Van Helsing 2 release date is unknown

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-07-03

Top popular blockbuster of new period Van Helsing has marked the start of new type horror movie production. It was a real success, undoubted and sparkling. It has passed 9 years since the original movie was released and it has become a great through expected surprise that Van Helsing is returning with a part 2. It is said to come out on screens later in 2015. The waiting is painful for many fans of this captivating horror story.

The original name: Van Helsing 2
Duration: min.
Genge: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction
Country: USA
Release date USA: unknown

About Van Helsing 2

Complex original plot, a whole bunch of mind-blowing astounding special effects as well as outstanding computer graphics seems to transfer us to another world. All this and much more we have experienced with part 1 of Van Helsing. Small wonder we are so much in premonition of the second part!

One of the big questions that puzzle all the Van Helsing fans is for sure the future movie cast. The potential project director has already made his suggestions that the leading role in the second part will belong to forever young and active Tom Cruz. He undoubtedly features a row of attractive qualities as a talented actor, but the audience of movie about monster hunters most probably will be eager to see Van Helsing performed by Hugh Jackman once more.

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Van Helsing 2 release date is unknown
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2016-07-31 21:23:29

Beautiful area


2016-10-09 03:26:27

i like to hugh jackman in van helsing 2

mehboob syyad

2016-11-29 16:12:26

Suparrrrr muves


2016-12-20 14:34:03

super ////// releesh in indea


2017-01-27 19:51:04

Hugh Jackman should definitely play Van Healing again!! Hot and sexy!