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Real Steel 2

The original name: Real Steel 2
Duration: min.
Cast: Hugh Jackman
Genge: Drama, Science Fiction
Country: USA
Release date USA: TBA

Plot & Details

It should say at once that the rumors about the film began to appear in 2013 and even had serious reason to believe that the film will get its sequel. However, until now the picture has not found an exact release date, and was not announced any details. Besides playing the main role in the first part I was never told that they were offered to return to work on the second part.

Because at the moment still too early to say anything. But you can still expect that in the future, Real Steel 2 is sure to be. However, this is not occured before.

The film tells about the time when the fighting between people, boxing matches and the like have already lost their popularity, and they were replaced by gladiatorial combat between robots. In these battles, along with his robot part and protagonist of the picture Charlie Kenton.

If you are interested to see the continuation of this story, then stay tuned. In the future, you may receive more information about the upcoming project.

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The first part came to the big screen back in 2011 and despite the fact that the film grossed a moderate cash forests, like the story to the audience. The question arises: is it worth expect to continue and, if so, when will the Real Steel 2?

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2016-06-09 00:55:55

I love Real Steel because it's family motivated-God centered. Real Steel 2 I feel would be just as encouraging to watch as the Father - Son bond grows deeper.


2016-12-13 09:20:00

God centered?


2016-12-14 16:39:56



2017-01-21 06:16:46



2017-09-18 00:33:53

"god-centered"??? WTAF??? Seriously??? You think this movie had anything to do with your "Theory of Religion", "magic man in the sky", "longest running BEST SELLING FICTIONAL BOOK EVER WRITTEN"??? If this movie had ANYTHING to do with "god", I guess those "televangelists preachers" must be getting super wealthy off of your IGNORANCE!!! Let me guess... you have a "prayer cloth", "vial of holy water", & believe that a simple poor man who helped people when they had no hope, had an "invisible father" who lived in a "sky house" made from all the most expensive material things GREEDY MEN on Earth desire, & only go to "church" so they can go to this "magical place after they die??? YOU REALLY ARE A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID & IGNORANT, AREN'T YOU???

Batman rules

2016-06-24 21:40:15

If you can try to get them to make real steel 2 I am dying to watch it


2016-12-05 23:43:04

I'm not seeing you see


2016-07-05 12:36:43

i m crazy for part 2

2017-02-28 07:49:35

Me to frfr


2016-07-25 05:17:44

My daughter would LOVE to see this! She can't wait!


2016-07-28 02:52:54

Best film I've seen in ages Spielberg has just got it would love a sequel

dakota murphy

2016-08-09 09:23:53

I hope there is really a real steel 2 coming out BC I would like to see it and see what happens to the son and dad


2016-08-15 05:01:10

I will like to see real steel 2


2016-08-15 05:03:04

I hope they do a sequel i love the first one. Own it on dvd but watch it everytime its on tv.


2016-08-20 05:43:10

My grandson and I can't wait... love this movie.


2016-08-30 01:02:03

I loved it and it is 1 of my favourate movie for me


2016-09-12 05:54:43

It may not have been a huge box office hit, however a lot of people have watched 'Real Steel' now, and I'm willing to bet a large audience would head to theaters to watch the sequel. 'Real Steel' a fantastic movie; zero objections to any of its aspects as a film.


2016-12-30 22:31:54

Well said!


2016-09-12 16:43:03

Part 2 please I have watched part 1 like a 100 times yet always sweet,please I need paaaaaaarrrrrrrt 2


2016-09-23 22:12:06

We have watched Real Steel SO MANY times! My entire family loves it. Kids AGAIN asked about Real Steel 2...PLEASE work up a plot. Maybe something that takes us back to how Atom ended up in the trash heap. Kids have the video game and buys the options of changing out parts. Please don't let this be a one hit wonder of a movie~

Robin Jones

2016-10-06 05:35:56

Loved the 1st movie, Real Steel and it's been a family favorite since it's release. We are eagerly awaiting part 2 and have been waiting for the sequel. Please hurry for the release...thank you! Really looking forward to it!

Mary Liane

2016-10-09 00:16:57

We are soooo looking forward to Real Steele 2! Please make it happen.


2016-10-13 04:20:08

Can wait for it come out so awesome


2016-10-16 12:29:08

real steel 2!


2016-10-17 02:54:42

Hurry up.

Ant boy

2017-06-10 22:11:09


2016-10-20 02:34:35

Hoping for part 2 Probably my favorite movie ever!!!

Ja Yon

2016-10-25 07:40:03

When will the release happen for Real Steel 2


2016-10-25 21:15:27

I can't wait to watch it. life is too short and wait is being much longer.

Gursahib Singh

2016-11-01 13:31:24

i need detail about realese date like month or day or cast


2016-11-05 05:06:18

Me and my 3 boys just got done watching Real Steel for like the 10th time we r definitely hoping that Real Steel 2 will come out soon and hoping to see the same actors atleast Charlie and Max and Atom

Steel lover

2016-11-26 07:14:58

Please, Please, Please love the Movie watched 10 times and every time seemed like the first time.


2016-11-07 04:51:57

Real Steel was awesome movie can't wait to New Real Steel 2 comes out I have heard it is 2017 I hope it's earlier than what is the official date of release


2016-11-23 20:22:06

Make reel steel 2. Really want to see it


2016-11-28 09:49:16

I'd like to see them make atom a real hero by taking the fight to the street. Explanation(?): In real steel, when Max first sees Zeus, Zeus looks down at him as he walks by. Tak Mashido makes a statement later in the chapter, "What Zeus Sees He Kills". RS2 starts with them leaving the arena, picking up where we left off. Max could remind the audience of what Tak said, by telling Charlie or Atom didn't "get killed" or something along the line of "He looked at me and I'm not dying, I feel stronger than ever... wait till next time... blahblah. etc., etc., yadda yadda. Maybe due to head trauma in the fight with Atom, they can say that Zeus needs repairs in his circuitry. So say Tak, being the greedy, arrogant owner he portrayed in RS1 and people pushing to see Zeus fight again, Tak puts Zeus in the ring before the problem is addressed... ... Maybe Max is in the audience at the fight, with Zeus and another top bot. Say Zeus gets hit in the head and goes over the ropes after Max. Charlie and Max make it to the Sightliner "just in the nick of time" to power Atom up and Zeus and Max have an unscheduled fight in the parking garage, saving Max from Zeus. Just a thought. FWIU they're trying to figure out how to show the creating/building of Atom to I guess give us the sense that atom is a thinking/feeling being. Nah, they can discuss how it almost seems like he's looking at Max, "like he understands", but explain that in reality it is just part of his shadow program, memorizing/recognizing his trainer.

Mats thesweboy

2016-12-05 15:59:41

Yes!! This one they must do, the first one are so good and really speaks to you to keep fighting. I can't wait to se this :-)


2016-12-09 14:43:42

In real steel atom vs zeus fight the round 5 is very action it is my favourite movie i am not enough waitingfor real steel2


2016-12-14 04:06:36

Waiting, still Waiting!!!


2016-12-15 03:34:03

When is reel steel 2 coming out?


2016-12-17 14:50:38

This movie better come out I am dying to see it the first one was actually my favorite movie


2016-12-20 11:17:15

this is cool


2016-12-20 11:18:50

this is lite what are your comments nerds. you have to like it


2017-01-11 05:45:05

they need to continue it. the dad should get full custody of his son and continue the robot boxing. me and my dad are dying to see real steel !!!!!


2017-01-17 14:10:43



2017-02-07 10:15:14

Charming and heartfelt movie. Expliciting an explosive bond grown between father and son. Through the shared and surprisingly likeness. Funny and very entertaining!!!


2017-02-20 06:33:26

is there a two

Real Fans

2017-02-25 10:42:50

Where is the real steel2!!!!!


2017-02-28 07:51:29

Im going to be the first one to see it frfr i really cant wait

Joyce smithey

2017-03-13 06:16:30

Can't wait for the 2nd part. I love love this movie


2017-03-25 03:52:50

Great movie!!!! Our entire family loved it!!!! We own the DVD.it is my 8 year old grandsons favorite movie!!!!!.we really hope to see a Real steel 2 soon!!!!!!!


2017-04-11 07:40:44

Its amezing film super


2017-04-11 18:55:49

Love this movie so much we named our 2 black cats Atom and Zeus!!!!

tim mills

2017-08-27 19:52:28

real steel dvd


2018-01-09 01:10:34

It's 2018 already and it hasn't came out yet


2018-12-21 09:54:32

Here' s the comment from Sri Lanka. We love real steel and we really need part 2.
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