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The Golden Compass 2

The original name: The Golden Compass 2
Duration: min.
Genge: Adventure, Fantasy
Country: USA
Release date USA: TBA

Plot & Details

The first plot of striking movie gave viewers interesting adventures of a little girl named Lira. Everyone was virtually involved in it. The slogan of the movie is «Beyond our world there are also others. Compass will lead you». Chris Weitz is a creator of popular movie, who is famous as well for his works such as «American Pie» (all parts), «The Lonely Man» (2011), and «Spark» (2013).

Pretty big sum of about 180 millions dollars was spent on «The Golden Compass» shooting, but it was worth it as quite soon the movie met the expectations and after it was released income was multiplied. For example on the territory of the USA it reached 70 million dollars and in the whole world – 302 millions dollars. In due time the director was given various awards, in particular: a reward in nomination for achievements in script writing, Oscar, a reward for the best adopted plot.

The movie gained acclaim of 9.84 millions of American fans and about 24 millions all over the world. As to the critics’ opinion, many of them left their positive comments. Now, after such a popularity and recognition, director and all the movie crew started shooting part 2.

The leading actors as previously will be Dakota Blue Richards (in the role of Lira) and amazing Ian Maccellen (however, only his voice in the role of Iorek Byrninson - a northern bear).

Director’s chair as in the previous part will be occupied by Chris Weitz, and he will be helped by Philip Pullman in creating a new plot line.

The Golden Compass 2 release date

To be announced

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The first part of «The Golden Compass» movie came to screens in 2007 and despite this is still very popular with many viewers. Just recently the gossip about new coming part has been proved. Exciting adventures and masterful play of actors gives additional charm to the movie and the question when «The Golden Compass 2» will be released gets more pressing every day.

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Natasha James

2015-08-13 06:34:02

When is the Golden compass 2 coming to theater in houston and the date?


2015-10-18 22:12:20

i,m so exited i,m going to die yay i v e been so exited


2015-11-15 05:02:15

omg im so happy so exited


2015-11-15 05:02:43

when does it release in panama city


2015-12-03 15:24:34

Please release golden compass 2. Part1 was fablous/fantastic we are dying know what will happen in part2.


2018-10-03 23:22:10

If you're "dying to know" then read the books


2016-02-20 11:33:48

Me and my wife have the first cd and can't wait to able to buy The Golden Compass 2. Are family really likes to watch it over and over again .So come on you people who are making part 2, Let's get with it!!!


2016-03-06 21:19:25

YES to a The Golden Compass sequel!

Nick Lobato

2016-04-06 23:41:47

Please release part 2, as this is one of the BEST movies I have seen. Looking forward to seeing part 2 this year!


2016-05-16 21:16:01

I just now seen The Golden Compass original movie and I thought it was one of the best movies I've ever seen I cannot wait until the second one comes out my children loved it I mean it's one of their favorite movies thank you


2016-05-27 02:49:10

We need a 2 one

Mats thesweboy

2016-05-31 01:27:55

NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 4 FU*K SAKE, NOT THIS IDI*TIC MOVIE!!! How come they don't spend money on good movies whit exiting story's, but they can throw away millions on stupid movies like THIS??? What kind of morons is there who decide this things??? Fu*king idi*tic h*re's who cant decide what is good or bad. Its like when Oscar-price's, (you know, best picture, best audio, osv...) they who decide that are also retarded, always idi*tic boring movie's who is winning. Pathetic.... they are all FU*KING PATHETIC!!!!


2016-08-20 05:37:42

Learn how to spell, If you don't care about fantasy movies, just don't watch. I thought it was vastly entertaining!!'


2016-09-25 06:02:03

It's hillbilly like you, redneck.


2016-11-23 19:58:49

Shut up ! This movie its the best i ever seen


2016-12-24 18:21:51

You mad bro?


2016-06-02 05:51:54

Please make these last two movies happen, never read the books but enjoyed the first movie a great deal. Great performances great story line...... Most Excellent!!!!


2016-06-02 21:52:22

Its 2016 now and theres no sign of the movie ... the golden compass 2"


2016-06-26 23:41:55

"Patiently" (?) waiting.

Brian B

2016-06-27 08:07:40

Please keep me posted on the release date. It is unbelievable that a movie of such quality and fantasy has waited so long for a part 2.


2016-06-30 19:21:08

good movie


2016-07-09 21:05:02

Good! I happened to think the first one was awesome.

2016-11-20 07:26:38


Heather Messel

2016-07-16 04:29:10

Please tell me this movie is set to be released soon! Nearly a decade && still no word! We don't deserve this! Haha, typed that last part in an eminem voice, bahaha! But for real come on!!


2016-07-19 22:20:01

This movie has to happen!!!


2016-07-19 22:50:17

It's 2016 and already July still no trialer of this movie


2016-07-20 03:57:28

I require reliable evidence before I'm convinced of this. So far this comes across as bogus. There's nothing else out there about a sequel happening and it's nearing a year since this article was written and the trailer hyperlink is a dead end. I'd like for this film series to continue because I'd really like to see 'The Subtle Knife' and 'The Amber Spyglass' adapted out of a huge curiosity so see who'd they cast as Will and how the relationship between him and Lyra will be portrayed. Although while re-reading the 'The Golden Compass' I'm realizing how badly the film condensed it.


2016-08-02 12:05:14

In addition, the Catholic Church had a conniption over the first film because the series promotes destroying religion/Atheism, it's because of them that the sequels have not already happened long ago.


2016-10-03 01:21:13

Fuck the Catholic Church, sorry for the language, but I hate the Catholic belief,they change the words in the bible to suit them, God didn't change nothing but blood sacrificing ,so I don't have no use for them,they shouldn't have no say in it,just saying


2016-11-04 08:08:10

That comment was not intended to express my personal views. For a lengthy personal reason, I'm not a fan of Catholicism either nor do I agree that HDM was even slandering it. The Authority, the character widely regarded as being the portrayal of 'God' wasn't murdered but given salvation. He was very elderly, strengthless and in pain. He's described as dissolving to Dust with a feeling of utter relief when Will and Lyra release him from the coffin he was entrapped in.

we want "The Golden Compass #2" to be Released !

2016-07-25 00:37:42

When are they going to release "THE GOLDEN COMPASS #2" MOVIE . What the heck are they waiting for ........ ALL my friends are WAITING !!!!!


2016-08-03 21:15:14

very good movie one must see

Milo herb

2016-08-14 21:17:10

Hurry up with releasing the blooming film


2016-08-14 21:56:27

I won't to see the golden compass 2


2016-08-14 21:59:15

when is The Golden Compass 2 coming to Fort Worth Texas can't wait to see it

2016-08-18 21:59:21

When the golden compass 2 will be out

Aunty bone

2016-08-23 21:46:10

Golden compass was a wonderful movie that left me in suspense I really hope there will be a part 2 as little Lyra found out her uncle was actually her father,and I would like to see her expression when she lets lord Azriel know that she knows he's her father.

rd bhai

2016-09-06 23:55:28

I am very excited to 2nd part comes


2016-09-10 02:19:05

Any idea for release date in Springfield, MO yet? We are excited to find that there is finally going to be a sequel!!! Part one of The Golden Compass was a truly wonderful fantasy movie. Our grandkids loved it and are anxiously awaiting the release of part 2.


2016-09-12 21:58:11

Hurry up n bring the golden compass 2 out... We want to no wot the second part lyk... My kids love the first one and been waiting for years for the second one....


2016-09-19 09:46:29

It's has amazing movie and we would like if it's 2nd part will come on sxreen we will be waiting.....


2016-09-27 23:47:15

Please, please, please release Golden Compass II.....been waiting for years!!!!!!!


2016-09-27 23:49:46

Been waiting years for part 2....please don't let the fans down!!!


2016-10-03 01:15:00

When will part 2 of the golden compass coming out,I'm so excited the first one was very good,a great family movie


2016-10-03 22:52:39

Lots of kids and adults are patiently waiting for part two of The Golden Compass!! Come on!!


2016-10-04 21:33:30

Please hurry with part 2 i watched this movie for the first time last year i thought it was a great movie now i cant wait to see number 2 my kids like it as well and so does my wife we all want to see the next one so plz hurry


2016-10-10 02:07:54

Can y'all hurry up and come out with The Goldan Compass 2


2016-10-13 06:01:35

I hope it gets released. The first was superb.


2016-10-16 20:30:54

When will the golden compass 2 come out


2016-10-16 20:42:14

Very big fan and live more than anything to be able to see the sequel and hopefully more. The intensity was suspenseful, and the adventure was amazing. Please keep me informed because I would love to be the first to view it...


2016-10-19 03:51:54

When is the 2nd part of the golden compass coming out in England the first was brilliant can't wait till the 2nd one comes out


2016-10-29 01:11:46

golden compass 2 film. This story is no desire in reality. or movies are not real


2016-10-30 03:09:12

As long as O'Reilly doesn't hear about it and spew some more of his pseudo-religious righteousness it should come out soon. Can't wait.


2016-11-04 08:20:54

(revised form of an existing response) I don't buy it. This is bogus. There has been no additional information on this alleged project in the year since this was posted, the hyperlinks that supposedly provide more details are dead ends and the first film bombed terribly: Via Mentalfloss: "New Line Cinema purchased the rights to Pullman’s books in 2002 and hoped they would become the next Lord of the Rings franchise. But development of The Golden Compass was mired in controversy, including a boycott by religious groups, an odd choice of director, and its hand-wringing treatment of the book’s religious themes. The film bombed when it finally hit theaters in 2007—so badly, in fact, that it’s been cited as one of the main reasons New Line went under. Needless to say, there are no plans to produce the second and third installment." Source: http://mentalfloss.com/article/68456/12-enlightening-facts-about-his-dark-materials Not to mention Dakota Blue-Richards has now outgrown the role of Lyra. As has the other child actor the role of Roger. A BBC television series, however, appears to be in the works: http://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/his-dark-materials/250234/his-dark-materials-tv-show-everything-you-need-to-know


2016-11-06 11:01:25

i want the trailer


2016-11-07 03:49:16

I needed this 4 years ago!


2016-11-07 23:48:37

They should do a second golden compass do to the first one was really good and I would love to see the second one to find out what happens to Lyras father


2016-11-09 11:38:34

I am waiting anxiously to see part 2! Hurry....


2016-11-20 22:08:59

We truly enjoyed the first Golden Compass & have been looking forward to the sequel. We were extatic to know they are really going to do one!!!


2016-11-20 22:41:34

The Phillip Pulliman series was amazing, the books kept getting better, I hope that someone has the balls to defy the Catholic Church and produce the full series...!


2016-11-22 05:08:35

When will The Golden Compass 2 be released????? Past time...


2016-11-23 21:11:48

Omg I love the first golden compass! I used to watch this movie over and over when I was little. I can't wait for a part 2!


2016-11-23 22:58:09

Wh do it not tell you the release ?!


2016-11-24 03:09:23

Please release Golden Compass Part 2. I think we have waited long enough.


2016-11-26 13:13:15

Looking forward to the sequel...Keep me posted. Thanks!


2016-12-05 10:07:20

I'm suuuuuuuper excited for the release of golden compass 2 was wondering what was taking so long. Can't wait to see it looking forward to the trailer hope it shows soon. This was an awesome movie.


2016-12-09 12:10:28

I felt Golden Compass was well deserving of a second movie. I loved how realistic the computer inputs on the fighting scenes were. The choice of actors was amazing. I hope your are able to make the sequel and possibly more like The Harry Potter series.


2016-12-11 01:35:33

I want to see the movie....


2016-12-12 17:23:25

When year


2016-12-12 17:27:00

When and year saw first but what happened they were flying it stop


2016-12-16 08:47:41

We watched Golden Compass 3 times recently and loved it! When can fans see 2nd Golden Compass? Great children's picture!


2016-12-28 00:10:47

I thought the movie was awesome! Can't wait g or Compass 2...my deep faith in God remains intact..go figure!


2016-12-30 20:33:34

Can't wait for golden compass 2!! It's been almost 10 years Lyra will be in her 20's now -- wonder how this changes the story?? Hopefully we will find out soon! Wishing for 2017 release date!!!


2017-01-15 06:15:20



2017-02-07 16:29:56

This movie was done beautifully.... the story, acting and graphics were right on point. It's not the 1800s anymore. I am sick of religion dictating what's allowed and what is not . These wackos tried the same crap with the Harry potter series. If kids are old enough to search the web and look at some really crazy shit , they are old enough to understand that this is a fantasy movie and not a blueprint to atheism. Bring back the series! This one can't be left in the dust!

adelle mannor

2017-04-22 16:58:05

Please release Golden Compass 2 . my grandson and I watch the frist one and we loved and now I read that part 2 was not release because of churches. I feel like this I believe in our Lord father and I as parent we need to teach child what is real and not real it a movie and it's a good movie. So please release part 2. I for one would love to have the movie. Please please please my grandson and I would love to see the rest of it.Thank you for a great movie.


2017-04-23 03:30:18

Sooo, why is there no information on Golden Compass 2? Was it never released?

Richard Prehoda

2017-05-04 07:07:17

I sincerely hope they will release a Golden Compass 2. Even in 2017, I find my family and I still watching the Golden Compass on a weekly basis as it was an incredible movie with all of its creativity and magic. I'm sure there are many fans just waiting for a Golden Compass 2.

Richard Prehoda

2017-05-04 07:10:28

I sincerely hope they will release a Golden Compass 2. Even in 2017, I find my family and I still watching the Golden Compass on a weekly basis as it was an incredible movie with all of its creativity and magic. I'm sure there are many fans just waiting for a Golden Compass 2.


2017-05-21 03:56:37


ana moo

2017-05-21 05:59:45

Part 2 comin soon. Thanks


2017-05-22 01:59:50

when is it coming out

Twila Chaffin

2017-06-23 06:16:57

My husband and enjoy the golden compass so much we wanted to know if there was a second movie so we look up to see so I am writing to ask you if there is second movie coming out. We would love to see the second movie for the golden compass please let us know thank you.

Rocks Galore

2017-10-02 05:03:46

Yes, bring on the movie!! We need to see what happens to Lyra's Dad! Don't leave us wondering so long!


2018-08-11 10:14:32

I loved this movie, but we have to have another, you can't leave us hanging, this is such a good film for the family to watch and you adults


2018-08-12 04:29:23

The first Golden Compass stands as one of my most favorite movies. I am anxious for the sequel, to say the least!


2018-10-21 00:08:28

Can't waite to see the next movie i enjoy the first one .I watch it alot .I am 70 years old !but I enjoy the animals .!


2018-11-22 21:03:17

PLEASE, YES, and Thank you

The Dragon killer

2018-11-30 21:51:54

Please release golden compass 2. Part 1 was fabulous/fantastic


2018-12-31 05:12:20

In my personal opinion, I absolutely 100% would love to see The Golden Compass 2 movie! I really want the movie because unfortunately I am basically blind so I can't read books but with special vision equipment from Vision Australia I can still watch movies, I love watching movies, my point is I haven't and can't read The Golden Compass books even though I want too and I loved The Golden Compass Movie so it would be incredible to see The Golden Compass 2 movie.
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