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Atlantis season 3

Original name: Atlantis season 3
Duration: 45 min.
Cast: Jack Donnelly, Mark Addy, Robert Emms, Aiysha Hart, Sarah Parish
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Country: United Kingdom
TV channel: BBC One
Original release:

About TV show Atlantis season 3

The focus is the young warrior Jason - a hero of Greek mythology, who goes in search of his father. Jason is near the shores of a strange island, which is a long time and the sunken continent of Atlantis. A man becomes involved in a deadly ritual and realizes that he will have to be great to try to get out of this mess alive.

The series Atlantis tells an interesting story, and it is clear that the plot of this series has a lot of potential.

Atlantis is a British fantasy-adventure television programme, inspired by Greek mythology (including the legend of Atlantis) and created by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy with Howard Overman. It premiered on 28 September 2013.

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2016-05-15 02:57:56

season 3??


2016-06-02 03:59:28

I loved this show. Will there be a season 3?


2016-11-13 08:35:14

where are you watching the atlantis BBC series?


2016-06-04 13:39:28

will Atlantis season 3 be released?


2016-06-09 12:47:30

We want Atlantis season 3 please..!

Ring Garang M

2016-06-13 00:39:40

I would be very happy to see that Atlantis season three is reLeased coz i hav really enjoyd the show very much...


2016-06-14 14:47:09

We want atlantis season 3 please


2016-06-22 08:34:14

We want Season 3 of Atlantis please..


2016-06-23 01:34:41

Why is it when you have a good show you always want to cancel it like Atlantis and the three musketeers they where the best shows on Saturday


2016-06-25 07:58:52

Would sure love to see Season 3!!!!!


2016-06-27 02:40:32

Please bring back Atlantis for a 3rd season!!!! Ugh, I can't take the cliff hanger.... Jason, Madea, Adriana??? Come on!!!!


2019-09-08 13:44:16

Will Atlantis be back for season three?


2016-06-28 21:33:31

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Love this show, Please, Please bring it back.


2016-07-13 05:25:19

Please put out season 3 it's so awful when you have really good shows just dropped with no real conclusion and replaced with mindless crap Atlantis is a great show we need to keep going

abalo everlin

2016-07-24 11:41:27

we want season three atlantis back


2016-07-28 15:14:14

we want season three


2016-07-30 00:55:38

I like the series very much. But I would like whether if Jason and his friends will finally kill Pasephae? And will Jason take the throne? When is release date on Blu-ray? NA.


2016-08-01 08:39:40

Hey where is season 3? I love this tv show. Don't cancel.

2016-08-05 07:40:46

My kids and I loved this show. We've been waiting for season 3.


2016-08-13 04:23:48

I love this show! Bad idea to cancel it! Please bring it back with Season 3.


2016-08-24 05:27:31

my family watched this show we love it. please continue season 3. unleash the kraken lol


2016-08-29 20:51:49

yes please do a season 3 and more, my family really enjoyed watching this series


2016-09-01 10:25:24

Waiting for season 3


2016-09-01 16:04:10

Pls bring Atlantis season 3. I and my family really love this show

Jay Leon

2016-09-01 20:12:39

I just started watching Atlantis and it has become my favorite show ! After season 2 ended I looked up on the Internet when season 3 will be coming out and was upset of what I saw . It needs to come back ! I've even got my friends hooked on it


2016-09-02 19:28:58

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Atlantis, right from the start, was good but with season 2 it became progressively even better so it is criminal not to have it continue into season 3!


2016-09-05 07:08:55

Nothing would make me happier than the release of future seasons of Atlantis! My heart will be forever broken if I cannot see my beloved friends again...come on BBC, bring Atlantis back to us!


2016-09-07 17:42:48

really waiting for ssn 3!!!!! please


2016-09-10 02:30:58

What a rotten ending for series 2 we need answers SURELY there's got to be series 3 !!!!


2016-10-10 12:05:59

You sure are right. A rotten sn 2 ending and We need answers.


2016-09-10 22:24:03

please do continue this movie ok


2016-09-12 09:39:49

This is a great show. Please please please bring it back.


2016-09-12 16:26:27

Why do you always take off the best shows(Atlantis) and leave the awful ones (Dr Who). Bring back Atlantis or I for one will stop watching anything BBC puts out.


2016-09-22 20:40:34

Fantastic show, great acting, great plot...why would anybody cancel a show like that? Makes not sense. Love to see more!!!

Thez Said

2016-10-02 16:57:09

Yep yep can't wait to see wat happens to pesiphae, medusa, pythegorus and jason.. Bring it now!!


2016-10-04 00:08:50

We love to see atlantis season 3


2016-10-06 21:55:20

Bring back Atlantis for season three


2016-10-10 11:59:51

Atlantis is so much cool. Please please please bring it back. Am a huge fan

like it very my me and my friends love it please dont cancel.

2016-10-10 12:10:07

Comment (at least 5 characters)...


2016-10-29 05:30:50

Me and my son really love the show, please bring back season 3 there's no way you guys can leave us hanging after season 2


2016-11-01 12:45:10

Comment (at least 5 characters)...Season 3 please, i loved the show.


2016-11-01 17:41:29

It's the best fantasy series that I have seen


2016-11-02 05:06:45

I LOVE Atlantis season 3.


2016-11-02 15:43:16

when will we get season 3 sooner the better


2016-11-02 22:24:18

I will be waiting for the next seasons of Atlantis!!


2016-11-03 21:26:45

Please continue Atlantis


2016-11-06 18:34:27

I love this. Show don't cancel it


2016-11-09 01:25:29

Please tell me there is gonna be a season 3!!!!!


2016-11-13 08:34:09

Jason is married to Medea, it is what the greek mythology says when i searched it on google, how sadly it is. SO SAD.

2016-11-15 12:20:43

Come with season 3 plz the show is to good to jst stop production

can't end this way

2016-11-18 20:46:03

I want Atlantis season 3 it must continue. This series can'take end this way.


2016-11-26 01:14:57

please bring bak season 3, i loveddddd de show

Arli Medar Gh

2016-11-27 11:19:43

Pleas we are egger to watch Atlantis Season 3


2016-11-30 08:07:50

If season 3 is not being shown on TV make it available on disc or download for those of us who like the show PLEASE!


2016-12-17 23:04:14

bring back the show pliiiizzzzzzz


2017-01-01 00:07:09

Love Atlantis. The characters are great. It tells a story of bravery, hope, family, love and many other things. Please have episode 3. It is a must show . This is a show worth watching. I applaud the producers and creators of the show. This show should have never been canceled. Bring it back for all those who love the story and the meaning behind it

Keith Ochieng

2017-01-03 19:49:02

My best series...when will sn 3 b released?


2017-01-20 07:04:50

Please don't leave us hanging, we need season 3. I need my happy ending!!!


2017-01-20 07:08:15

Please don't leave all of us viewers hanging. We need a season 3, we need our happy ending!


2017-01-25 22:08:57

Pliz we need season 3


2017-02-17 04:34:20

Ok you cancelled. But we wanted back.The last you can do is to make 15 more episodes and finish the series quicker than you thought. This is fair and for us who like this tv show


2017-04-09 15:57:51

Seaoson 3? Will not show again?


2017-04-12 21:30:47

We want Atlantis back

Just finish the series

2017-09-29 22:01:49

I don’t understand why all the good shows are being canceled it doesn’t make any sense. Atlantis is one of the best tv shows out there and you’re canceling season 3? What for? Just bring out season 3 or be hated forever by hundreds of thousands of fans it’s that simple


2017-10-28 08:03:35

Please make season 3 of Atlantis.


2018-02-10 22:12:34

Waiting for season 3 plzzz


2018-03-22 23:01:22

Pls release the season three thanks


2018-07-18 22:03:39

we want to know the date of Atlantis season 3 please


2019-09-25 09:59:54

will there ever be an 3 of Atlantis plese?


2019-12-22 14:49:13

you could have shown conclusion on paper or animation.


2020-02-07 21:24:06

I love this show. When you decide to cancel a show, please respect the viewers who have invested their time to watch and enjoy the programs, with a conclusion to the series. Please don't leave us hanging.
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