Doctor Strange 2 movie release date - 2018, to be announced

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2016-11-01

In November 2016 the premiere of a film about the superhero Dr. Strange - one of the greatest magicians. Interestingly, this is the first film in the cinematic Marvel universe, where exploited the theme of magic and sorcery. The main role was a popular British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

The original name: Doctor Strange 2
Duration: min.
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch
Genge: Adventure, Action, Science Fiction
Country: USA
Release date USA: to be announced

About Doctor Strange 2

One of the writers Cargill said that he has some interesting ideas that could bring in potential sequels. However, when the second part is too early to say. Logically, the first we will see the third Thor, two parts War infinity, and only then can go out and the second Doctor Strange.

However, Marvel has always pleased the fans and does not cease to surprise them, so it's worth waiting for anything. In the meantime, you can tune in to wait for the premiere of the first part, which will be held October 31, 2016.

Doctor Strange 2 movie release date

2018, to be announced

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