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The Hangover 4

The original name: The Hangover Part 4
Duration: min.
Cast: Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha
Genge: Comedy
Country: USA
Release date USA: TBA

Plot & Details

The Hangover 4 2018At the moment, difficult to say anything, but the crazy adventures of the main characters in the third film, the audience liked it, and the budget picture has paid off more than three times. This fact speaks in favor of the continuation should be.

There are reports that the film was continued and the sequel will be released back in 2019. This is due to the employment of performers leading roles in other projects. But at the moment everything is just in the planning and negotiation. Prior to direct work on the script and filming themselves for a long time. This means that even long time we are looking to get accurate information about the future of the story.

However, according to statements by the lead actors in this comedy trilogy, they do not mind once again return to their roles. So it will have to wait and hope that 2019 will be the fourth part.

The Hangover 4 release date

2020, to be announced

Starring in a comedy performed by Bradley Cooper, John Goodman, Ed Helms, Ken Jeong, Justin Bartha and Zach Galifianakis. Which actors will be seen in the fourth part?


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Should we rely on the fourth part of The Hangover 4? This is a complicated question, because different sites you look at the different and sometimes conflicting information. The problem is that the third part went to the big screen only in 2013, and since then has not been made any official and clear statements on this issue.

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The prince

2016-05-13 07:32:36

Dont be fooled the chatter may have slowed down but what can you expect after 3 years....we are all still waiting and hoping for the 4th


2016-08-18 23:24:28

Ohhh.... You are having a bad day....did You die ? I got shot. But did u die ?!


2016-06-09 10:37:33

We are waiting for Hang 4...whooo


2016-06-14 04:12:16

Love all the hangover 's ... 1 2 3 & Looking forward to #4... ????


2016-06-15 01:50:56

Everything I'm reading is saying the trilogy is over. The writer has said that there will not be s forth and so has Cooper. Right from the horses mouth. Look it up its all over the web if I search Hangover 4. With that said I sure hope they end up following the money and making a fourth. Thanks


2016-07-05 01:08:34

Please do hangover 4 it was the best movie i have seen so far and everyone i know wants to see it again. thanks . max


2016-07-12 19:42:30

Love the trilogy and am really praying for the 4th. My son thinks they are hilarious, he's 10 and days he can't wait for 4 too. Bradly Cooper did the tv show Limitless but it ended so maybe he will do it now. I sure hope so.


2016-07-14 06:03:58

Word on the streets is that filming will begin shortly in Colorado, gonna be ganja related so maybe a 4/20 release?


2016-07-25 06:02:19

I sure Hope they Do make another Hangover Love the movies


2016-07-26 03:55:25

Omggggg yassssss I want Chow in soo bad and I wanna know more about him. Like where does he live? Was his wife a lie (like he mentioned he has a wife in the second movie in the elevator, because he lied a lot to the wolfspack this could possibly be another lie)? Where is Chow born? Does he has other friends as Alan? Maybe other Asian criminals? Does he has parents who are aware of what he's doing? What's his sexapeal? And soooooooooooooooo many questions! Me, Miss Chow, as his biggest fan, want answers, now!!!


2016-07-31 05:19:58

Still waiting for HANGOVER 4


2016-08-12 08:41:19

cant wait that long..........


2016-08-17 03:50:39

the hangover part4


2016-08-18 23:26:01

"They. gave out rings at the holocaust ? ?? "


2016-09-13 06:43:17

We hope that the hangover movies continue on its not easy finding humor like the way its portrayed in hangover's

Lee lee

2016-09-25 22:48:59

I really hope they make a fourth one! That will be an end to the franchise! We have to see what happened that stew had boobs lol and how chow got back in the picture! And how Allen's marriage turned out! Oh and where is Doug in that last scene? Lol. So many questions it makes no sense why they would end the 3rd one like that might be a couple more years but I know the 4th is coming and it will be funny jus wait on it! ☺


2016-10-02 07:14:55

Peole comment if u think chow will die in hangover 4 because


2017-01-08 11:47:20

Can't wait until the next one comes out have all the hangover movie there awesome


2017-05-06 09:43:13

They have to show how Stu got tits they just can't end it like that if it was gonna be the last one they should not have had a tesear like that


2017-07-03 13:43:17

I am waiting 4 part I like alean


2017-07-30 01:48:48

I need hang over part 4 it's the only film I can lol at no matter how many times I watch them I still laugh x


2018-04-09 19:45:59

cant wait for leslie chow


2018-04-09 19:45:59

cant wait for leslie chow


2018-04-09 19:45:59

cant wait for leslie chow

Tiffannie Slaughter

2018-05-10 11:15:44

Please yes hangover 4 it can’t end this way we need to follow up what happened after the bad trip in the end of 3 please guys make one big last hurrah !!!!


2019-02-04 06:25:09

You wanna f* ck on Chow? Hangover 4?!? We need it, ASAP!!!! Come on already


2019-05-21 03:33:55

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