iOS 10 release date - to be announced

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2016-02-20

Already there has been a closed beta iOS and soon 10 new models will be available in the general market. Anyone wondering what the new version will be different from anything we've seen before. The network has a lot of interesting rumors about this, but reliable information is not yet so much. Over the interface, which will be significantly different, as well as on the design of iOS 10 worked as art director Milos Belanek.

Developer: Apple
Operating system: iOS
Soft type: System

About iOS 10

The control panel will have a new button, which allows faster and easier to enter the Instragram, send a message and more.

The operating system of the new version will also be significantly different, so everything with keen interest for all the latest news. At present accurate information in this regard is not, but there is no doubt that the work involved the best specialists.

A new version of the wait is not too long, so be patient and soon will be able yourself to appreciate all the nuances of the new version.

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iOS 10 release date

To be announced

What else can you learn about the: iOS 10?

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iOS 10 release date 2016
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