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The original name: Warcraft
Director: Duncan Jones
Duration: 123 min.
Cast: Travis Fimmel, Toby Kebbell, Paula Patton
Genge: Adventure, Action, Fantasy
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2016-06-10

Plot & Details

The film-makers started developing the project a way back in 2006 so by now they should have pretty much material to create a magnificent film with outstanding visual effects and intriguing plot. What is known so far on the plot, is that humans will stand against the magical creatures (orcs, trolls and dwarfs). We will know about the first conflict between the Alliance and the Horde and enjoy their epic battle. The 4 locations will be used in the movie: Draenor – orcs’ hometown, Dalaran – the city ruled by wiz, Stormwind – humans’ residence, Ironforge – dwarves’ city.

Director of the film intends to show both sides of the clash equally so that the watchers will be puzzled about which side to support. Also he is planning to add some beautiful female protagonist since it works just great in other blockbusters with pretty ladies kicking asses of bad guys. Besides, the producers spare no expenses on visual effects making sure the movie will gain incredible success.

Do you think the visual effects team will be able to do an excellent job bringing the orcs and other creatures to life? Share with us your thoughts! And while we are waiting for the premier date of the teaser trailer which will probably happen in November, we least can eye some teaser posters featuring the main protagonists of the Alliance and the Hordes and their signature weapons. 

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The video game fans are buzzing with excitement to finally see the feature film the release date of which is due on 10/06/2016. Although it still has almost a year to hit the theatres, we started debating on the plot and other details. The filming continued from January through May 2014 and now the movie is in post-production stage. 

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