to be renewed, then it isn't. Come on, BLOOD and OIL is back to good old tv. Damn straight I'd watch it, can't even imagine why there is any question rather to bring it back or not! Bring it back and keep it coming.


2016-09-13 06:18:46

Love love love Blood and Oil please bring it back


2016-09-14 20:51:59

This was a great drama and one I actually looked forward to watching. If I wasn't able to watch it when it was airing, I recorded it so I wouldn't miss it! There are very few shows now days that I will record to watch later, but Blood & Oil was one of them. I am truly bummed to have this show cancelled and really hope they can get it going for another season or more! There seems to be many people who feel the same which makes me very surprised and disappointed that this show was cancelled so soon.


2016-09-16 07:11:53

As a family that is directly affected by the oil industry, we found this show to be one of the best on TV. I don't understand why it was canceled!?


2016-09-16 10:50:27

My husband & I liked this program ,because the Actors & Actress said one thing to someone about Oil & then it was shut your mouth , & don't say anything ,but there was a lot of Back Stabing each other , And Blood & Oil is Very Intriguing & Suspenseful , what it came down to who was going to Outbid the other for The land that had That OIL on it!!!i It is Very Interesting & I really think that those Producers & Directors Can & Should Bring Back Blood & Oil ,All the characters portray the Cowgirls& Cattle Rachers , & some of it was Big Dollars they would keep there Secrets about who wanted the Land or Lands that have the most OIL on it !! And you never know if they would Strike It Big with Oil Rights Or Oil Minerals !! That would be Awesome if they would Bring this Program Back !! BLOOD & OIL Back !!! Plus we all don't forget the Glittsey People, & Very Well Dressed , some were Very Sexy Women & Men ,Handsome & Beautiful That goes Both Wats!!!! Bring this Program Back Please!!! Lisa M.Hinrichs.:-):-)


2016-09-18 00:07:21

Please bring the show back! It's an awesome show - why would you not? It was one of the best show on the air. I would hate to see this show go away. Every time you start getting involved in a serious ........ for some reason it's taken away. I'm looking forward to it coming back!!!

Eileen Matthey

2016-09-18 00:09:47

I Started Watching The Show .I Like The Show


2016-09-18 00:51:23

Loved it, awesome show, glad to see Don Johnson on the telly again, looking forward to seeing more!!!!!


2016-09-19 03:16:40

PLEASE bring Blood and Oil back!!! Best show out there. Lots of twists and turns in the plots. I am so sick of all the reality crap shows.


2016-09-19 05:33:19



2016-09-20 06:37:26

PLEASE give it Blood &Oil another season . IT IS AN AWESOME SHOW


2016-09-20 20:51:43

this was the best show on TV, please bring it back.


2016-09-22 03:16:37

Vary good show with a great cast. Please keep it coming.


2016-09-23 02:54:24

I think Sunday PM was the wrong choice, as there were 2 very established shows that the audience was already tuned in to. Give it a second chance. Very good acting, story line and twists.


2016-09-23 23:42:51

I absolutely loved Season 1 of Blood & Oil. It will be a mistake not to bring it back. I sincerely hope to see it on TV soon!!!


2016-09-25 21:09:42

I love Blood & Oil and so do tons of my friends & fam! PLEASE BRING SEADON 2!!!!!!!!!


2016-09-25 21:40:53

Please bring this show back.


2016-09-26 00:42:08

I love blood and oil soo much please email me when season 2 Is released


2016-09-26 04:40:26

Both my husband and myself enjoyed the show. Thought was awesome!!!!


2016-09-29 04:24:54



2016-09-30 20:22:07

Great show ! A show my husband and I can't wait to watch together!


2016-10-02 02:55:55

I missed 'Blood and Oil' I thought it was so good. One of the best shows on television. It was a modern day Dallas. Please bring it back. Maybe it would be more popular on a different night? Please, please, bring it back.

Janine Marie

2016-10-02 04:46:52

I absolutely loved this show. I am so over crime shows like csi that go from Vegas to Miami to new York to new Orleans. I've lost several good shows to show'some like that. Why do TV stations keep shutting down good shows? Please please renew blood and olive. I've waited all summer for season 2

RossanneFarnese Sundgren

2016-10-06 20:21:01

My Family loved that show! Well done with a great plot....Hoping it starts soon!!!

Blood and Oil''s Biggest Fan

2016-10-07 00:35:49

ABC MUST KEEP THIS SERIES!! I don't watch much TV, and found this by accident on Hulu-- and it''s awesome. Best thing Don Johnson gas ever done, but there are no bad performances. Awesome storyline and cast. Please keep producing this series!

Cindy Martin

2016-10-07 15:32:58

Love the show tape it so I can skip commercials my friends watch it. Takes me back to Dynasty. Dallas. Knotts Landing Please bring it back


2016-10-12 01:47:56

Bring back blood and oil!!! Loved love love that show!


2016-10-15 02:52:07

I loved the show and watched every episode. I hope it comes back on....please!!!!


2016-10-17 00:20:01

We want more Blood &Oil Happ Brigs is sexy ruthless


2016-10-20 23:27:10

In the Comments there is concern about " Many in the Oil Business, amassed a fortune, but at the same time, many have lost their lives for the sake of money, which they have not received. The Dakota comes one ambitious couple." Well isn't that what LIFE is all about for MANY MANY people... Take for instance "GOLD RUSH" Tremendous HIT... Life and fortunes are at STAKE all the Time...!!


2016-10-24 04:41:32

Loved it!!


2016-10-24 06:20:52

Please bring show bk. This was a great show. I loved it. Makes me sad to think it will not be bk. This is definitely one of the better shows out right now. I also never missed an episode. I have the whole 1st season still recorded. Don't leave us hanging.


2016-10-25 03:24:14

Please keep going


2016-10-26 04:05:10

Miss this show, so many twists and turns.


2016-10-26 21:22:28

I sincerly hope this show comes back ! We need something with substance , other than GARBAGE ! on the airwaves


2016-10-27 05:23:32

Please bring the show back!! Loved The show Revenge and this show had the same feeing, never missed an wpisofe! Bring it back!!


2016-10-30 18:54:50

Great series.

Oil bizness

2016-11-02 00:26:05

Bring back Blood n Oil.....Love the oil business, love the show.


2016-11-07 04:57:29

I very much enjoyed the show! Please convince them that we need to continue with Season 2. PLEASE!


2016-11-07 23:53:20

Please bring this show back. I loved it!+!


2016-11-09 06:09:37

Best show since Dallas!! Lol love this show. Don Johnson still has the charm


2016-11-09 06:28:12

Love the show! shows the up and downs of life and the true meaning of what risk is all about bring it back


2016-11-16 05:44:25

You need to make season 2 best show on tv


2016-11-16 05:48:11

Bring it back! My husband and I loved this show!


2016-11-16 06:19:30

Yes please bring a season 2 on yes I definitely wanna see it I loved this show


2016-11-16 22:10:11

please bring it back!!! Don Johnson come on ppl !!! This was a great show that will take off just keep it coming !!! Half the shows don't compare!!


2016-11-21 02:16:27

Really liked this show please please bring it back. One show my husband and I actually watch together


2016-11-21 05:19:54

YES!!!!m best show ever


2016-11-22 13:59:09

This show was Awesome! Modern day version of old faves like Dallas and Dynasty! Really hope it comes back!


2016-11-22 14:03:33

Bring it back!! Great show!!


2016-11-29 06:48:39

Loved the show. Bring it back


2016-12-09 09:38:44

Please bring this series back. I've really missed it and was so disappointed to find it had been cancelled.


2016-12-18 03:22:25

My husband and I love it, Please bring it back !!!!!!!!!


2016-12-30 05:10:56

Can't believe this was canceled ! This was the best show since Dallas and knots landing! I so looked forward Sunday evenings with my teen daughter. Bring it back!

Faye Huff

2017-01-01 18:56:02

Blood and Oil was a great show. Better than most of the stuff on t.v. now. The show needs to continue

Dog Lady

2017-01-06 05:29:28

Loved blood and oil, wth did thy cancel it for. Really take off good shows like that for stupid simpsons and all these superhero shows. Stupid call ABC


2017-01-09 17:04:29

Please bring this back!! We loved it!!


2017-01-13 08:44:58

Come on! There's very few good dramas on tv an this show had it all. I liked it very much an hope they bring it back. Why do they cancel good shows but continue to air the same sitcoms that no one watches for years?

Susan clary

2017-01-19 22:09:59

I think that blood oil needs to come back to TV maybe USA network.since ABC letting go.

Susan clary

2017-01-23 22:06:45

Please bring back blood oil maybe to the USA network. Or cmt could bring back like cmt brought back Nashville.


2017-01-27 01:29:14

It was a great show and I never understood why shows everyone talks about gets cancelled for ratings. Maybe they only poll the west coast !!!!!!


2017-01-29 04:24:12

Please bring back Blood and Oil season 2


2017-01-29 07:35:31

I absolutely adored this show. Why not have second season..shocked they would not!! Please. The show was soon good


2017-02-02 18:50:14

I cant believe they cancelled this show. I loved it from day one. I am sure they have had numerous requests to bring it back. I don't understand how a good show is cancelled and other stupid shows still air, how does that happen?Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2017-03-02 05:46:04

Please bring this show back to life!


2017-03-09 16:13:39

Comment (at least 5 characters). Great show watching in Scotland hope series two goes ahead..


2017-03-14 03:17:38

Bring back this show.... we really enjoyed it! What is wrong with you people?


2017-03-16 01:50:05



2017-03-16 01:52:43



2017-05-08 03:51:58

Why are we still waiting for this show to return ? What is wrong with you people ! Bring it back already !! How many of us have to ask ? Give it another season and see how it goes !!


2017-07-12 16:42:33

please hole family enjoyed season one. loved to continue watching the rest regard in


2017-07-15 20:59:18

Just keep thinking it would be back.. good story line.. but so many people do bing watching today it is hard to tell what is happening.. I had watch the original Dallas and yes there were some things that were similar but that is true when comparing any two programs of the same genre.


2017-08-03 15:05:29

Brilliant show, but no advertising in uk so how are people supposed to know about it? I found it by accident.


2017-08-06 11:42:06

I " binged watched" the whole 10 episodes and absolutley loved inreally hope there is a season 2


2017-08-25 04:55:14

I loved Blood and Oil and I wish that there would be many more seasons to come. It grabbed my attention from the beginning and i would like to see where the writers could go with this one. The cast were awesome and perfect for the characters they were playing. I don't understand why ABC is so quick to pull the plug on two of the best shows ever without giving them a real chance. Nashville is still going strong and it is going to be around for years to come and I believe Blood and Oil could be if given a chance.

Ms. P

2017-09-19 04:47:04

Spicy show!!!! Tune in. Don Johnson, u go boy!


2017-10-26 05:52:38

what the f? best in years from abc

Susan clary

2017-11-16 06:51:07

Why can other network bring back blood and oil if they can bring back this stupid show then they can bring back blood and oil.


2017-12-12 05:41:33

Truly disappointed. It was one of the best shows to come out in a long time.


2018-02-04 02:51:45

Where is season 2 ? Still waiting All I see is - CLOSED Please OPEN it


2018-02-15 21:18:15

I would love to see season 2 of blood and oil. its really really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2019-01-05 09:21:49

Loved this show and all the series. Is there a chance it will show on Netflix
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