The Nice Guys: Word of the Day

The original name: The Nice Guys: Word of the Day
Director: Shane Black
Duration: min.
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Matt Bomer, Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger
Genge: Drama
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2017-05-13

Plot & Details

Nice Guys

The project of Shane Black was originally proposed as a crime television series, but later was rebooted and made as a movie after unlucky starting of the pilot.

There are some details about The Nice Guys that have already been revealed by its runners. It’s known so far that the movie setting is arranged to be in Los Angeles in 70-s of the previous century. The movie plot pairs a private crime detective and a fighter in their mutual attempt to solve one murder. In the course of the movie storyline they must work together on the case and find the missing girl. There’s a small problem in all this, however, as the aunt of the missing girl is dead sure she saw her niece safe and sound already after the accident that has been highly publicized.

There’s also a case of a strange porn star death that is seemingly unrelated to the missing girl at first sight, but…In the course of their joint investigation the two «colleagues» are to uncover a really shocking conspiracy that will lead them up to the highest USA power circles.

Movie cast

As to the movie cast, we are going to see magnificent Kim Bassinger and irresistible Russell Crowe, the duet that can undoubtedly make any movie attractive and thrilling. By the way, it’s going to be the first reunion of the two major stars since 1997 when they both took part in L.A. Confidential.

In their official press release Warner Bros. administration has announced that the filming of their next project The Nice Guys is arranged to start this autumn. The screenplay of The Nice Guys has been already highly praise by another outstanding Hollywood producer Joel Silver, who in his official statement claimed that the new movie reflects greatly its creator’s cinematic voice.

The project is going to be another joint work of Silver and Black. The last time they worked together they haven’t managed to achieve the result they dreamed off. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was not what one would call a real success, but with The Nice Guy release date of which is set for the next spring it’s undoubtedly going to be quite the opposite.

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We have something that might cheep up sufficiently all those who have been expecting The Nice Guys premiere: the movie release date has been switched and set for May 20, 2016. The previous release date arranged by Warner Bros. studio was set for June 17, this means we are going to see the new crime thriller from Shane Black almost a month earlier than it was previously expected.

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