Benders season 2 release date - 2016

Original name: Benders season 2
Duration: 22 min.
Cast: Chris Distefano, Andrew Schulz, Lindsey Broad, Andrew Schulz
Genre: Sitcom
Country: USA
TV channel: IFC
Original release:

About TV show Benders season 2


  • Andrew Schulz as Paul Rosenberg
  • Lindsey Broad as Karen
  • Chris Distefano as Anthony Pucello
  • Mark Gessner as Dicky
  • Ruy Iskandar as Sebalos

These guys can not live without hockey. This racing game is part of their lives, they are dependent on him, without it they can not. They are not professional players, but that does not stop them. They behave sometimes illogical reasons for their actions is difficult to realize because of this they have great difficulty. The main character of the series "Dubotryasy" is obsessed with hockey Paul Rosenberg. He is so committed to this game, it has a negative impact on his life. It does not compare to a professional hockey game, but the game itself him like crazy. Because of his way of life problems, which are reflected in the field, and his wife Karen. Even so, Paul's friends had a great time playing hockey.

About Benders season 2

Now there is no official information about the Benders season 2. We will follow the news on Twitter, Fasebook, Google +, and the official website of the series. When the news about Benders season 2 release date, we will u date this article.

New sitcom The Benders starts October 1, 2015. Benders is an USA comedy series created by Tom Sellitti and Jim Serpico.

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2015-12-14 21:00:36

Bring back this show for season 2, its hilarious!


2016-03-15 18:39:42

Love this show don't cancel D:


2016-05-20 00:31:47

Just because this isn't another fucking CSI show doesn't mean it has to be cancelled! Renew season 2! And 3 & 4 & 5 keep it going keep it going come on guys!!!


2016-07-14 09:32:35

Bring back Benders Season 2... It's awesome and funny! Characters/Actors were Great!100%


2016-11-09 04:58:44

Wholly shit. Bring the show back. Its medication. Benders rules


2016-12-14 03:48:42

Bring back Benders season 2, the shows funny
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