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Underworld 6

The original name: Underworld 6
Duration: min.
Cast: Kate Beckinsale
Genge: Adventure, Drama, Action, Fantasy, Horror
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2019, to be announced

Plot & Details

Underworld 6

It's now known that the sixth will be exact, it was announced. But nothing is known about its not name, nor about the storyline. Most likely, the sixth part will be released in 2018 or even 2019, but yet to say anything about it too early.

Whatever it was, it is known Beckinsale will return to the role of Selina and thus it will be the only character who appears in all parts of the franchise. So far, little information, but there is no doubt that the new part of the confrontation between vampires and werewolves will be interesting and epic.

On our site you can not only read all the news, but also to share their expectations of the new part. In the meantime, you can wait and discuss the War of the blood.

Underworld 6 release date

2019, to be announced

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When will the new part of the Underworld movie? This question is of interest to all fans of the franchise, but accurate information on this subject is not. Our article will draw attention to the facts and talk about what we do know. In January 2017 goes one-fifth of the story, which received the title of Blood War. The focus is again the heroine Kate Beckinsale - Selina. She wants revenge and this is understandable, given everything that happened to her recently.

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2016-12-16 13:58:09

Best film. My daughter would LOVE to see this! She can't wait!

Roman U, Jr.

2017-01-09 04:08:46

Is selina daughter coming back in part 6?

Roman U, Jr.

2017-01-09 04:08:55

Is selina daughter coming back in part 6?


2017-01-21 07:25:39

is michael going to be in part 6 underworld and her daughter


2017-03-04 13:41:17

My best movie ever


2017-04-02 21:57:26

hmm, i guess he was killed by marius. He extracted all of michael's blood


2017-07-19 19:42:13

One would think he'd still be alive. Draining his blood shouldn't kill him. The comment made his powers could be limitless. Would be cool if he got away at the end.


2019-05-06 07:59:06

the daughter got a vision of him leaving in a helicopter after marius did his thing. the next should be about finding him since Nissa can see thru both parents


2017-09-14 06:24:03

Michael can not return, for if you remember in blood wars Marius kills him, drains his blood and drinks every last drop it, drinks the final vial in front of Selene. Will be interesting to see what happens with Eve though.


2018-10-01 16:31:27

Michael powers are limitless per story, they can bring him back, there are way to do it, they should do it


2019-04-13 04:20:24

He also escaped in a helicopter as the daughter saw it.


2017-04-29 04:31:19

I think that was one of the best parts to this story....I can't wait till the next one comes out....I love this series..Kate Beckinsale is so fantastic in these..


2017-08-09 16:12:04

Is michael coming back!!!!!?


2017-08-23 07:45:30

I know he did not want to interpreted Michael.


2017-08-24 10:43:30

Adoro questo film e non vedo l'ora che esca il seguito

the nightcrawler

2018-01-07 03:24:59

i REALLY hope that michael isn't dead ! he is my favorite male character and selene is my favorite female character on the underworld movies ! i am totally crazy about vampires !!!!


2018-07-17 07:12:54

I love the Underworld Movie Series. I own them all. I want to see Eve, since she was at the end of the last movie . I also want Seline to find Michael. I could care less what movie critics say. This is high action, and great vampire characters, and werewolves who know how to please their fans. Keep them coming.


2018-08-04 04:46:39

I absolutely want Michael and Eve to be in this movie so Seline can have her family whole!


2018-10-01 16:28:57

Michael needs to come back, he is immortal, please bring him back


2018-11-13 20:49:22

I think Micheal will be back in next movie. He got killed before in the 2nd movie by Marcus. He was already a hydrid before Selene resurrected him with Corvinus’ blood. We all saw how easy it was when David saved Selene in Blood wars.

Phyllis Molloy

2019-01-25 15:58:05

I would love to see a 6th underworld of more please
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Underworld 6 release date

  2019, to be announced

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