Vampire Academy 2 release date - to be announced

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2016-01-27

Vampire Academy was released in theaters back in 2012 and despite a good budget and an interesting cast, the film did not get much recognition. Apparently, he said a lot of competition and the fact that after the Twilight, Vampire Diaries and other feature films and TV series are already hard to come up with something new and interesting in this respect.

The original name: Vampire Academy 2
Duration: min.
Genge: Fantasy, Drama
Country: USA
Release date USA: to be announced

Therefore, the question remains as to whether the second part of this picture. Will the "Vampire Academy 2"? At the moment, it is difficult to say that it is possible that over time, the writers appear interesting ideas, and someone decides to produce and invest in the second part. But so far, after the failure of the cash of the first film about this there is no conversation.

Continue to follow the news on this issue, if you liked the movie "Vampire Academy." By the way, it is worth recalling that one of the main roles in the film played Danilo Kozlowski for an actor it was perhaps the first serious opty games in Hollywood. So, for whom the failure and the failure of the cash register, and to whom - only the opportunity and the first step towards further work.

If you like this film you can while waiting for the continuation of a series of books to read Richelle Mead, on which was based the film.

What else can you learn about Vampire Academy 2?

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Vampire Academy 2 release date 2016
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2016-05-22 10:42:24

A mi familia y a mi nos encantó la película quisiéramos ver ya la secuela de Academia de Vampiros 2 pero con los mismo protagonistas principales!


2016-11-05 10:57:26

pleeeeease release it .. its the best plot ever more realistic and logical....than other vampire movies.


2017-01-12 08:22:24

Release it! I beg of you


2017-02-22 21:41:38

Pleeeeease release this movie!!! When I heard that y'all wasn't going to make the next movie, I had to start reading the books (and trust me I DO NOT like reading) because I didn't what the story to end. I already read ALL the book and I would really like to see how y'all are going to put the books into a movie. All the books where more then good, so I KNOW the movies will be twice as good. So pleeeease release this movie because I really think it would be real good. I would even donate some money to the program to get the movie release. Please think about this and write me back if you consider release it.


2018-06-19 02:18:35

Please make this film, I love the books but now you need to release this movie!!!


2018-07-03 03:46:57

Balances between light and darkness await for the next will tip the scale