Untitled Next Bourne Chapter release date - July 29, 2016

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-08-09

The Bourne franchise fifth installment will see the world already next summer! The release date of Untitled Next Bourne Chapter is arranged for July 29, 2016. The new movie is going to bring us back irresistible Matt Damon as the leading actor and outstanding Paul Greengrass as its director. The duo is really returning now and the fact makes all the fans of the franchise immensely happy and full of premonition!

The original name: Untitled Next Bourne Chapter
Director: Paul Greengrass
Duration: min.
Cast: Matt Damon
Genge: Thriller
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2016-07-29

About Untitled Next Bourne Chapter

When Damon made an upsetting for many of his fans decision to leave the project and go away from the Bourne franchise he made it for one pretty simple reason: the actor didn’t want to cast the movies without Paul Greengrass as a director. The latter, in his turn, was at that moment quite satisfied with his work put in the series and didn’t want to proceed.

Universal Pictures took then the decisions of moving on and created The Bourne Legacy with another director and another leading actor. But now it seems the original star and director return in the project and we can expect to enjoy another splendid work of the two. The official release date of Untitled Next Bourne Chapter made numerous fans of this thrilling franchise burst with joy and excitement. And it seems Universal looks at the fact of having both Renner and David as the best cast to continue building their top successful Bourne franchise.

It should be mentioned as well, that the new movie is going to become the first Bourne that will be created without Tony Gilroy’s involvement. Gilroy was in charge for the screenplays of all previous four parts of Bourne movie.

What presents the greatest interest for all Bourne lovers is the new part’s storyline and plot. There isn’t much we know about this so far, but still some details were made public already.

Everyone is curious but at the same time cautious where the next chapter will take the leading personage. The previous chapter, Bourne Ultimatum, was a pretty sharp work making commentary on politics, in particular the War on Terror. And if Greengrass has intention to make another political statement he won’t have any shortages of material: drone strikes, spying on average American people, the secret programs of people torturing etc.

That is more, new Bourne’s release date will fir the end of Obama’s Administration service, thus it might present a great interest in this aspect too.

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Untitled Next Bourne Chapter release date - July 29, 2016
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