«Twilight: Sunset Eternity 6» - release date of part six

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2015-05-25

The series «Twilight» couldn’t possibly remain unnoticed. Not a single viewer remained indifferent. Somebody was indignant at love between a human and a vampire, somebody was irritated just with idea itself, and somebody was just excited with the movie. There is no unanimous opinion, but there’s hardly a person who hasn’t seen the story, thus nobody will be surprised that the company has decided to continue the series.

The original name: Twilight: Sunset Eternity
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Duration: min.
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke
Genge: Fantasy, Melodrama
Country: USA
Release date USA: TBA

Part 6 is promised to be even more captivating as it will feature new special effects, the ones that few have mastered yet. Filmmakers haven’t grudged the money again, having invested 131.5 millions dollars in the movie production. There are various gossips as to the air date of «Twilight 6», but nobody can tell the exact date although it’s evident that it will happen not earlier than 2015. The exact date of «Twilight 6» hasn’t been announced yet. The world premiere as always will take place earlier, thus the fans from Russia will have to suffer at least for several days. Emotions and feelings of many of them are at the top already as it’s not so easy to wait for continuation of fascinating story about Bella and Edward.

The new story plot

Finally the most powerful vampire clan on the Earth has questioned its superiority. And although it seems that all the obstacles are far behind, still Bella is so much used to the tricks of fortune, that she is just afraid already to enjoy her happiness. Couple gave life to a lovely daughter named Renesmee who was growing up quickly especially from human life perspective. How to explain all these processes to people around, how to bring up a child and not to attract too much attention to the fact? Too many questions face a new family of Callens. Every member of this family has his own answers to these questions and they all are very different. Renesmee became this very vulnerable spot that can finally give them all away.

Volturis as well won’t stay away, they will be interested in this semi-human and semi -vampire. Renesmee is a powerful enemy for such an old clan, and such are usually being get rid off. The family of Callens understands this pretty well, so they will fight for one of the members. This time Bella and Edward will fight not for their love, but for their daughter. The family won’t be left alone; their friends and devoted people will come to help them. How the story will be developed further and if part 7 is going to be planned – all this questions will be answered only by time. Waiting is painful for many fans, but they will have to do this and even bigger their excitement will be when the cinema masterpiece of «Twilight 6» will come to screens.

The last part of the Twilight saga came to screens yet in 2012.Many fans and readers couldn’t possibly get along with this. The air date of «Twilight 6» is as much kept in secret as its plot. Tedious waiting of continuation of favorite story and finally a new chapter «Twilight: Sunset Eternity» appears online.

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Music From The Twilight

  1. «Supermassive Black Hole» Muse 3:31
  2. «Decode» Paramore 4:21
  3. «Full Moon» The Black Ghosts 3:50
  4. «Leave Out All The Rest» Linkin Park 3:19
  5. «Spotlight (Twilight Mix)» Mutemath 3:20
  6. «Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)» Перри Фаррелл 3:27
  7. «Tremble for My Beloved» Collective Soul 3:53
  8. «I Caught Myself» Paramore 3:55
  9. «Eyes on Fire» Blue Foundation 5:01
  10. «Never Think» Роберт Паттинсон 4:30
  11. «Flightless Bird, American Mouth» Iron & Wine 4:02
  12. «Bella’s Lullaby» Carter Burwell 2:20

If you want more songs and music, see the section Music .

New part coming

Still, one shouldn’t think that this part was made by Stefani Mayer. More probably this work belongs to the fans that waited for a new part but failed to get it. There’s small wonder that the chapters even of not original authority were quickly spread in the world net. It’s impossible to say that the new part was highly appraised by everybody, there are those readers who are not satisfied, but still, the most important is that indifferent ones absolutely lack. It seems we will have to wait long for the part 6. There is no official information as to the presumable new part issue, while creators have already announced that they will be happy to shoot the continuation. There’s small wonder in this for sure, as filmmakers earned a surprising sum of money on previous parts.

The plot of the story

Many people say that main heroes this time have to become Renesmee or Leah Clearwater.

With appearing of Renesmee the Callens family could resist to the ancient Volturis clan and that is not a thing to be forgiven. From now on the clan will closely watch the family’s activity. What about Renesmee, she grows up not by days but by hours. If previously the family was under suspect by itself, now it will be even more difficult to hide everything. It would be extremely hard to explain to people around such a rapid growth of a child and the family would be even more suspected. But family is meant to stand for each other, to protect each member. This time heroes in love Bella and Edward will have to fight not for possibility to love each other, but for possibility for their daughter to leave a normal life. It’s interesting that in real life the leading roles performers had to fight for their love as well.

In this issue opinions of family members will diverge and they will experience certain difficulties in finding a compromising solution that would suit everyone. Considering the popularity of previous works, film makers would start making much discussed continuation with great pleasure. When the movie «Twilight 6» will be released, all the fans will mesmerize in front of TV screens. It’s worth reminding that international premiere date always precedes home release, thus everyone has to keep patient. Film makers won’t lose their lucky chance and will for sure work on production of the project.

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«Twilight: Sunset Eternity 6» - release date of part six
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2016-04-30 13:48:40

six part relaese

vikash yadav

2016-10-19 19:23:20

My favourite movie in my life


2017-03-03 19:46:26



2016-05-02 00:59:38

Cant wait! I love this series of movies and the actors. Hope they are All the same as in the past movies. Hurry. Wanna see all the same people moving forward in the life n times of twilight


2016-06-06 09:56:06

I can't wait to see the part 6. Please i am waiting when it to be released. Continue the series.........

Terry Sloan

2016-06-08 05:39:13

I hope and pray that uou come out with Twilight 6! I absolutely love the Saga. I have every single DVD and Soundtrack that goes to the movie itself! Please bring us more moves!!!


2016-06-12 08:49:04

Please let me know when theses movies come out


2016-06-18 07:02:13

Is.this.true.i.thought.that Stephinemeyers.wasnrnt.doing.anotherone


2016-07-19 15:59:11

I love this movie.when this movie come out?pleaese answere.please


2016-07-22 02:57:00

I just binge watched the series and I can't wait to see part 6, the end of breaking dawn part two gave me chills it was amazing

Moshin Ali

2016-07-22 14:08:17

I can't wait to see the part of 6 please continue the series...i love this movie actors...


2016-07-25 11:23:31

Can't wait I'm going to love this movie ,can u have this movie play by January cause I can't wait no more❣


2016-08-02 03:43:23

When is the new movie coming out I hear they are changing the actors to new actors This is true


2016-08-21 04:42:03

Super wow


2016-08-21 10:02:49

nice movie interest twilight6


2016-09-11 18:49:12

When is the new begginig of twilight saga gonna come out


2016-09-12 05:25:48

I'm a huge twilight fan so if a mother comes out count on me to see it

preeti singh

2016-09-13 03:17:27

I am waiting for twilight 6th part please release it


2016-09-13 20:34:23

Honestly I hope they make a new movie but I'm looking at the reviews and it looks as tho this new movie has nothing so do with twilight:-/I prob will not see the movie bc dnt go making a g orgeious series and then make something completely new

Livi Lou

2016-10-01 11:18:35

Can't wait for new twilight biggest fan ever


2016-10-04 17:40:12

i am terribly waiting for its 6th part called (Sunset Eternity) coz i loved that story of a human and a vampire so much.and i am soo excited for itss nxt part .. :)


2016-10-05 07:36:21

I can't wait I think there is same character in new series

Stephanne Lois

2016-10-09 04:27:54

Omg I'm so excited yayyyyyy .... I'm in love with twilight so much


2016-10-18 00:07:44

when twilight 6 coming?

serr p

2016-10-18 00:10:04

when comeing twilight 6


2016-10-31 15:28:50

I am waiting for twilight 6th part please release it


2016-10-31 16:03:41

I can't wait to see the part 6.. my favorite movie..


2016-11-06 12:32:58

When is twilight sunset enternity release date ??

plz release.twailight 6

2016-11-09 18:22:51



2016-11-10 20:36:44

Jacob black ( taylot lauthner) Renesmee Cullen black ( mackenzie foy)

2016-11-14 09:47:59

Will there be a breaking dawn part 3 ???


2016-11-19 22:42:00

Omg cant wait for twilight 6 to come out omg cant wait another second plz hurry i am so so so so so so excited


2017-02-02 06:29:15

I can't wait but, I know there was going to be another part because, of auro saying such prize and he looked at Belle and Alice. And, wondering if you will have a story that will go about how they became vampires like alice, edward, jasper and Emmett and so on. Thank you from a fan of this movie. Kim Dawkins


2017-02-04 03:59:33

Whens the release date


2017-04-20 12:46:37

OMG best movie ever literally can't wait !!!!


2017-10-08 00:55:52

Please make more of the Twilight saga. I am totally infatuated with the whole cast of characters. I have watched the trailers and am anxiously awaiting the continuation of this wonderful story! Thank you for continuing the saga!


2019-02-16 02:11:19

if there is one I cant wait but I don't think there will be