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The original name: The BFG
Director: Steven Spielberg
Duration: 117 min.
Cast: Rebecca Hall, Bill Hader, Jemaine Clement
Genge: Fantasy
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2016-07-01

Plot & Details


Just two years passed since his last cinematographic masterpiece has been released, but Spielberg already has two new projects to come out. This time the outstanding director has signed himself on helming the children book’s adaptation. The novel is a 1982 classic by Roald Dahl, titled the same way as the upcoming movie- The BFG.

The book of Dahl invites us to listen to story of a girl Sofie who one night when she is spinning around in her bed trying to fall asleep sees a giant. The two make friends eventually and elaborate plans for their work together aimed to stop other evil giants and don’t let them eat human beans any more.

It’s worth mentioning as well, that the upcoming The BFG has been in development for more than twenty years (25 to be more exact). The rights to the movie were purchase by two producers in 1991, and then the project was originally set in collaboration with Paramount Pictures. The screenplay adaptation for The BFG was written in 1998 by family couple of screenwriters. The title role was kept in mind then for Robin Williams. But already by 2001 the script of the new movie was rewritten which was met pretty positively by the Dahl estate.

It’s interesting to not that the BFG is going to mark the unique and unprecedented occasion: it will be the first time in the entire history of cinema that two major production studios, DreamWorks Pictures and Walt Disney, will collaborate an join their efforts in financing and producing of a motion picture. After many years of overheated rivalry the two will unite to create something that is doomed to become the next cinematographic masterpiece.

It’s also worth mentioning, that the BFG will mark the reunion of Spielberg as a director and Melissa Mathison as a famous and talented screenwriter. One more interesting fact – the movie release date will coincide with 100th anniversary since the novel author, Dahl, was born. A talented and immensely positive author, Dahl’s’ books still are popular and worthy sources for screen adaptation.

Well, when the world’s best storyteller in novels and the world’s director number one come together- the result might be really smashing. Let’s wait and see what the BFG holds in sleeve for us!

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What can be better then to spend a nice evening while watching something new by Steven Spielberg? Next summer everyone will have such a wonderful possibility as the great directors’ new project The BFG is confirmed to premiere on July 1, 2016.

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