Apple iOS 9 - release date is scheduled for Autumn, 2015

author of the review Sergei Tretyakov
Date: 2015-06-07

The forthcoming conference for developers WWDC, organized by Apple, promises to be truly outstanding. Tim Cook and company, as always, too little to spread rumors about their future presentations, but has long been to many art lovers "Apple" became known that the 9 version of its mobile operating system they will try to focus on optimization of the system.

Developer: Apple
Operating system: iOS
Soft type: System

A new version of iOS, as has long been instituted in the company, scheduled for the autumn of this (2015) year. As to when it can be seen, it is worth noting that just the same at the WWDC, Apple will show its first operating time, she managed to hold for this time.

By tradition, the official release of a new version of iOS will be held in conjunction with the arrival on the market of the updated iPhone. This year it is expected that Apple will introduce iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6S. In recent years, the new products from kupertinovtsy predict not so easy, as it was a few years earlier.

As for the conference, WWDC, where he will release a beta version of iOS 9, it will start on June 8 this year. By this time, can only write your guesses.

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Apple iOS 9 - release date is scheduled for Autumn, 2015
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