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Suicide Squad

The original name: Suicide Squad
Director: David Ayer
Duration: 123 min.
Cast: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne, Viola Davis
Genge: Adventure, Fiction
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2016-08-01

Plot & Details


The nearer is Suicide Squad release date, the more question all those who have been longing for it, have. What secrets have been revealed by creators so far? What can be said for certain about the plot and the cast up to the moment?

David Ayer’s new work features a plot based on the legendary team, known widely as Suicide Squad. Created back in 1959, the team has had numerous DC villains in its ranks. Action and adventure are the major featuring genres of Suicide Squad and viewers are prepared to a real action! Hopefully, their expectations will come true.

The joint production of DC and Warners, this movie is just doomed to become another stunner once it kicks off. Production studios runners promises they would go dark with their offerings in a comic book and it’s been already proved by the first trailer of the movie, it’s simply that.

With the Suicide Squad release date coming in the next few days, audience’s tension and curiosity grows up and the trailer has come to be a real teaser. Stuffed with an abundance of crazy moments, black and twisted, it’s full of promises to shed some light on Task Force X and its mysterious origin.

Have you seen this already???

The Suicide Squad movie release date is yet ahead, but many of us have already seen much of its moments. The increased attention has been dragged to the movie when the images of its members in whimsical costumes started rolling out. Leto, for example, has demonstrated his new outstanding muscles, leaving everyone satisfied with what they have seen. What made the movie fans most keen on is the close picture of his heavily tattooed Joker.

We were also permitted to cast our first look at less controversial Will Smith, presented in the role of masked assassin.

The amazing shot of all Task Force X team leaked out as well. However, Joker, lacking on the photo, makes everyone wonder what his role in the movie is going to be. One can be said for sure, he is not presented as a player of the team.

The movie will be released both in 2\3 D movie theaters, thus everyone will be able to enjoy the captivating plot in a preferable quality.

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Warner Bros. production studio is ready to pamper all viewers with a new magnificent work: on August 5 we all are going to see the premiere of Suicide Squad. Now, that the movie release date has been officially confirmed, it’s great time for us to discuss what’s known so far about the movie in details.

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