Adam Ruins Everything season 2

Original name: Adam Ruins Everything season 2
Duration: 23 min.
Cast: Adam Conover
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
TV channel: truTV
Original release:

About TV show Adam Ruins Everything season 2

Adam Ruins Everything is a sketch comedy-educational television show starring Adam Conover that debuted on September 29, 2015 on truTV. In the Spotlight Adam Conover was a man who changes the view of many spectators of those stereotypes that have been imposed on society. This revelation is the story that people do not like to discuss. Together with Adam, who really can spoil everything viewers robust design will shake.

At the moment, I started the first season, which will consist of 12 episodes. The exact date of the possible release of the second season is unknown, but will continue to be available for more information. So stay tuned, if you really liked this episode.

Adam Ruins Everything season 2 release date

July 11, 2017

New comedy series Adam Ruins Everything was launched in the autumn of 2015. The series openly talks about the different issues that people today are not accustomed to think and reflect. The truth is - it hurts sometimes, and this bitter truth to tell the audience the protagonist of the picture - Adam Conover. However, whether the audience wait for the second season of this comedy project? We have to admit that at the moment there is no reliable information on this matter, so we can not expect for a second season with full confidence. If the creators of the series still to extend it, the new series, viewers will see in 2016 at the beginning of autumn.

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2015-12-24 07:44:43

Adam Conover reminds me of Alton Brown of Good Eats (Formerly on The Food Network). Hilarious and very informative !!! Waiting for season 2. HURRY !!!!


2015-12-26 07:22:58

Right...........I think so, too......


2017-02-26 08:35:15

And bill nye the science guy

Bobby g

2015-12-24 10:13:34

If there is no season 2 TRUTV is crazy awesome show


2015-12-25 05:16:41

I absolutely LOVE this show! Please keep it coming!


2015-12-28 07:05:23

Adam Ruins Everything is a GREAT informative and funny show. Please bring it back for season 2.


2015-12-30 06:09:01

I absolutely love that show adam is hilarious and I can not wait for season 2


2015-12-31 02:55:04

Awesome show! Very funny! I especially like episodes that can truly change our society collectively for the good. For example, better government and the importance of voting by learning about the electoral college. Or the bathroom episode to improve our environment. Thanks for a great first season. Hoping for a 2nd one soon!!!


2016-01-05 06:43:38

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!! It's disgusting to see how we've accepted many of these customs based on ridiculous marketing tactics. That's why I appreciate this show because it gives you the truth and history behind everything. I love this show because it speaks the truth! Thanks for keeping it 100 Adam! When's Season 2 coming out? :)


2016-01-17 21:13:56

Although I may find some topics interesting it makes my son obsess and worry due to his autism. He loves tru tv shows but now that you advertise "Adam ruins everything" he no longer watches any of your shows.


2016-01-18 05:55:09

Yes! please create a second season to "Adam Ruins Everything".


2016-01-21 08:05:53

Watched every episode and have told several about Adam and everyone loves the show. Need more seasons sooner..


2016-01-25 01:50:01

Love this show , please continue the episodes....awesome.

mikey p

2016-01-29 02:30:35

Great show ....he speaks the truth and is truly informative


2016-02-02 05:32:22

hy gys so i lve ths shw, so pls mke a new sson.


2016-02-03 05:01:48

Please bring this show back! It's fun and informative. We need more than trashy reality tv! My whole family loves this show!


2016-02-08 08:29:39

This is my alltime favorite show! I fell head over heels in love with the concept when I saw it on College Humor, and I nearly exploded when extended episodes came on TV. The only think I don't like is that it comes on on Tuesdays (I'm never home on Tuesday nights), but luckily, the episodes are OnDemand!


2016-02-09 06:59:02

Bring him back


2016-02-17 01:39:52

I love this show. It's interesting, who knowm circumcision was caused by John Kellogg, who is the founder of Kellogg cereal is because it is believed that masturbation was a sin cuz that's what he believe in and everybody followed.


2016-02-29 03:02:57

We love Adam Ruins Everything, can't wait for season 2!!


2016-03-09 05:14:25

Complete garbage please get rid of that annoying four eyed piece of shit


2016-03-09 05:18:03

Complete garbage and annoying four eyed douchebag not funny at all please get rid of it


2016-04-09 06:21:21

Lol, I love how you are literally the only person on here who had that opinion, I personally find that hilarious. Also, if you hated the show, why were you exited enough to look up if it would get another season?


2016-03-15 02:10:25

hy gys its m poopgrg$7 nd i rly lv dis shw s pls mke a nw sson i srsly lv dis thns gys lv u by


2016-03-16 03:30:49

Love Adam, He needs to run for president 2016


2016-04-04 19:59:45

I love love love this program it is really good to have some facts out there that really make you think twice about everything that you do and most everything that I've been listening to I pay attention I think it's wonderful fell from and don't take too long for the next program I have several people that I've talked to that are waiting just as much as I am


2016-04-22 03:31:55

Good show, love it interesting.

Noah Grace

2016-04-23 18:28:16

I love this show! I will always watch it as long as it's on!


2016-05-14 16:18:21



2016-05-22 20:43:05

I absolutely love the show and I can't wait for it to come back on

kid dorsey

2016-05-30 02:11:49

love this show. seen every episode at least twice. had my son in law watch the one on diamonds. after he bought the ring

ron in pa

2016-06-03 00:38:37

great show


2016-06-22 21:10:51

I want more Adam Ruins Everything! Love it!!!


2016-06-28 15:33:04

It's got balling balls. That's how mutch of a greal show it is. Really can't wait, as good as rick and morty show.


2016-07-01 05:09:15

I love this show...I just downloaded season 1. It's very informative and I want to see more. Keep bringing on the truth.


2016-07-01 05:12:34

I love this show and I want to see more.


2016-07-28 23:47:25

I've been scanning the airways looking for Adam. Occasionally, they will run a marathon, but this is just NOT ENOUGH! We need more and MORE AND MORE of Adam Ruining Everything!!!! He shouldn't be stopped until everything is destroyed!


2016-08-18 21:57:47

I love this show it's the best one out there you go Adam you are the man

Lisa B.

2016-08-31 20:59:44

I love ADAM!


2016-09-23 18:08:29

Adam is babe
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