Tres metros sobre el cielo: Making of

The original name: Tres metros sobre el cielo: Making of
Director: Martin Samper
Duration: min.
Cast: Daniel Aranyó, Mario Casas, Álvaro Cervantes
Genge: Melodrama
Country: Spanish
Release date USA: June, 2011

Plot & Details

Just recently directors and shooting crew started filming the third part, so it’s still early to talk about any definite details as to the plot. We can only be sure that it’s going to be the most fascinating and eventful part of this movie and, that is most important, for all that it will appear on a big screen. The third part might have a name of «Emotions and dreams».

Cash gatherings of the previous second part can prove that the continuation will be shot. Yet in 2012 the movie gathered 198 millions dollars with its total budget of only 50 millions, not to mention the tremendous acclaim of spectators all over the world.

As to the air date of the third, newly shot part, the majority of fans puzzle themselves with this, as there were no official statements about it and there isn’t any so far. Considering the above said, that the shooting was started just recently, we can expect the premiere date somewhere in the beginning of the coming year, not earlier.

More exact date of «Three meters above the sea 3» issue is not announced yet. However, the alleged month and year are known and that is good enough for the fans that were expecting continuation but lost their hope already.

The plot of the movie

We know little about the movie script, but there are multiple gossips and speculations. The movie «Three meters above the sky – part 3» will become a direct continuation of already existing cinema picture, and not the beginning of a new franchise. Script writers will have to work hard with the plot in order this new franchise to be not worse than the previous one.

Unless nothing changes and everything is according to the shooting crew schedule, the estimate air date is the end of 2019.

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«Three meters above the sky 3» - is the most awaited project of Spanish movie of melodramatic genre. The main character of the plot is Hugo «Hache» Oliver. His life was a total mess until fortune brought him together with a young girl named Babi. She was not much impressed by their first meet, but this event changed their lives once and for all. When viewers can expect and if the filming of continuation of melodrama «Three meters above the sea-part 3» is planned at all? Probably, yes. This question was put at least once by any fan of sequel movies. If you are on of such fans this news is especially for you!

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2015-11-19 20:44:09

I can't wait for the 3rd part.. Been missing innocent act of Babi and manly Hugo..


2015-12-02 04:42:39

best movie i have ever seen and i really cant wait for them to get back together, but why taking forever to release the thired part:(


2015-12-30 21:42:46

Im wating a new episod


2015-12-31 05:28:14

Absolutely agree with the other comments. Where's part 3?! They already have somewhere to base it on (the book), we'd like to view the movie as well.


2016-01-01 22:23:51

I just watched 3 metros sobre el cielo and completely fell in love with the movie in an instant that I watched part 2 right after. Please please please come out with a 3rd part!!!! This is the best movie I have seen in my whole life :o


2016-01-12 08:24:28

i can't wait sa 3rd part...please please! im so xcited kilig much!!

Sarah Iqbal

2016-01-14 18:39:46

What day was this article published? I'd like to know more about this I've been going crazy, looking for the third part! Please help!!


2016-01-21 23:41:33

text me in facebook


2016-01-21 23:39:56

It been a long day waiting the 3 part.... i cant wait anymore.... especially when they do something


2016-02-18 20:59:22

there is a video on youtube a tralier of Hugo and babi part 3 its sad that they will live with different partners :( and hugo might have a son with that young lady in part 2 uff im so angry!!!


2016-03-09 22:23:54


2016-03-15 05:59:09

Part 1 impressed me.... Part 2 is good as well So excited about part 3


2016-04-11 21:17:36

I am waiting part 3...


2016-04-18 10:45:43

please go on for babi and hugo. i like them better


2016-04-18 10:45:48

please go on for babi and hugo. i like them better


2016-06-02 03:51:58

I heard part 3 came out. Ive been going crazy to find it i cant:(


2016-06-13 12:10:21

Me too i heard part 3 came out but I can't find it online .. do you find it ?


2016-06-13 12:11:38

Do you find it online ?


2016-08-12 07:45:59

when will be the eaxact date of releasing the part 3, i cant wait to watch the movie.. im too much excited to watch


2016-09-04 09:46:48

Best movie ever seen,over exited to watch part3 can't wait ......


2016-09-13 08:11:40

Its awsome luv story


2016-09-15 22:45:11

when will the 3rd part released?


2017-11-15 15:37:41

Hugo and babi plsssss I like them. I hope in the end they together. soon much I can't wait too see part 3


2016-10-02 04:09:50

can someon tell me when number 3 coming out plz


2016-10-02 10:48:58

When will part 3 be released, nobody is giving dates and I don't find anything on the internet. I only find false clips and news regarding the final movie


2016-10-16 12:04:55

Best romantic film i ever watch anyway i'm waiting for part 3 hope will release soon.


2016-11-17 08:29:59

Wheres part 3!!?


2017-01-22 11:14:07

Lol film


2017-01-25 19:41:50

I'm eagerly waiting for the movie.. The movie its makes me crazy about the story... Really its too good...and my best movie.


2017-04-07 05:40:13

Please release the part 3. I can't wait anymore. Hugo and Babi fan here!


2017-08-31 01:27:27

I want 3 meters above the sky 3 !!!!!!!!!! I want babi and achi to get back!!!!!!

Azzirk Vaquilar

2017-10-16 16:27:48

please release the 3rd part and let Hache and Babi be together again for the movie started with them. plsssssssssssssss!


2017-11-25 09:44:15

Cant really wait for the 3rd part....want hugo and babi to be together again....


2018-03-15 08:13:32

Does anyone know if part 3 was released as yet?


2018-07-01 17:00:10

its june of 2018 until now i am searching this movie but still nothing. huhuhu


2018-12-26 12:59:12

Its 2018 alreadyyyy and days from now will be 2019 but damnnn Im still waiting for the 3rd movieeeeee huhuhu hope that babi and hugo will end up together because in the book they did end up together but its nice to see it on screen.


2019-01-27 12:39:28

When 3rd part is coming?'s 2019 I m waiting... Plz tell me about any possibility


2019-03-31 21:54:47

I’m still waiting too i’d pay so much money to watch the third movie ???????????? i cant speak spanish and i cant find any English copies of the book i’m try To learn spanish just to read the book and understand whats gonna happen thats how desperate i am. HURRY UP PEOPLE!!!


2019-03-26 19:48:30

I want babi and hugo end up together... Then only movie will be more interesting...


2019-03-27 03:02:25

I want babi and hugo end up together... Then only movie will be more interesting...


2020-09-06 20:43:46

I just watched the movie and I really loved it I hope they release the third part of it. I wish babi and hugo will ended up together they are really good together
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