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Live by Night

The original name: Live by Night
Director: Ben Affleck
Duration: min.
Cast: Ben Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Elle Fanning, Sienna Miller
Genge: Drama
Country: USA
Release date USA: 2017-12-13

Plot & Details

 Live by night

There are certain reasons for this year delay of Live by Night’s release date: Ben Affleck is going to be desperately busy in the course of 2016 with the Batman project, in which he not only stars but also serves as a co-writer and pretty possible as a director of a new upcoming feature.

The controversial book of Dennis Lehane serves as basis of the new Affleck’s movie work. It’s worth mentioning that Live by Night is going to be his second adaptation already of this author’s books. Those who have read the novel can’t wait to see how it will be presented on screen. But they will have, due to the fact the release date of Live by Night is going to happen only in two years.

It’s worth mentioning that Warner Bros. studio has been in business with Ben Affleck for years now, and their relationships keep growing deeper, especially after Affleck’s Oscar success with Argo. Now we are to see their next project that has all chances to become another tremendous success.

As the upcoming movie is loosely based on the novel’s plot, we have all storyline details well-known so far. The story setting belongs to the times of the Prohibition Era. In the very center of the storyline and viewers’ attention we can find a group of individuals who are having their deals in the in the wicked world of a well organized crime.

We are going to find ourselves in Boston of 20-s, roaring, with bullets flying around and spirits flowing. And in this world one man takes decision to stand out of others and mark his presence on the Earth. His name is Joe Coughlin and he is police captain’s son residing in Boston in the days of Prohibition.

Power and crazy money, gangsters and distillers, life on the very dark side and the heavy price everyone has to pay for it: this all viewers are going to see on the screen when the movie will kick off in 2017.

Live by Night presents an outstanding epic story stuffed with worst enemies and devoted friends, women fatales and rough rumrunners, evangelists that quote Bible nonstop and Klansmen – they all so different are fighting for own survival and grabbing their lucky piece of tempting American dream!

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Another directorial effort of talented Ben Affleck got a substantial push back by Warner Bros. To a great disappointment of all those who expected the movie to be released in October 2016, the delay is more than a year now. The Affleck’s next cinematographic work Live by Night got a new release date scheduled for December 31, 2017. Plenty of time to wait, but there’s noting we can do about it, anyway.

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