Z for Zachariah release date is August 28, 2015

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-07-28

Are you fond of adventures with a taste of romantic story? We have something that will undoubtedly make you feel delighted: a movie that features a whimsical title «Z for Zachariah». This new project of Iceland and the USA joint production is set to kick off already this summer, on August 28. Amazing scenery, captivating plot, brilliant cast – don’t miss this new movie hit.

The original name: Z for Zachariah
Director: Craig Zobel
Duration: min.
Cast: Margot Robbie, Chris Pine, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Genge: Fiction, Drama
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2015-08-28

About Z for Zachariah release date

Despite the fact that the movie setting according to its plot is Midwestern America, all filming has been done in New Zealand, just some opening scenes were made in the USA.

The movie is loosely based on the science-fiction work by O’Brien that was published yet in 1974, after author’s death. The novel, however, presents only two major protagonists, Loomis and Ann. Thus, the love triangle of the movie is a big deviation in the original script.

The plot of the story develops around a young woman who thinks that she is now the proverbial only woman in the whole world, but is far from being right. An awful disaster wipes out the Earth’s civilization and the three people-two men and a woman are the only survivors in it. Eventually they find themselves emotionally charged, being involved in a love triangle.

There is small doubt this great post-apocalyptic movie is going to become a favorite of wide audience.

What else can you learn about Z for Zachariah?

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Z for Zachariah release date is August 28, 2015
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