Microsoft Office 2017 release date / Soft
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Microsoft Office 2017 release date
The last few years, Microsoft encouraged users every autumn an updated version of the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

iOS 10 release date - to be announced / Soft
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iOS 10 release date - to be announced
Already there has been a closed beta iOS and soon 10 new models will be available in the general market. Anyone wondering what the new version will be different from anything we've seen before.

Apple iOS 9 - release date is scheduled for Autumn, 2015 / Soft
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Apple iOS 9 - release date is scheduled for Autumn, 2015
The forthcoming conference for developers WWDC, organized by Apple, promises to be truly outstanding.

Apple iOS 8.3 - release date is nearing, beta-version is ready / Soft
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Apple iOS 8.3 - release date is nearing, beta-version is ready

In this, the year 2015, is preparing to launch a new operating system iOS 8.3. There is already a beta version, which is inaccessible to the average user: it is experiencing only the developers and iPhone, are registered in the program Apple Developer. If you update the firmware to iOS 8.3, then go back to iOS 8.2 will not be possible.

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