The BFG release date - July 1, 2016 (USA)

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-11-20

In the middle of next summer, July 7, 2016, the audience will get acquainted with a new children's adventure film "Big Friendly Giant" by well-known company "Walt Disney". Directed by Steven Spielberg, and the script was written by Roald Dahl known storyteller in collaboration with Melissa Madison.

The original name: The BFG
Director: Steven Spielberg
Duration: min.
Cast: Rebecca Hall, Bill Hader, Mark Rylance, Jemaine Clement, Penelope Wilton
Genge: Adventure, Fantasy
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2016-07-01

The plot is based on the stories of various fairy tales, horror stories and beliefs. The main character - a little Sophie, who does not sleep at night and looking out the window, catching a huge giant, blowing in the windows of neighboring bedrooms. The witness of this strange visit is stolen - a giant takes Sophie in his dreamworld.

Evil and scary at first sight, the giant was the most kindly of his brothers. It turns out he was engaged in that gathered a collection of children's dreams, which sends kids through the window. The magic of the giant ears help him find out what adventure and pleasant memories dreamed of children, and the nightmares and fears, he took away from his players. All of this, Sophie discovers, getting into a magical land full of wonder and wonderful people.

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The BFG release date - July 1, 2016 (USA)
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