Apple iOS 8.3 - release date is nearing, beta-version is ready

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-03-11

In this, the year 2015, is preparing to launch a new operating system iOS 8.3. There is already a beta version, which is inaccessible to the average user: it is experiencing only the developers and iPhone, are registered in the program Apple Developer. If you update the firmware to iOS 8.3, then go back to iOS 8.2 will not be possible.

Developer: Apple
Operating system: iOS
Soft type: System

What is new is waiting for users with the operating system iOS 8.3?

What's new in iOS 8.3?

To express their emotions, people often use emoticons: the new system set of emoticons "Emoji" is new and it is possible to find icons with different shades of skin. At the entrance to an account in Google two-factor authentication will be. The interface for the game CarPlay become wireless. The OS is built, and the Russian-speaking voice assistant Siri.

All the advantages that provides the update iOS 8.3: Russian and Siri, and a connection to the game CarPlay - this is very good, especially for those who use the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad. But, in addition, the new system will make the work much more productive than older devices. Once a well-known blogger Kabriolett tested operating system and compared the performance of two iPhones 4s and 5, he noted that the speed of the new operating system changed. Work program has become much more efficient. A new version of iOS 9, as has long been instituted in the company, scheduled for the autumn of this (2015) year

What else can you learn about the: iOS 8.3?

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Apple iOS 8.3 - release date, beta
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