Banshee season 5 release date - Ended on Cinemax

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Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2016-04-12

Banshee is an American action television series created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler originally appearing on the Cinemax network beginning on January 11, 2013.

Banshee season 5 cancelled or renewed? When Banshee season 5 be released? Will Banshee season 5 be final?

The original name: Banshee season 5
Duration: 55 min.
Seasons: 4
Actors: Antony Starr, Ivana Miličević, Ulrich Thomsen, Frankie Faison, Hoon Lee, Rus Blackwell
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller
Country: USA
TV channel: Cinemax
Original release: January 11, 2013 – May 20, 2016

When does Banshee season 5 return on Cinemax? We have the new information on the status of Banshee season 5. Release date to be confirmed at the show's Cinemax channel. Thank you for having taken part in the voting for Banshee season 5.

About TV show Banshee season 5

In February 2015, the series was renewed for an 8-episode fourth and final season. Banshee season 5 release date - Ended.

Banshee Plot

The focus of the audience turned out to Lucas Hood, who spent more than 10 years for a failed robbery attempt. And now, after so many years, he was released, a man wants to go home. So it turns out that a new sheriff Banshee district did not get to the destination, and was killed. Then Lucas usurps his identity and goes to the Banshee, to put things in order, as he understands it. The bloody war between "justice" in the face of Lucas, and the bandits in the city is inevitable.

At this point already it has been shown three full season 10 in each series. The fourth started in April 2016. The ratings remain stable.

Banshee season 5 release date


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Banshee season 5 release date 2017
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2016-06-06 12:45:50

Banshee 5 is that coming out if so could you let me know the date love that show thanks


2016-09-02 20:00:50

Bring season 5 great show.


2016-06-07 00:30:49

Please please please make season 5 I loved it watched all 4 seasons back to back can't get enough of, brilliant


2016-06-13 04:41:45

Please bring Banshee back. There aren't many series out there that is better than this. It's just the nights should be switched but it's a heck of a show.


2016-06-22 06:09:12

Please please come out with season 5! It has been the ONLY tv series I am glued to since FRIENDS.


2016-06-23 03:44:24

Plzzzz bring back Banshee for season 5!!!!


2016-06-24 17:54:43

Please bring Banshee season 5 back.. It wud be interesting to see hood returns back to the town.. Love from India


2016-06-25 02:57:38

Please take on season5 absolutely fantastic show, glued to it start to finish.


2016-07-01 18:24:11

please please come out with season five. fun from Ethiopia.


2016-07-03 23:50:22

Banshee is my fav programme can't get enough please bring s5


2016-08-01 05:58:46

please bring back banshee season 5 love this show


2016-08-03 21:41:29

Please bring back the show, can hardly wait to see season 5 please please please it's addictive. Love it!!!!!

Bizzare Dube

2016-08-03 23:30:11

Bashee was the best series for me please do season 5 are can't live without believe it hood and Joe and sugar they were doing the last season they have to meet again and do a big time job just for the last time then the end please do season 5!!!


2016-08-17 01:40:27

It is sad that Cinemax choose to end this series. Especially considering how season 4 ends, expectations of what happens next is higher than ever. What would happen on with Job and Lucas Hood. Wild Sugar Bates follow? survived Kai Proctor? I know that history has ended here, but you have opened the possibilities to create an even better series with much better results than those first 4. Not disappointing the fans (like most others who have tried to make something that is half as good, but ends when there is still much more to give) I can understand that you are tired of working with the same production every day, but is it not delivering what fans want? Have a nice day Regards Sj

Marla Gambuto

2016-09-01 08:14:56

Pretty please bring banshee back!! Love and miss it!!


2016-09-10 05:43:35

Best show on T.V. Keep it comming


2016-09-22 18:51:45

Please bring Banshee back... the best.


2016-09-23 13:02:46

bring it on great show


2016-09-23 20:00:04

PLZZ bring the season 5,6,7,8 and not end it ever..the best is banshee

Lesley Williams

2016-09-23 23:03:47

BANSHEE is one of tge MOST ORIGINAL shows on TV, it has got so many routes and possibilities, it MUST go please please

zaki bouharkat

2016-10-05 07:49:36

Banshee is my fav serie can't get enough, fun from Algeria.


2016-10-05 11:58:17

I love banshee please please bring it back i still havent found a show better than it nevermind 5 stars its 10 stars


2016-10-08 13:45:43

Am a crazy fan of Banshee from India...We want a season 5...all previous seasons have been totally gripping...Best show ever...


2016-10-16 02:12:54

I love banshee soo much best show going bring it bk asap.


2016-10-19 00:23:44

Please bring Banshee back for Seasons 5 and beyond. It's the best thing since The Walking Dead. The final episode was too weak just to end it there. More more more!


2016-10-25 00:59:12

Bring it back


2016-10-26 05:48:04

Please bring Banshee back really enjoyed every episode from start to finish keep it coming....


2016-10-26 17:29:08

please dont get tired of producing Banshee, produce season 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, i mean till when we the fans say stop, ask for now just continue from season 5, please thank you


2016-11-01 06:35:34

How do these crap shows last longer then banshee they have so many directions they can go,with another season shouldn't be talking on why it was cancelled but when does season 5 start.


2016-11-05 21:35:53

Please release soon banchee s05.its amazing cannt dreaming s05.please realease.i beg all the directors all the crew to bring this s05. Thank you


2016-11-07 20:22:49

I'm gonna miss this brilliant show especially Hoon Lee just love his character he delivers such funny one liners

2016-11-13 02:27:04

Banshee is my fav programme can't get enough please bring s5


2016-11-17 15:06:25

Please continue making season 5 plus more of Banshee. Love the show.


2016-11-18 04:46:08

I'm sooooo down for more seasons!!!!!!! Please reconsider


2016-11-26 22:20:20

Love the series


2016-11-26 22:17:55

Season five yes yes yes loved it all four seasons

Sammy G

2016-11-27 18:12:28

Unbelievable... ❤it..


2016-11-28 11:04:50

I freakin love this show..please release season 5 soon...


2016-11-29 04:25:29

Loved the show banshee. My wife and I looked forward to Friday nights. Please continue the show again.

Beverly Mack

2016-12-02 17:04:35

I soooooo love this Show. You must continue doing Series. I have over 20 people watching this and we're waiting for Season 5.


2016-12-05 18:57:09

Please bring season 5 of Banshee back, I have all 4 seasons and will really miss it if you cancell

Jude Watters

2017-01-20 06:22:39

We just finished binge-watching all 4 seasons of Banchee AGAIN! Love the story, the actors, the humor, the fights, the sex, the cinematography, the imagination, and appreciated all the thought and effort that must have gone into the series! Hoping for Season 5!!!!


2017-01-22 22:12:23

Please bring bandshee back...

Tina Salazar

2017-01-25 20:17:21

Loved Banchee.Best series I've ever watched.I thought Sons of Anacory,was Best till I got a hold of Banchee.that New Zealand guy was a dream as ever love it.hope it never ends.


2017-02-02 03:00:15

Waiting for season 5.......


2017-02-05 01:26:33

Plz we are still waiting for season 5.no1 sheriff Hood fan all the way from South Africa..!


2017-02-27 02:02:12



2017-03-12 01:40:30

I would love to see Banchee return for a 5th season. I have watched the reruns over and over again. Plots are fresh, never boring. Great acting & directing.


2017-03-15 04:22:08

Please please please bring back my favorite show again please


2017-04-08 07:40:41

Work for dish, released banshee will be airing soon this quarter!


2017-05-06 05:57:21

Please bring the series Banshee back on Cinemax. It is the best series that has ever been made. I wish it would run from now on. It was the best program with the best actors of all time.


2017-05-13 21:17:44

Bring back banshee it's one of the best shows out there


2017-05-27 12:48:53

Bring back banshee season 5! Its an excellent show!


2017-05-30 23:01:23

Give us no 5, this show was a genuine breath of fresh air, every episode was superb.


2017-06-14 00:02:27

Please bring it back. Banshee nr 1 serial


2017-07-18 19:33:29

Is Banshee going to have a season 5?