You arrange an event? Do you want to bring people to a meeting or to notify them of its own output of the game, album or application? Then we will help you to convey this information to the interested parties!

Website «WHEN-RELEASE» offers you a partnership on Information. Do you have something to tell people? We have the means to do so!

Our resource is visited daily by hundreds of people from all over Russia and abroad, to put it simply - the whole Runet. This audience is interested in different: someone comes here to read about the car, someone about the music, someone about movies. The target audience for your sure there will premiere!

It does not matter the degree of "recognition" of your project. Any news - this is news, and she deserves to know about it!

What can we offer you?

«WHEN-RELEASE» - this is a site with an established reputation. But this one will not work, "go", so we offer you:

Not lost in obscurity! Write to us and let the world know about you!

  • broadest own audience - directly on the site and on social networks, our life support thousands of unique users;
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  • check the text - before the publication of each news proofreaders check.

Not lost in obscurity! Write to us and let the world know about you!

I want to add an event, what should I do?

Write to us at mail, we will respond and light up your event.