Silent Hill 3 release date - to be announced

Author Max Pogorelyi
Date: 2016-02-04

Silent Hill - the so-called horror picture that was shown a few years earlier. This story ball story is entirely based on the same game. The second part was accepted by the audience negatively, and critics attacked with accusations and harsh words to creators. According to them, the second part in the whole inferior to the first, and a new film tells the story of sketchy and therefore wrong. Do not save the movie, and a good cast, who tried to get into the story and convey the atmosphere of fear and anxiety.

The original name: Silent Hill 3
Duration: min.
Genge: Horror
Country: USA
Release date USA: to be announced

About Silent Hill 3

Should we expect the third part? Is Silent Hill 3 will be released?

It is impossible to say for sure, but at the moment have not made any affirmative statements in favor of this. The third part may not please the eye of the viewer, as the previous picture was perceived negatively and failed at the box office. It can stop the creators of the first two parts continued to invest in.

In any case, on our website you will find reliable information about the upcoming updates, and later may receive detailed information about the fate of this project, so stay tuned with us.

Silent Hill 3 release date

To be announced

What else can you learn about Silent Hill 3?

We have description, trailer and wallpapers (photos from the set) movie. If there is no any information about the movie, please contact us by mail or leave a review. What don`t we have? We don`t have enough high-quality reviews. Dear friends, we are waiting for you to help, send us your reviews, we will post them.

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Silent Hill 3 release date 2016
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2016-05-01 05:39:49

Plz base the third movie on sh2 the game.


2016-09-29 09:59:51

I really hope it will have something to do with Silent Hill 4: The Room.