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Aquarius season 2

Original name: Aquarius season 2
Duration: 42 min.
Seasons: 1
Cast: David Duchovny, Grey Damon, Gethin Anthony, Emma Dumont
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
TV channel: NBC
Original release: May 28, 2015 – September 10, 2016

About TV show Aquarius season 2

Many admit that the fresh drama on NBC is a decent time killer and the number of viewers gradually decreased from the 1st episode. However the producers insist it was a hit and their experiment system of broadcasting it online after the premier date of the 1st episode succeeded.

As for the storyline, it is set back in 1960-s and Duchovny features a LAPD cop who, together with his buddy, investigates the disappearance of a young girl – daughter of a famous lawyer. While investigating, they came across a criminal sect of Charles Manson which was involved in murders.

NBC is yet to unveil the exact air date of season 2. Are you going to watch it? Do you think the show flopped or succeeded? Drop your comments in the box below and stay up-to-date with us for the upcoming announcements.

If you are a fan of David Duchovny, you’ll probably be excited to know Aquarius has been renewed for season 2. Although the ratings and audience number don’t look too optimistic, at least we get to see Duchovny again for some time. The release date of the subsequent season is yet to be determined.

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2015-10-07 01:13:15

I like it!!!!!


2015-12-08 22:04:27

Love love the show Aquarius. Please put it back on the air. The cast is awesome and the storyline is real!


2015-12-13 00:16:45

Great Show. Keep me posted on the new release date. Thank you.


2015-12-17 09:51:14

Waiting for the next season and not so patiently


2015-12-26 06:49:45

This series is very well done. It's intriguing, interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to a second season SOON!


2016-01-13 21:45:15

Get this show back on the air! Duchovny is outstanding!


2016-01-17 23:10:56

Love this show!!


2016-01-29 04:18:17

Loved this show. Can't wait for Season 2, and I hope it starts soon.


2016-02-05 03:00:25

My Husband and I look forward to each week for the next show. Love it... Cast is awesome - an the story line is true for once something based in facts


2016-02-09 02:24:03

Comment (at least 5 characters)...I LOVE this show! It is such a look back at the 60's. Yes Manson is creepy, but the show is well done. I do HOPE it makes season 2.


2016-02-09 19:14:29

love aquarius please have season 2


2016-02-14 00:03:43

Unfortunately, watching television series seldom fit into my schedule so, I usually buy the DVD. I recently bought the Aquarius DVD and I loved it. I can't wait to see season 2.


2016-02-25 00:34:01

loved the show was very intense an had us all glued to the tv.. very eager an waiting on season 2.. so hurry an release ,so we can see what happened next!!!!


2016-02-25 06:38:23

I enjoyed the show. I'm happy there will be more episodes to watch. Thx nbc


2016-03-06 02:41:25

All of the details are well done. The writing, sets, acting. Even the tint in color of film reminds me of the era. I personally find some of the darker themes difficult to watch but the quality keeps drawing me back. Way better than most television! Looking forward to season two.


2016-03-08 08:44:03

One of the best shows I've seen and I'm a nerd watch everything loved it though far out man


2016-03-15 16:50:08

FABULOUS!!! come on with season 2!!


2016-03-16 06:47:17

love this show

2016-04-09 05:43:13

LOVE Aquarius!!


2016-04-11 05:49:06

The show was great. Please continue

Al Broderick

2016-04-11 16:24:39

I love this show, Don't let it go. Season two please.


2016-04-14 04:45:11

I can't wait to continue watching Aquarius. Please start season 2 already


2016-04-25 21:50:57

Me and my husband loved the Aquarius show and David Duchovny is one of our favorite actors. So glad it is coming back.


2016-05-07 23:23:38

Loved the show

Chief D. Jarrett

2016-05-14 01:30:17

Loved Aquarius Season One! Can't wait for Season 2!


2016-06-02 04:00:24

Looking forward to season 2. Wishing it didn't take a year to continue.


2016-06-10 02:19:30

Can't wait for season two. We love the show. Watch it again on Netflix.


2016-10-04 23:45:32

I am so disappointed, I was unaware this show was back for a second season (until I saw an article about how it was cancelled after this season). And I am too late to watch the beginning of it on nbc.com. Hope it comes out on DVD, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.
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