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Stargate Reboo

The original name: Stargate Reboot
Director: Roland Emmerich
Duration: min.
Genge: Fiction
Country: USA
Release date USA: TBA

Plot & Details


Roland Emmerich has taken a thrilling decision for many fans of 1994 Stargate: he is rebooting the epic movie, and the new story is going to have a completely different set of writers. James A. Wood and Nicolas Wright- the names are not so familiar for critics and movie fans but let’s hope that their featuring in the Stargate Reboot team means we are going to have a quality work to enjoy. According to reports the two men are now in the final stage of negotiations to write the movie that will undoubtedly become another epic hit.

This new version of Stargate is planned by its director as the first part of a new thrilling trilogy. In the original press release it’s said that the new project is planned as a reimagining of 1994 Stargate. Emmerich said that he can’t create a sequel to original Stargate movie as all the actors casting in it look now totally different. Thus, he thinks of a reboot. The release date of the Stargate Reboot first part is yet to be scheduled, but is already greatly anticipated.

It’s worth mentioning that the original Stargate when released in 1994 grossed up to 200 million dollars at the world box office, and gave life to 4 TV spin-offs made afterwards.

Rebooting, sequalizing and remaking of sci-fi stories of 90-s is a current obsession of the movie industry, and thus we have a splendid possibility to get many favorite movie projects back. As Devlin and Roland Emmerich duet has been provided with a green light, they are going to breath new life into one of the most intriguing and successful franchise.

There’s not much information known about the upcoming Stargate Reboot. No official details were delivered by its creators, thus we really have no clue what will be the plot and the cast of the new trilogy. However, we can easily guess that the movie makers will have plenty possibilities to experiment with visual effects which was not quite the case with the original movie.

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If you still don’t believe it you’ll have to make another effort as it’s really happening: the StarGate band is getting back again and they are going to make another exciting trip to the planet of Abydos in a completely new trilogy! There’s no officially announced and confirmed release date of StarGate Reboot so far, MGM authorities gave a hint however that the movie maybe released somewhere about 2016. Stay tuned with us and we will inform you later, when any official updates are made by the movie runners.

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2016-01-07 20:26:15

Any idea when castings will take place? I think I'd be fit to reprise the role of Ra

Justin Sanders

2016-05-29 19:14:24

IamRaa if you do get this information can you please send me an email. I am a producer and actor and I would love to work on this project. Here is my information. Www,LinkedIn.com/in/capice2003


2016-06-06 03:41:00

I don't have a clue on where to look up and find such info or who to contact :/ quite a bummer as I'd love to be a part of that movie myself (particularly to undertake that role). Emmerich finished his independence day movie so I suspect the stargate project will take place somewhere in 2016-2017?


2016-04-07 23:34:23

What is happening with Stargate reboot??


2016-05-26 18:58:42

Don't know much. I can recite dialogue from the other 3. (What's the 4th?) Sg1,Atlantis and Universe.

vala mal doran

2016-06-15 11:26:21


vala mal doran

2016-06-15 11:30:26



2016-10-03 21:05:05

Why I fear a StarGate reboot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAgODVbPq78


2016-10-05 02:42:38

Please, I really hope this is real!!!! I would love a trilogy!! My daughter and i have watched the original movie, 17 seasons of spin off and spin off movies. we are both anxiously awaiting news of anything new in production. Please do something new!!!
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