Witch release date - 2016

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-10-05

Witches, werewolves, and curse not go to the big screen since the invention of cinema. Another psychodrama with elements of horror under the simple name of "The Witch" by director Robert Eggers is dedicated to the tragic events in New England of the 17th century. The premiere of the new horror film on the theme of witchcraft and religious fanaticism will be released in 2016, but the exact date has not been announced.

The original name: Witch
Director: Trevor Hayward
Duration: min.
Cast: Mark Preston, Sean Cronin, Lucien Morgan, Leigh Holland
Genge: Thriller
Country: United Kingdom
Release date USA: 2016

Curse of cruel witch pursues defenseless farm family, which strewed solid unhappiness - by crop failure and poor harvest, death of livestock to the disappearance of small children. 400 years ago, the first settlers in what is now the Christians of America were forced to fight for survival, left alone with cruel savage world. But the great danger represented by their own religious prejudices towards the battle against manifestations of magical powers. Paranoid mood in the small community of people brought before the murder of their neighbors and neighbors. But who actually cursed goats, give blood instead of milk, or curse the harvest? And how to resist the surrounding darkness - and the darkness of his own soul?

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Witch release date - 2016 (UK)
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