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The original name: Jigsaw
Director: The Spierig Brothers
Duration: min.
Cast: Matt Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie, Clé Bennett, Hannah Emily Anderson
Genge: Horror
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2017-10-27

Plot & Details


When and if at all the shooting of the next part of horror movie «Saw» is planned? Probably, yes. Such a question was asked at least once by every horror movie fan. If you are one of them, this news is especially for you!

In November 2013 directors and crew started shooting «Saw 8». So far there are several main variations as to the plot of the long awaited picture. Apart from this, directors of the project claim that «Saw 8» is going to be the most cruel and ruthless of all episodes.

The fact that there going to be one more continuation can be proved by cash gatherings of the previous part 7, which yet in 2010 gathered 136 millions dollars with its budget of only 20 millions.

As to the release date of freshly made part 8 the majority of fans are greatly puzzled by this thing as there were no official announcements made and still there are no so far. Considering the information that shooting was started yet in November of the previous year, we can expect premiere to come somewhere in 2016.

More precise date of «Saw 8» release is not sounded yet, but knowing month and year is already enough for fans to make them happy, especially those who already lost their hope to see continuation.

Not much is revealed as to the movie plot, but numerous rumors and guessing are spread about. Lionsgate administration has put all the dots above i”s. The movie «Saw 8» will become the last episode, not the new franchise’s beginning. The possibility of whole movie restart is quite possible, however script writers will have to work hard in order to make this new franchise not less captivating than previous ones.

According to shooting crew schedule, the release date should be expected somewhere around 2016.

It has passed 10 years since a triumphant show of «Saw» in 2004 and all this time directors of the movie have been trying to keep passionate interest of public with new episodes. The beginning of the story was when still students Leigh Whannell and James Wan without any assistance came up with a plot, being main heroes in it and creators at the same time, virtually «blowing up» Hollywood with it. At those times they were the only ones in this movie genre and they managed to put in it ruthlessness and sharpness of events.

All the 10 years of its existence, «Saw» has had no worthy competitor in its genre. The first part of «Saw» earned 100 millions dollars to directors that exceeded much the movie budget. All the following franchises have also brought considerable income. All the episodes are interconnected by one main plot and leading personages. Each following episode represents a logical continuation of a previous one.

It might seem that after «Saw 7» directors would run out of all ideas and that was to become the final part of the movie. But cash gatherings showed the opposite, that the picture is as always extremely popular with its fans and the gossips about possible continuation were spread about. It was proved by actress Betsy Russell who in her turn played the role of John Kramer’s wife. She assured that part 8 is going to be shot.

From the information that leaked from unreliable sources it became known that the plot will probably be not an end, but a beginning, so to say an introduction for all parts. Nevertheless, there are those who tend to think that part 8 is going to be a full end. No matter how, the movie directors promise to bring some corrections to the project, making it more captivating. The only precise information that we possess is about the leading personages. They are going to be:

  • John Kramer (a crazy maniac);
  • Billy (a doll, that helps to establish the game rules);
  • Amanda Young (his student, the follower his activity);
  • David Tapp (a detective);
  • Zep Hindle (a hospital nurse and the next victim);
  • Lawrence Gordon (a doctor);
  • Mark Hoffman(another serial maniac);
  • Jill Tuck (Kramer’s ex wife).

Other playing actors are victims of Kramer who survived or died. All these personages are this or that way appear in all episodes. And, despite the fact that «Saw 7» somewhat disappointed its fans, continuation is considered to be on of the most expected movie of the genre.

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«Saw 8» - is the most planned project of American movie industry of horror genre. The main hero of the plot is John Kramer who elaborates and organizes various tortures for people. John makes contact with all his victims with the help of Billy doll. Through it he announces the rules of a survival game.

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The End

2016-06-04 03:37:33

Amanda Young better be alive

Curtis Curry

2016-07-24 12:45:10

I luv every one of them. I got all 7 so far; just ready 2 cop. Tha 8th one. The old man (john Kramer) is a genius.
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